Seattle Office for Civil Rights Memo

A recommendation to no longer use the terms "brown bag" or "citizen" is sent to City Hall.
1:26 | 08/04/13

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Transcript for Seattle Office for Civil Rights Memo
-- -- -- Yeah and. That is part of a memo to City Hall that spells it all let out a recommendation to no longer use the terms citizen or Brownback. The office for civil -- -- Seattle serves all residents whether their citizens are not some like it and some don't. I think it's ridiculous. In the sense that citizenship means light on legal matters. It might not account for everybody. And while city leaders publicized brown bag lunch meetings all the time the term does have a sordid history. You don't need -- -- Well Chris skin color. But do you find it offensive the I don't I personally don't they can call that. Brown bags for years and those responses made us think what else might governments try to ban brown bags come from the supermarket near the black olives -- white onions in the yellow mustard but the city of Seattle is not alone state lawmakers just voted to remove all gender specific words -- official records. Freshman are now first year's journey that our journey level and penmanship handwriting -- -- we are now waiting to offend or not to offend. I mean I think that's turned -- to the point of ridiculous turns out it's a really big question. So what do you say instead of brown bagging -- at the office well according to that memo floating around Seattle try out sack lunch or how about. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19867412,"title":"Seattle Office for Civil Rights Memo","duration":"1:26","description":"A recommendation to no longer use the terms \"brown bag\" or \"citizen\" is sent to City Hall.","url":"/US/video/seattle-office-civil-rights-memo-19867412","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}