Seniors recreate iconic album covers

Senior home coordinator Robert Speker photographed his residents recreating famous album artwork to distract from the monotony of lockdown during the pandemic.
4:00 | 08/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seniors recreate iconic album covers
While there so much downside to the pandemic one small bright spot that we've seen time and time again is that. Quarantine creativity will need senior home activities coordinator who brought a brainstorm to life transforming his residence. Into the some of the stars of your favorite album covers. Orchards our course of time on tradition. These song class all by themselves. Are you all we activities that bathroom. Floor the residents Robert Spector is the activities coordinator insecure launch in London. When pandemic forced his seniors and to lock down. This is the perfect opportunity to lift their spirits by launching his latest idea. Roberts at his residence where all of for participating the moment he introduced the idea. The C news know exactly who aren't life. Sent a camera mad cow is second. We gave them money can challenge it appears that there we didn't hole in a row challenge at the beginning all lost our citizens residing outside beeping. Your parents Robert acted as set director hair stylists makeup artist and photographer to bring the photos to life. Albums like a Dell's 213. Imagine with 93 year old vis Iraq has its cover stone. She she use this summit this on as we head start playing them shop she already had passed are really. And she she carried well head actually. A True Blue copying of Madonna's hit eighties album. Really any media enjoyed acting skits are chicken Joseph McDonna I'd like to see. What we don't think it's really and whose. Roberts resident told Lynn Davis boxing while she was wearing a leather jacket. Ben has Michael Jackson Portugal's. Into position and she gave us that giving US Michael Jackson look. Back with down just fine arts. Really donated to his iconic 1999. NM on the state cover posed a unique challenge for Robert and president. Hill's the foot off we can say he nailed all the small things. This falls just right below slick easy to come flying kites Aaron an image that was similar city about it but I. Yeah rips off. I thought I one of the kitchen. Check this article quoted his cousins. Pardon me. And I was kind of already ticking. Are snapping pictures of some rather mature subjects he then went home. To a photo shoot of a different kind. In the funny thing about one. Less than an hour after the part two is tank in my fit tools that Libya was booked. And of course a nod to British musical giant David flow classic Aladdin sane cover with the lovely moment. Roberts says it was a great sport. OK how many these are likely to face. That was an Harriet cynics out she was such a good multiple times she goes and how does sound actually. So perfect in fact. Then David always widow supermodel he Mans took notice yourself. There are clear Davey boundaries between general and a son at least we sit by. Is minding blowing. Roberts has all of alone the photos have received a game of real bright spot in the lives of his residence. I think we can't happen beyond our wildest dreams about matches. How many people have seen it. And respond inside kindly I can I say the key. That is an understatement because you really cheered that all residents and robbed is just beginning. I step out. New ideas and I'm not to let I'll say just view watch this space. We will be watching that space for sure.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Senior home coordinator Robert Speker photographed his residents recreating famous album artwork to distract from the monotony of lockdown during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72156930","title":"Seniors recreate iconic album covers","url":"/US/video/seniors-recreate-iconic-album-covers-72156930"}