Secret Service report reveals new statistics on school mass shootings

National Threat Assessment Center's chief of the U.S. Secret Service discussed reasons why mass shootings occur and ways to prevent them.
5:09 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Secret Service report reveals new statistics on school mass shootings
Finally today to a new report by the US Secret Service on targeted mass shootings in America's schools yesterday I visited the Secret Service as they released. Their report of course the agency is known for protecting the president but. In this case they also take a close look at some of the threats that all of us face in our daily lives including at schools and today. Are they reveal the findings taking a look at 41. School attacks over the last ten years from 2008 to 2017. And they found that most of those attacks can be prevented -- talked to doctor Leena all of Ferrari this did chief of the national threat assessment center at the Secret Service. For how to can be so. There is no one accurate or useful profile of this an attacker. These attackers varied in terms backgrounds. Social diversity friend groups some homeowners some more mainstream. Academic performance. So really to offer avenues for investigation. What we really delved into is. Everything in the background that led them to that point. So the fact there's no profile. Means it must be much harder to identify or at least profile and type of suspect in schools Wright who could perpetrate this so what. What do you tell people about what behaviors they should look for when it comes to potential shooters so with the Secret Service has found in this recent. Is that every single school attacker had engaged in concerning behavior that at. A lot of times elicited concern in those around them. And those included. Making threats to attack. Suicidal comments depression. But also lower level behaviors that we want schools to be aware of and that includes subtle and dramatic changes in behavior. May be declining performance. Maybe making having one conflicts with other students so the aren't behaviors that are observable similar processes so that. As are so general though we think high schoolers middle schoolers I mean declining behavior acting out being aggressive may be threatening a friend or bullying someone that. Would seem quite common is there anything that you can distill. Down a level to see what that's actually more concerning. The and your typical high school student acting now. Right and that that's the challenge right is to being able to identify. These kind of behaviors and put them in context so we always talk with schools and when we're doing training so we travel. Secret Service trials all over the country doing training for schools mental health providers. Law enforcement on preventing targeted tax and what we say is there is no one behavior. A once situation room so most of these attackers. Had experience stress there's. Every single one of them excuse stressed that related to a social context being bullied. Conflicts with students romantic breakup so really you have to look at a constellation. Of behaviors. And looking for patterns. And intervening early when someone's industry whose responsibility is it. To see these patterns emerged to take the whole picture of a potential. Problematic student and say something. The best approach that the Secret Service advocates is a multi disciplinary that assessment approach and what that means is you have to involve. Counselors teachers. Principals school resource officer to talk to each other. They have to talk to each other and they all have to be trained on how to spot concerning behavior. Even the ones that are not what we call objectively prohibited so in the report you'll see a lot of these student attacker is exhibited objectively. Prohibited behaviors that means. Talking about bringing a gun to school talking about doing a school attack in interest in violent inches such as the Columbine attackers. Those are what we call objectively everyone should be able to spot those and those should immediately trigger an assessment. Gavin I was struck when the findings in the report is that you see two thirds of attackers communicated. Their intent to do something within two weeks of actually doing it in the vagina. Of these cases these attackers were exhibiting behavior in communicating. Making threats to the target. Communicating about wanting to carry out a school attack and that in and two thirds people observed so why is this not being. A lot of people told curing your study found kids I can imagine this being a heist leaving grow my friend is just joking or maybe. He's going to strike back at me some afraid to come forward or. Maybe you assume some and also take care of the problem that's not my problem. Pretty common responses but the message here seems to be if you see something in this day and age really say something. So you know that Department of Homeland Security expression from years applies in this series sundin like. Hannibal camp Faris but it really works that people need to see something. But they need to recognize what that scene which is why the Secret Service puts out this guidance is that we want to give it gave the communities a fact based. Approach to studying tide of violence so that they can take this. And an act any kind of policies and procedures that would keep their communities. Eric thanks the inspector Renault Ferrari have the US Secret Service national threat assessment setter for having us over at the Secret Service you can find more that reporting an

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"National Threat Assessment Center's chief of the U.S. Secret Service discussed reasons why mass shootings occur and ways to prevent them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66834033","title":"Secret Service report reveals new statistics on school mass shootings","url":"/US/video/secret-service-report-reveals-statistics-school-mass-shootings-66834033"}