San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Under Pressure to Resign

Mayor accused of sexual harassment expected to resign Friday.
6:22 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Under Pressure to Resign
This is a special room. Report from ABC news. Hello everyone anti Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report. San Diego mayor riddled by sex scandal is resigning seventy year old Bob fielder. Accused of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women will quit tomorrow. ABC's brandy hit has more on the story. Man film are you going to resign you. It appears this may be the end of the road for San Diego mayor Bob builder sources tell ABC affiliate KG TV film there is prepared to resign Friday. Now that eighteen women have come forward accusing the mayor of unwanted sexual advances. -- we posed for the photo. The with a -- and that's when my back to -- let us and he just slob or downright champion asked me to work without my underwear on. Cell phone video captured the embattled mayor leaving in this SUBU Wednesday after a proposed mediation agreement was reached. You can see what appear to be office boxes stacked in the backseat. This sexual harassment scandal has led to a lawsuit. And even -- recall effort. All parties involved are refusing to comment on the but former city attorney Mike Aguirre says fielder didn't meet with his staff just before this video was taken. Supportive of the staff and acknowledged the work that they had done. The mayor's office will not confirmed to ABC news that he is offering up his resignation. But whatever agreement has been reached will be voted on by the San Diego City Council Friday. If mayor Phil there does resign from office the former city attorney says an interim mayor would take over with the June primary and November election to follow. Brandy hit ABC news. Angeles an -- joined from Washington by ABC news political director Rick -- Rick this -- been a long and strange journey the end. Does -- year but is there any way Bob donors to the mayor sending out on Saturday hard to. Imagine -- that has been part of the negotiations they put the resignation on the table I think what it's part of a tactic. Right now -- part of it on the city's perspective they want to limit their liability they want to limit how much -- on the Hulk with all these various claims. As rinse it well into the teens and women coming forward saying they were sexually harassed by mayor -- there. He was most -- returned to work on Monday that he's actually use most of -- we can get involved these mediation talks I would find it. Very hard to believe that he will still be the mayor of the city of San Diego com Monday -- what -- number eighteen. That's apparently forced donor's hand -- something of a local San Diego celebrity. Was it her -- is it's just the final straw. Final straw and in a lot of ways he's a local business woman -- the -- was fairly prominent in and she also had several witnesses. -- -- during a photo op is actually a picture of the alleged incident released part of the front side of it she says that her -- was grabbed. During the picture but the fact you had eyewitness accusers once again it just becomes increasingly hard to defend someone when you have this many people. This volume of people a lot of them established. And is substantial women in their own rights -- coming forward and saying this happened you couldn't. Just believe the mayor we saw rally with his supporters earlier in the week it was harder and harder even for them. To begin to defend the conduct that here's a bundle on -- some amount of time with -- there. -- for many observers -- hard to believe it took so long. Four -- something like this to happen in terms of -- resignation what -- the other options on the table if he continued -- continues to hang on. But he didn't resign they were a couple of different things that could happen one is if it's in the City Council found -- to be in violation of their bylaws of the charter in some way. They can initiate proceedings against -- that was a bit of uncharted territory unclear how they they could do it. The other more direct way to do it is a recall election but that's hard to -- it is hard to do in short order the the backers of recall petition would have to get a 100000 signatures. In just a couple of weeks again and on the November ballot try to get him out of office and of course -- -- -- during that time and there's no guarantee -- recall would be successful even if they got those signatures so. He was -- he was in office as mayor regardless and is only his resignation this that's gonna take care of that cleanly and easily. As I -- a lot of that is tied up apparently in money we presume that there are. Financial damages that the city you'll be liable for city wants a limit that the mayor wants to limit his liability and that's one of the reasons that he has stuck around as all of than the mediation and negotiations -- -- on. -- you mentioned lawsuits and this case is far from over Gloria all red. Famed attorney is on the -- she held a press conference today she says she's bringing a lawsuit against fielder do we know what the status of this it is and how many accuser she may be representing. -- -- don't representing one but it's a prominent -- some of that work for mayor -- their staff and that is in the past in my knowledge that is. -- this is just getting started but it is going to get ugly and that's one of the reasons that the city wants them to find a settlement with the mayor before a lot of the legal fallout begins it to become evident they want to make sure that they know. What they're on the hook for what they aren't the mayor and his people want to do the same. Having -- all his involvement in of course the exacerbates it but it's just the pure volume here that we're talking about it's just. Unprecedented that you have this many women -- there was similar stories of harassment against this man. So how concerned -- national Democrats about this case. There were about to vote at the Democratic National Committee meeting this -- it's -- condemn him and call him to resign that's fairly unusual. That often happens on the other side Republicans have been having a field day with this for Democrats have felt the need overtime -- this -- themselves in every possible way from mayor film there they know that this is damaging you know this continued presence in office. Is embarrassing if not devastating to their efforts to try to make. A case toward women in particular that -- the party wanna go. All right to bottom line Rick San Diego mayor -- will resign on Friday and -- -- tells me to look out for. I think one of -- to look for is is some of the political fallout here because you have a number of folks who want to become the mayor and as a congressional races going on right now. It's a fairly Republican city in a fairly democratic are very democratic state. And there are a lot of folks would like to see out of San Diego this messaging grow in throughout California and beyond. One thing to watch will be who steals the boy who jumps into this to -- -- political maneuvering is in Southern California around this that are all part of the fallout. All right ABC news political director Rick Klein thank you so much for joining us you've been watching. An ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20040755,"title":"San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Under Pressure to Resign","duration":"6:22","description":"Mayor accused of sexual harassment expected to resign Friday.","url":"/US/video/san-diego-mayor-bob-filner-pressure-resign-20040755","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}