Shooter Forced Way Into School

Shooter Forced Way Into School
3:00 | 12/15/12

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Transcript for Shooter Forced Way Into School
This is an ABC news special report. Good morning we have breaking news are going to pause now for an ABC news special report for those of you just joining and we've been having coverage of the shooting at an elementary school in new town. Connecticut this sandy hook elementary school in which 27 people were killed. Twenty of them children we're about to have a news conference outside the -- house where all this has been taking place. Speaking to reporters there will be lieutenant Paul -- from the state police. As well as lieutenant George cinco from the Newtown police department updating. All the reporters and of course the entire country. On the details of the shooter twenty year old Adam -- and the shooters mother who appears to have been the motive for sparking this deadly Rampage. Once -- -- -- police officers go to the bank of microphones we'll take them. Obviously this has been devastating news for the entire nation to process as well as this community as small. Community inside Connecticut. At this elementary school had just started school was shortly after 9:30 in the morning yesterday when the gunmen. Entered the school still a lot of questions as to how Adam -- that gained entry. Whether someone buzzed in to let him in or -- that he broke glass to enter the school. He came and we are told with at least three weapons. Used those weapons opened fire on two different classrooms recording in which teachers and children -- -- let's listen. Minutes and bring you up to date. Would -- progress. That we based in this investigation. Would be is the chief of police new -- Field operations commanders state police and Mike got a -- from on the company's -- As you know. The other victims. Have been positively identified. By the officers -- State's medical examiner. They're still in the process is doing some of their work and as soon as that work is completed we will be prepared. To release in writing to you. A formal. List of names birth -- and an information. There is one. Was a couple major factors number one. Will really set list and we would ask you again as we did yesterday. At the request of all of the family members. They have asked for you to please respect their privacy. They're going through as I know you understand a very difficult and trying time. We have in fact. The justice of of the chief in the colonel. Reassigned to continue to assign a trooper. To these folks to help to maintain. That's solitude. So again I would ask you and -- pleading with -- U. You -- this is extremely heartbreaking. Difficult thing for these folks to endure. To please abide by their request. In addition for the townspeople. In the town of new towns -- crisis intervention team. From Yale New Haven hospital has been established here in the community and they could be reached via telephone. That telephone number is 2032704283. And again there are. But it open and there are available to anyone in the community -- may have the need to discuss to talk. Two to talk about this this incident in its entirety. I have the ability to take some questions I just simply want you to understand. That we still. Have major crime detectives -- detectives working at the scene. In the school that is not completed. That probably will not be completed for at least another day and a half to two days and I'm putting a time limit on and it could take longer. As explained you of previous press -- as we've done everything we need to do. To rip literally peel back the onion layer by layer. Case in examined every crack and crevice of that facility. And that does not include. Or exclude I should say the outside of the building the outside -- the building also -- the crime scene every single vehicle -- -- So it's going to be a long painstaking process. We actually have three teams now three major -- teams in the community. -- our local partners are working with us and and we're -- move that is and expect -- along as quickly as possible. We had a meeting this morning and that was a delay would be superintendent of schools. She will be. Hopefully in the not too distant future up here. To talk briefly. -- some of the issues that that she has encountered. The minute medical Examiner's -- I mean that sincerely committed he's done. So he is coming here. And we will look again provide provide all the detailed information is much detailed information -- relative to of the work at his office did all overnight. And -- continued to do as we speak. Again as far as actual specific questions of take a few but I have to tell you right there are certain things it would just simply. Cars are holding close to our chest in this investigation. Until some nothing's taken out of context that we have continuity of the all the information that we bride -- -- No that's that's that's not accurate the the weaponry that. -- was recovered by -- investigators recovered a close proximity of of the deceased. And again we're we're investigating. The history of each and every weapon -- we will know every single thing about those weapons. I don't -- follow up questions are legally registered with the owners and social -- that's all being done by the investigators assigned to that task. -- we we're -- again we're gonna allow the medical examiner and away from medical examiner to. But -- came -- to provide the identities of the shooter. Of all the deceased in this in this investigation and it. That's that's so it is -- very good question. The answer I can give you one that is said. Our investigators at the crime scene the school. And secondarily at the secondary crime scene that we discussed with a FEMA was located deceased. Did produce -- some very. A very good evidence in this investigation that our investigators will be able to use. Hopefully paying to complete pictures Powell and more importantly why this occurred outside of that -- We don't we're not gonna name the evidence from I can talk about the evidence and simply. Simply stated it's part and parcel of the investigation I don't want to get out of context of of what's being done. We have established -- point of entry. It was I can -- -- -- it's believed he was not voluntarily led into school at all. That he forced his way into the school but that's as far as we can go about it. Other what. Doug quite frankly that's that's something again if you stay out of context it sounds suspicious but. As -- the rescue crews arrived. The active shooting teams entered the school they -- -- school from several different points. And in necessitated forcing their way yen to gain access to perform the rescue -- to save as many students in fact was it possibly could. -- law enforcement broke many windows. -- -- -- -- -- The other crime -- the other secondary crime scene -- I told you was was a crime scene it was discovered pursuant to the investigation. -- get a tentative identification on the -- suspect. We begin doing a great field work. Again peeling back the onion everything we could find out about that suspect including -- not limited to. Relatives friends coworkers. Former students. Location of of residents and all those areas had to be people -- to be interviewed and all those areas had to be examined. And sick causes to discover the secondary crime see -- as a private residence where -- sole female deceased. -- to -- -- detectives will will certainly analyze everything and put a complete picture together of of the evidence that they that they did obtain. And we're hopeful we're hopeful that it'll -- paid a complete picture is too -- why isn't tyrants and unfortunate incident occurred. -- yeah. -- -- She she's doing fine she she has been treated and and shall be instrumental in this investigation I'm -- you can understand. That I don't know. That I don't. -- forcibly portion way to school that would be. That would be accurate according to investigators yes. And -- I don't I don't want to. Being too specific because quite frankly I don't know -- life I would simply had been formed that it was forcibly entered and was not. Allowed to answer to -- -- what I what I like to do is as his I'd like to. I get the next portion if you will today not -- keep -- -- -- trying to do this as expeditiously bus began to get as much information out to you. We'd like to get the the superintendent definitely wants to come up with the -- leaders. Two to discuss. Certain there -- or her responsibility. And then we've we've certainly wanna get the medical examiner of the Aaron it was a gamble -- this quickly and possibly -- we -- get. The list of IDs and all the information out to you. For any of you -- are new here today those senator I've put together a written press release. Wolf will provide those to you that my vehicle please don't rush my vehicle we have we should have enough rubber one. And -- -- bring more next time we come up they just lays out the basic -- -- of everything leading up. Up until -- today and all right we will look we will try I -- to give it time but we will try to be back here. I must say within the hour also make notification some -- view that that I can't runaway. -- someone like mother's home. Tell you have to understand that after the shooting that we -- a complete thorough search of the entire area of the neighborhoods. With a local partners everything everything was examined if we thought anyone that was in the woods. -- -- -- -- be there would be detained. Pending the investigation so there were no other arrests that were associated with this. What this investigation. That occurred and what about yeah. Minds and I would I would have you address that would be with the superintendent of schools up -- victim she can she give you can't put. We have we will we will be back I need to get if I don't get here we're going to be here. Quite some time I know we have a lot of questions I think the people they're coming here there were bringing here is big news can really answer these questions to put a lot of take a lot of mystery out of what we've been dealing with for the last 44 hours. Yeah. It'll take you we will we will -- back and help them. And lieutenant Paul -- from Connecticut state police wrapping up his press conference -- -- some news emerging there. First of all they have positively identified all of the victims remember twenty of them young children though they -- releasing the list of those names. Which I'm sure looks like at -- kindergarten or first grade class last. With all those names and ages and dates of birth pleading with the media to give those family privacy. Those families grieving and unimaginable loss at this point. Giving -- hotline number to anybody in the community needing therapy counseling over the -- a lot of people we know we'll be reaching out to that. Also this is -- all the weapons were apparently found inside the school near the body of the shooter at least three weapons. There's been good evidence for a motive. For the shooting that was found at the the victim's home that he apparently shared with his mother. Where he had apparently before going to the school and opening fire on all those children -- killed his mother by firing on her at point blank range. Also evidence that he forced his way. Into the elementary school after speculation that perhaps he'd been buzzed in. And that finally the sole survivor in the shooting one person survived that shooting will be at crucial. To the investigation going forward she is doing fine an obvious -- will have valuable evidence. Four police going forward. -- -- -- --

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