Senate voting on amendments to President Biden’s pandemic relief plan

U.S. employers added 379,000 new jobs in February as Biden chief of staff Ron Klain says more help is still needed.
4:25 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate voting on amendments to President Biden’s pandemic relief plan
We begin with the senate forging ahead on Kobe remains the White House says president Biden supports changes to the bill that would extend unemployment benefits through September at a lower amount. White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us now. With more on that Karen what amendments to this bill do we expect to pass and how long could this whole process. Now this process and could take as long as Republicans wanted to take it they just keep offering more and more amendments had the expectation though is that at some point they're going to run out of steam and that tends to have been around the 121516. Hour mark showed the expectation is they could get to a vote this weekend but senate Democrats say they're planning to work into the weekend as long as it takes to get to final passage there will be some amendments that surpassed but most of them as DeVon twin out of the top of the show -- really -- to -- and slow -- the process to gum up the works a bed and try and do you rail this bill but of course the Republicans don't control the senate right now Democrats do that very slim majority and a lot of this will just be cast aside but they are having -- -- right now things are taking a little bit longer than they were expecting they're kind of stuck great now on one amendment questions about how they can move past that and what that means for the rest of this process now over the next skaters out. Inter president trump wanted big stimulus checks like the ones we see in this bill many Republicans. As you know often talk about the need for more money for small businesses why the unanimously opposed to this. And can actually block the bill or just delay it. Dennehy as Democrats say Republicans are opposed to this because it's a Democrat in the White House and it's Democrats in the senate you're putting this forward and they're just trying to block this from going ahead. And will say though this is a liberal wish list that it's too big a price tag one point nine trillion dollars and that it's not offer Kobe and released now that's not exactly true but they say that there are there's just two months in and it is not dealing with the immediate issue of course now there are very concerned about what this means for the deficit. And then interestingly Devin you know what they don't like what's in it they're also saying they don't like that it's not gonna go out fast enough so fine if you have to pass this they say let's get it moving but again they are not in charge right now the Democrats you feel they have the votes to get this through very slim majority 5050 senate of course vice president Harris is that tiebreaking votes. And Karen senator Sanders really wanted his fifteen dollar minimum wage back in there but some Democrats even voted against his amendment does that tell you about the chances for a federal minimum wage hike in the future resists all. More because of the guidance from the senate parliamentarians remove it from this. It's a little bit of both you've got a little bit there is saying well in this is not going to end up in the final bill so let's not putting in now is an amendment convinced just gonna complicate things and drag things out but there were so Democrats Joseph mansion the West Virginia richest and cinema an Arizona school we knew we're gonna vote against this they were in never going to be in favor of that wage hike to fifteen dollars per hour. But to handle a couple other Democrats who are very surprising six others who joined those you to vote down that amendment from Bernie Sanders -- that is driving here are checked in with our very plugged in producer Trish turner to ask why he and what were we expecting those Democrats to join and right now we don't have an answer yet from senators coon senators carper of Delaware as to why they were opposed to it so stay tuned on that. Of course turn all of this is happening when we got some good economic news today the jobs report out shows employers added 379000. Jobs in February it's much better than analysts had expected how's that affecting. This debate today. The White House is using that jobs report DeVon to say yes it is good news but it is not good enough that if we continue adding jobs at this pays is going to take until April 20/20 three to get back to the pre pandemic levels and that's let me say you need this infusion of federal money right now you need to pass this legislation. To help small businesses to help people who are still struggling with unemployment. At the White House is not looking at this as a great report sure it's better than what was expected but it's not good enough and that's been a big message from Democrats this week as to why this is urgent legislation. Republicans say just how the big bill 900 billion dollars back in December Democrats say it just wasn't enough and the crisis will not end unless we address it with very big money. All right Karen Travers and Washington Forrest thanks Karen.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"U.S. employers added 379,000 new jobs in February as Biden chief of staff Ron Klain says more help is still needed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76285139","title":"Senate voting on amendments to President Biden’s pandemic relief plan","url":"/US/video/senate-voting-amendments-president-bidens-pandemic-relief-plan-76285139"}