Sheriff Confirms Arapahoe High School Shooting Suspect Dead

Sheriff in Colorado says alleged gunman was a student at the high school.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sheriff Confirms Arapahoe High School Shooting Suspect Dead
Good afternoon I'm Grayson Robinson on the Arapahoe County sheriff. 1233. This afternoon. They individual came to the -- high school on the west side. Enter the school armed with a shotgun. Was looking for -- and individual teacher that he identified by name. The teacher began to be understand that he was being looked at exit at the school one student confronted -- the armed student. And was shocked that student has been transported in serious condition to a local hospital. We immediately activated our active shooter protocols we have resources from agencies within the -- -- south metro area assisting us. We cleared the school and secure all of the students very quickly. We -- we were securing the school we found one additional student. We believe to be the suspect in the active shooter. That individual is currently deceased. He killed himself. That will still be part of the investigation. We know the identity of the suspect I am not going to release -- at this time I want -- Repeat to you. The suspect has been found inside the school and he has -- as a result of what appears to have -- -- self inflicted gunshot wound. We are slowly and methodically clearing the school and ensuring that all of our students are safe. They were safer inside -- locked school room classes than they would have been had we allowed them to exit and that was part of our strategy and part of our protocol. We are now slowly but methodically allowing students to leave the school in groups. We're bringing them to a location that's directly east of where we're standing. They will be boarded on school buses and transported from there to a church just south of here called shepherd of the hills. At shepherd of the hills -- where we will reunite families with their students we have now directed all families. To go to the shepherded the of the hills church so that they can be reunited with their families are with their students. Within the next a half hour to 45 minutes. I will also tell you that the -- -- protocols around active shooters were put into place immediately. The first deputy sheriffs and police officers that were on scene immediately -- -- to school. To engage the shooter if they could locate that individual and also keep these -- students absolutely state.

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{"id":21213370,"title":"Sheriff Confirms Arapahoe High School Shooting Suspect Dead","duration":"3:00","description":"Sheriff in Colorado says alleged gunman was a student at the high school. ","url":"/US/video/sheriff-confirms-arapahoe-high-school-shooting-suspect-dead-21213370","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}