Senate set to take up voting rights bill

Here's what the bill could accomplish and how activists are working to overcome state laws they say suppress minority voters.
4:27 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for Senate set to take up voting rights bill
Well now we're gonna turn to really one of the biggest battles facing the country into battle over voting rights to fundamental rights. To vote in this country Tamar the US senate. Gets a step closer to a federal law that is aimed at a national standard protecting americans' right to go to committee he'll be making changes. To that for the people act that's a sweeping election overhaul bill pushed by Democrats. The senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is fighting fiercely against it. The congressional showdown comes as restrictive state laws being pushed by Republicans around the country in the name of election integrity who it'd be joined now. To talk to Sylvia Albert she's the director of voting and elections at common cost had to group advocating for that federal elections laws Sylvia. But nice to have you thanks for being let us. So let's take a look at what's just happened Georgia and Florida have already passed these restrictive laws that. That limited voting guide to the amount of voted time from people have to vote before the election and other things. And I understand they're going to be fought in court Texas and Arizona getting close to fasten your own laws you work with common cause state offices. What's being done on the ground to make sure that if these laws take cold. People still be able to vote. Well all of our crews on the ground believed that every eligible American should have the freedom to vote. How we determine our future. And Internet debate. The restrictive but voting either you will need more. People overcome those barriers. Obviously our first. Our goal is huge. These gloves pulled back I hate that is unsuccessful. Bennett new will be doing what we can individually with every voter. Jimmy asserted their right to vote is protected. Right so it is there. A different strategy and higher handling this and in specific localities where there is now I ask is is clearly. The battle at the ballot box right now is now between candidates are between ideas it's between it's about access right now isn't. Absolutely is. You know every community in different. So the strategies around the country are going to be different. And every idea that you're not I'm relieved Democrat vs Republican rule she. This year didn't they get for. I voter access. Really varies across the country you know there are. Republican lest they would have automatic voter registration and there are a democratic led ST would have done. No excuse absentee voting so those things are different and really involved. Canadian grassroots. Of people in key issues and even talk to their legislature and election officials and state. Eight we want the rates does. Cecily it won't what's federal government role here a lot of Republicans and conservatives here about a federal election law. In an area that generally has been left to the states. How do you explain it to people who who don't know much better lighting be skeptical about it. Sure while for the people would create national standards. There's no worry is that your right to vote should be depending on your zip code and that really is where we are right now. You can vote. Absentee if you live in California but not if you live in Catholic. There's no reason for that to be admitted. Federal government creating national standard. Right back to which was passed in nineteen. 68. Bar TV. Critic national standards. So getting that were necessary to play based on the system but existed baton. What we are staying in that those national standards need to be updated. Her black with different variety of ways to boats and the different variety. Cindy Hampton RD have to crop country. I did my in the old days always hold taxes and literacy tests applied. Unfairly and these days it did they the argument goes it's about. And these other issues so we'll see how this battle goes Sylvia Albert of common cause thanks for helping John bring us understand.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Here's what the bill could accomplish and how activists are working to overcome state laws they say suppress minority voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77607522","title":"Senate set to take up voting rights bill","url":"/US/video/senate-set-voting-rights-bill-77607522"}