Sandy Victims Still in the Dark Over Power

Residents of the Rockaways in New York City are frustrated by communication with utility company.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sandy Victims Still in the Dark Over Power
Like -- has set up let temporary base here on beach channel drive and we have seen utility trucks. Across the country really coming and going throughout the morning so because that some of the residents -- do have the power back on but for everyone else they are frustrated. And -- a lot of question. This is the. Best Monday Barbara -- has had in weeks the power finally back on in rockaway park high -- -- today she doesn't have to battle eleven flights of stairs just to take stand here for a walk. Thank god they voted at the palace. Days but few others here -- the Rob -- celebrating Joseph Hagerty Ann -- beach says -- -- couldn't bend back on this weekend. The electrical inspection that is required before light that can turn the power back on is done. But -- communication has him on hold. It's the confusion you know we would like. To see somebody -- will likely get to tell us what they want and it seems to change my lectures and has said. The rules of ten dollar buyout. It is that same kind of confusion that has homeowners association president Edwin Williams scratching his head he was told not to hire an electrician -- the city would be dispatching someone to inspect -- and his neighbors' homes but. No one ever -- It's so much confusion because we don't have any communication we don't have intraday we don't have phones. The spotty cell phone so the people that are staying here basically in the dark. And then there's Robert Moore who is sick of being in the dark he got his electrical inspection then faxed emailed and is now hand delivering a copy. Making sure there's no excuse spotlight but to keep him or his neighbors here in the -- -- in the dark. Much longer the message is to get that actively that I give us -- -- Give us a power please. -- -- -- also -- I had not been returned con Edison instead. They are wrapping up restoration where they can although there are still. Thousands of homes and businesses that won't get the lights back on until -- electrical equipment is inspected. And prepared.

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{"id":17699294,"title":"Sandy Victims Still in the Dark Over Power","duration":"3:00","description":"Residents of the Rockaways in New York City are frustrated by communication with utility company.","url":"/US/video/sandy-victims-dark-power-17699294","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}