Selfie keeps man out of possible prison sentence of 99 years

Christopher Precopia was charged with felony burglary in 2017.
5:28 | 11/15/18

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Transcript for Selfie keeps man out of possible prison sentence of 99 years
Or. This is the mug shot electrocution monster. Booked into jail last September 4 in a wedge violent crime against his ex girlfriend. According to police records she accused twenty when year old Christopher creek Michigan Cedar Park. A forcing his way into her home in temple punching her in the face and shopping clerk to the ground. In the process knocking her profile case and other items in her living room. There isn't captured and released photographs. She told detectives that preclude be pinned her arms behind her hands. He used to box cutter dislikes and acts just above her chest. And a handwritten statement to police she wrote back here at the slices being made. Two days later police drove to the Williamson county lumber and hardware Christopher world. Spun around and coast. Put on. And arrested. A no idea who accuse Communists had no idea why everything's happening and and whose loss. Christopher spent the next 24 hours in jail. His parents paid 150000. Dollar bond than thousands more for a boy you're. But Christopher says he knew he didn't do it knew he couldn't have done it I've is constantly. Fearful as to what could happen the next day. I what is going to sleep hoping I would it would cut. The trip just to get away from. Court records show temple police moved quickly to a rest Christopher. Building a case in two days based on the word of his accuser. He spent the next nine months fearing he was going to prison on a charge of burglary of a habitation. With the intent to commit other felonies. That's what are scared of most just going to prison for a reason. I knew I needed to go in there with everything organized. Christopher and his lawyer started getting police records as part of the ongoing criminal case. Then a turning point. He sent me a text message and said OK I finally got the details and she's saying that it happened on September the torn. Wednesday September 20 of around 720. The day in time speech and I went there and did all that. My mom. Was at an event that she invited me to thankfully I do log on to FaceBook all the time. And I check in when I go places. Ayer and remembered they coups and this photograph at 702 PM. About eighteen minutes before the alleged attack happened. More than an hour away until I immediately told Rick I've got proof where he was that he is are you 100% sure I like yes. Prosecutors hired a forensic expert who confirmed the picture wise and fat taken on that day at that time. I'm think in. This is awesome you know by the grace of guide this you know she said it happened on the day that I can totally 100% say where he was asked. You can prevent. That that travesty from occurring in the first place Bruce mills a former APD assistant chief who now consoles and policing issues. Said investigators should try to question a person before resting. Case they have an obvious alibi. You certainly won't talk to. You may not get any more information and you have. But additional opportunity further for the suspect to react respond didn't. Justify their action or gives you just more information I think there should have been await more investigation because it was basically word of mouth and there was aware flare ups. In the end prosecutors dropped the charge in the interest of justice a classification often used in cases when they no longer think a person is guilty. Christopher's attorney Rick Flores says this case was and usually easy to pre news. Most of the time we deal with. Gray matters it's not normally black and life but this was one of those cases where I can definitively prove that he did not commit this offense. Temple police would not answer our questions about how they handled the case. Kelly DA Henry Garza also would not going camera but he acknowledged that police lacked the whole story before resting Christopher. And that quote we are always willing to listen and examine new information. And that's exactly what we did in this case. In statements to police Christopher's accuser claimed they had a troubled relationship when they dated and high school three years ago. She told police she was traumatized. And that's why she told investigators Chris for attacked her last year. Today Crist for says he wants his name cleared. And is ready for a certain being overweight or re too. Actually live my life. A life almost derailed by a woman's accusations. But saved by being in the right place at the right time. CJ and I've talked about that very often about how lucky he is that she picked that particular day. And how scary it is that if she had chosen any other day. He would basically be his word vs hers and he be looking at 99 years in Texas prison. I just hope until like this ever happened to me what else. Tony play as key KP news.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Christopher Precopia was charged with felony burglary in 2017. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59204775","title":"Selfie keeps man out of possible prison sentence of 99 years","url":"/US/video/selfie-man-prison-sentence-99-years-59204775"}