UN Shelter in Gaza Comes Under Fire

A strike on a U.N. shelter in Gaza has killed and injured multiple people.
8:57 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for UN Shelter in Gaza Comes Under Fire
You can. Disaster in the Gaza Strip UN shelter set up to protect innocent civilians. Comes under fire by Israeli forces at least fifteen people are dead and scores more. Right now the international hot spot bait and noon small city in the northeast edge of the Gaza Strip. When I'm down -- in New York it is day seventeen in the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants and the death told climbs. 720. Palestinians were reported dead this morning that is before the attack on this UN shelter Israel. As -- -- soldiers. And two civilians joining us now on the phone from Gaza ABC's David -- David I want to talk a bit more about this morning attack what do we now. Good and we were out in -- and in earlier today. In the aftermath of the attack. This was at a UN school one more than a dozen UN schools that are serving as temporary refugee camps. Place where people who have no -- -- ago. Thousand more than a thousand people lived in this one care. We're told by that you and folks who oversee. The schools. -- 8% of the population of Gaza roughly a 100000 people are living in these -- schools. And this is the fourth time in four days that these facilities have come under attack. Today two weeks blood on the ground in the school compound everybody who had been living there had fled. And bid -- so fast that that left many of their belongings and was an eerie silence there. And a stray horses were rummaging through there are things looking for -- What -- ago they went to the hospitals and we went to hospitals to where the casualties. Were stacked two to a bad. The one hospital that we went to -- has thirteen. Beds in the emergency room -- -- more than seventy casualties that it -- chaotic scene. Family members gathered around their loved ones many of the children. And pleading with the doctors to look at their children. Ornaments to have so little and just -- state you know don't let. An overwhelming number of casualties. These images just absolutely rip your heart out -- seen these young kids being taken out of these ambulances on stretchers. David put this into perspective -- you if you -- the US is that they had previously relayed the precise coordinates of -- shelter to the Israeli army. In hopes of keeping that area safe and in fact this was the response by the UN Secretary General. Releasing a statement just a short time ago saying in part I am appalled by the news and attack. On UN RW a school in northern Gaza -- hundreds of people had taken refuge many have been killed including women and children. As well as UN staff. David. I have not having the Israel clearly responsible for it what's not clear is what is this facility targeted or -- this. A bullet or missile or tank shell that -- -- -- I spoke with the head of the UN mission here. He said that not only has the location of this facility and the dozens of others schools. Been communicated to be IDF the Israeli defense force. But that it's been communicated thirteen times. -- this morning. And we -- at this facility it is the school. It's painted white with blue the UN colors. That the UN flag flying -- it there's no mistaking. That this -- -- A UN school the question is did the idea target -- order somebody just. You know. -- -- -- And -- UN says they don't have an answer to that that's the question for the Israelis and they're going to expect a full investigation. David this facility has been set up specifically for a place of refuge for safety there those that you've spoken with -- In Gaza have they expressed their concern about the safety of any of these international shelters now. -- didn't these people are people who have fled their homes. To go to UN facilities and in the past and passed versions of this conflict. They have tended to -- friends and neighbors -- his. But in part because the Israeli forces have been warning people that entire neighborhoods -- six. Keep both the -- -- seen people go to these facilities in record numbers they're -- used to dealing. You know 8% of the population of Gaza. Sort of makeshift basis and UN schools. These are not facilities that were designed for this -- facilities that are serving. As a refuge of last resort or UN it's very upset that this facility should have been targeted and other facilities -- Have been hit as well. And the questionnaires released oaks where will they go if they can't be -- in the UN compound where it. David I want to ask you as a veteran correspondent given the fact that the Palestinian casualties have been out documented in the 700 plus number. Do you think that this is some kind of an international tipping point in -- push to get a cease fire -- even more urgently. I think -- a humanitarian crisis building and -- that there will be difficult. For the international community to ignore and attract the international community is not ignoring it is getting a vast amount of attention. -- continues to get a growing groundswell of attention in the United States as well. And -- certain. -- outrage over. Collateral damage here will be so severe. There'll be -- Question but that of the shelling stopped. Will be awkward act it is -- -- continues to fire rockets and Israel fired several close -- bank earnings report today. And this is a site where there are literally. More than a million people caught in the middle. ABC's David Wright reporting on the latest on that David thank you I -- to go to Tel Aviv where our Bob Woodruff standing by -- and Bob. Have you heard anything from the Israeli government about the response to this attack. What they've they've released a a state. -- about it than just essentially saying that there are now beginning an investigation of it. They have not offered any kind of explanations of why this had happened. But they're gonna continue to look into it we did go to have a chance to go down and talk to some of the pilots. Within from the air force the Israeli Air Force today and they were very much assuring us that. They're always very cautious about this there. They try to pick their spots in their locations that they're hitting very careful -- looking from the sky when. When they're giving some directions on where to go and and the pilots make an -- decision whether to drop for not drop. But they're not -- about this particular incidents because this was happening not the ones that we spoke to. That whether this was a gigantic mistake or was something else was started looking -- a possibility Hamas. Was involved that it somehow all of that is still not answered yet Bob I want to ask. You about the ban by the FAA as far as flights going in and out of his -- that with the Ben Gurion airport there -- And why is that so significant what what does that that the message there to the Israeli government. Well I think there's two things one of course the governor wanted to end this one is the end the economy of Israel is affected when you can't. You can't trade and people can't come in and tourists and business -- else. But of course they also looked at this is a really damaging symbol. For them from Hamas because it would look like successful attack. By Hamas if in fact that stops the kind of -- But people in and out of this country because looks like they were effective and they did this and that certainly was that Yahoo! and everyone else in the government here we're begging the US government. To influence the FAA and make this this decision which of course they. They did today now are starting to hear from. The American Airlines had to make their independent this decision about whether to do this again -- -- united said earlier and -- actually on a delta flight to supposed to leave here tomorrow and Ellis was the lead at midnight -- just got a notice from them. That says it's gonna actually. Launch -- -- launch these that -- take off. And eight hours later the next morning so these airlines are now starting -- tied together again and these these are gonna work again. I think this country generally of Israel is very relieved now that this is can -- be put behind them now. A fluid but very tense situation in Tel Aviv and that is where our Bob Woodruff standing by Bob thanks so much always appreciate your time. Of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading ABC news -- start this story for exclusive updates on the show. You've been watching the international hotspots -- down that's -- New York.

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{"duration":"8:57","description":"A strike on a U.N. shelter in Gaza has killed and injured multiple people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24700686","title":"UN Shelter in Gaza Comes Under Fire","url":"/US/video/shelter-gaza-fire-24700686"}