Severely Injured U.S. Army Captain Receives New Smart Home

ABC News' Ali Dukakis takes us inside a new smart home designed for a severely injured veteran.
12:21 | 11/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severely Injured U.S. Army Captain Receives New Smart Home
Captain the how are you here with ABC news where a lot. We just wanted to take me he's for your service and how are you liking your new house and your hand me. Look this scream oh my didn't. That Redskins looked pretty good up there and you say different singer. Are so excited him. And just moving into the home how to Nasional. Often often and especially me that you don't need. If caught know how. Well congratulations to you and eat you for your service and he heard anything you want him with the tour. And he. It's part of these Smart house which is one of the I think that hat under theories in the cases organization. We don't want to get in the way. Very. It will be making for veterans the Smart homes are especially complicated when it. With. The elevators. And other fittings needed for were injured bats to live independently. Then he continued store. The greenhouse this would be happy hearing evil. And forced me. So it's a special. Yeah after an early scene he. It started this organization that has acting term. Tons of US veterans groups. He's a huge activist both. In news groups and on Capitol Hill for veterans' rights. His foundation. In this. Meant to serve the honor veterans particularly those. But it injury does a lot of work with. We shouldn't. Yeah. It is. You're not. That. Your mother. Even the mother a lot of room. Treaty you'd like you stop your waist. They didn't lose together and victory he so yeah. Populists like he picked out everything in the house he did all the decorating. Of course this art house is outfitted with. Technology to help him he independent and not since you something that really. Is most important to him. He seemed really excited about. Earlier during the dedication he's saying beautiful. Persian ends. America. God bless America that it works on his voice coach at Walter Reed. Those are your thoughts right now facing life. Yeah. This this home losing. Everything here a lot of blues room. Oh. And even done a service horse. Angry remark that they had all those who served up there. Ray says he cutting back in the indignant. The sunlight name. Where would you like to go in see other yeah. You have to use towards self right now obviously days. It's yeah. I'm Maria. So yeah this. Did room. Yeah and lone passing the man he and plant is laying in the walk from her area. Looks youthful N com. He sanity he certainly honor. Whom he Aaron. And how he happy. Workers. Our and it varies each. And he. Yeah it is easier to you can't let your certain anti hand down theater room. I missed your room. Yeah. Room room. I'm from room. On the first floor and yat. And this is like he. Olympic experience certain. Who get money or. Okay I'll be right back. Here's Karen. Merely displays and fly. Me. We're gonna see a. There will be back yeah. OK by me. Okay. Okay. I am very happy and I'm glad I'm Indian on these other. Yeah. This home. I dream come true. And you know what rose. Freedom and we'll try my best. Freed on two every game it's safe clean. Anything. Everywhere yeah like together and enlightening meeting sunscreen and Wear it every week. Thanks dad and Connors and I'll kindness. On Venus. Until it was. And Larry news. Ancient ring I'm sorry he's. Chlorine. And countless. Yeah. And honestly hold the key here user and power. He'll name like. Also yeah. You know her well you. Very. Okay sorry I'm. The thing. I'm yeah. Okay very very. I'm yeah. Yeah. Okay. We're yeah. Yeah. Colin yeah. Next week fearing that he needs he AM outfitted. He eleven either. Smart bombs for veterans and giving him look out and I. Beautiful and earlier today. He's out of here the mom calls him hearings. Three. I got. Thank. I. We'll clean up outside their menus and reaching here. Yeah. I think it's. Mean yeah. Hurting already. Around yeah. Let me just to show the Sears. Some communities were. Yeah yeah OK yeah. Sir I didn't. Live in the well I yeah. And yeah. I'm here today Mary Mary Kate and two you know and so yeah. In that. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Proud of what could I think that it. My master. Yeah. You model running a very low it's awesome yeah. Yeah yeah really appreciate. So yeah. Okay. I'm. So now blocking an accounting giant. Hell yeah. And another. Yeah. Everything yeah. You can see right behind me it's quite sunny BS the welcome home captain Louis. Feel is right there. Well that's okay. From here on this veterans day beautiful beautiful veterans day. Outside. The theme you calm on the the left family. In Chevy Chase Maryland an Alley pockets with ABC news. For those watching on TV and on our FaceBook live please have a wonderful patterns and.

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{"duration":"12:21","description":"ABC News' Ali Dukakis takes us inside a new smart home designed for a severely injured veteran.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43473953","title":"Severely Injured U.S. Army Captain Receives New Smart Home","url":"/US/video/severely-injured-us-army-captain-receives-smart-home-43473953"}