Severe storms strike South and Midwest

As a tropical storm leaves a path of destruction across the South, tornadoes tore through the Midwest damaging homes and causing severe flooding.
3:53 | 06/21/21

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Transcript for Severe storms strike South and Midwest
We begin with a severe weather on the move after tropical storm Claudette tore through the south an EF two tornado ripped through Alabama. Destroying more than fifty homes and leaving a path of destruction more than twenty miles long. Alan Lopez is in Alabama with the latest. This morning flooded him moving up the cell fees. You do the Carolinas after leaving behind a trail of destruction this weekend. An Alabama at these dangerous flash floods pouring through the roads. Any niece prudent Angela spears is grateful to be alive after she says a tornado sucked dry out of her mobile home Saturday if. Now all eyes came and and went well and no loan that came out. The National Weather Service now says that in EF two tornado tore through this Syria within estimate a 127. Mile per hour winds twenty people injured. And this morning authorities investigating a home at 617 vehicle pileup on I 65 near Montgomery. After the county corner says a car likely Hydro plane on rain slicked roads. Nine of the ten killed were children. Two of the victims 29 year old Cody fox in his nine month old daughter Arianna. In another car eight children kills officials say the youngest just three years old. That van carrying a group from a ranch that helps vulnerable youths the driver Candace goalie the sole survivor. They were not able to get to the children due to the intensity of the heat. In Hancock county Mississippi. Did dangerous floods forcing troop Leonard is Stanley to evacuate their homes rising waters hitting his neck as he pushed through the doors to save his loved ones. Making it to his truck bed. Waiting until dawn for help to a rise we lost. Everything and are remote bay Oakland nine from rifle will be allowed. Officials say a crossing guard lived in what wasn't a home here once likened to a standing inside the next she was. Untrue this green counts they see miraculously she walked away with just a few scrapes Diane. Alan Lopez and east Burton good to see that she's OK thank you don't. And the south as the only place getting hit with severe storms tornadoes also tore through the midwest overnight with one even touching down in suburban Chicago chief meteorologist ginger easiest track and off course and she joins me now good morning ginger. Diane this is not the area that you want to see a wedge tornado run through and that's what apparently has happened we saw some of the images early this morning from WLS is what helicopter. You to take roofs taken off in Woodbridge Illinois I would even second floors looked to be missing so I think that's going to be a pretty powerful tornado once they get the survey done today that from their ten Naperville Illinois and in Naperville for almost. And populated places outside of Chicago sowed the damage there was significant. And it's not just there there where at least 100 plus severe storm reports from Kansas all the way to Pennsylvania this weekend that Iowa tornado was Pella. And so they'll be doing surveys for a lot of damage today and then we have to talk about what's happening on the East Coast so this is what's left of Claudette over the outer banks to conceive Mercer -- camera there. The image of a gusty start to the day it's not going to be as rainy as it was because most of the rain has now made it off since the Atlantic this thing's kokin. Moving pretty fast stuff to the eastern peace will be rid of it might send the later this afternoon and evening. But before it gets state could see some gusty winds in excess of 45 miles per hour and here's what's gonna happen when miles couple a cold fronts that are pushing through the midwest causing a lot of that damaged. Start to head into the southeast. They're gonna take their time and even stall and so places that had more than a foot of rain sake southern Mississippi and even north Georgia. And nor the recipient and western south Carolina's gonna pick up. Three to even six inches and very saturated soil so they've got some flood alerts going on there Diane. All right chief meteorologist ginger zee ginger thank you.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"As a tropical storm leaves a path of destruction across the South, tornadoes tore through the Midwest damaging homes and causing severe flooding. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78401349","title":"Severe storms strike South and Midwest ","url":"/US/video/severe-storms-strike-south-midwest-78401349"}