Shooting at a New Jersey Shopping Mall

The Garden State Plaza Mall went into lockdown after authorities say a shot was fired.
15:38 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Shooting at a New Jersey Shopping Mall
We're gonna take you now to garden state plaza in Paramus reports of shots fired inside the mall. You're looking at live pictures over the mall so far there are no reports of the talent -- or even eighty injuries at this point. But as you can see -- is a massive police seen. This Wallace at routes four and seventeen in Bergen County we have a team of reporters on the scene we begin tonight -- Well a Sandra we are here on the route four side of the Nordstrom's of this small I want to show you what the scene looks like at this point you can see. -- swat vehicle and armored vehicle that has pulled up here. Hundreds of police officers in tactical gear are surrounding this small the garden state plaza right now I do want to tell you we are trying to take care. Not to show any obvious tactical move that if we do see anything that appears to be something that they're getting ready to do were actually going to pan off. Because of course we want to make sure that. At the wrong people don't obviously see. But what's happening I do want to show you though the front entrance of that nor'easter as more police officers walked past with you know -- heavily armed in the foreground the front entrance of that Nordstrom. Is locked up tight a big emergency great is down inside. -- the last time the lights obviously the big -- sign -- shot off space shuttle the lights up even though we know that the store was open when this happened and there are people currently holed up inside. How we do have confirmation that this is being treated as a so called. Shooter incident. But -- county swat team state. -- enforcement assets from all over right now going store by store inside this small looking for this suspect and have evacuating people. As they go we -- send it back to you in the studio. Right send him back -- back Josh because there is a right now a news conference with. -- -- -- -- -- -- State police FBI. I believe I believe that's all that maybe they may be more. But right now the mall isn't complete lockdown. No one is going -- no one is going out unless they are escorted. By police personnel. As we get more information. We will release that information. To you. Mayor Jim. To -- -- TD ESCO deputy coordinator office of emergency management. Mayor and good evening my name is rich -- -- Everyone is safe and no one has been injured. Right now we have police agencies from all over to state. For now going through the more sweeping -- shore. That whatever people are in the mall at this time it is locked down are back to aid in this safe and orderly way. I want to let everybody know that this is something that we train for every police agency is working hand in hand. To evacuate the people in a safe and orderly way may get one -- -- That. There has been no injuries there's been no victims and we are now searching the more with sweeping get something first shooter. We are searching Korea shooter the person that shot the single shot any other shooters one -- multi line let me. Let me make sure you understand what we're -- is we're making sure. That there are no other people that -- are tied to this inside the mall. The shooter we believe has been has left the law we have found shell casings and that's what we're looking for. Try to understand try to identify where the shooter actually went throughout the -- that extra -- He -- not been found here in the -- This thing -- the single. -- single shell casings right singles a single shell casing right now. Did you that the -- family member might be here I can't tell you -- We have no idea this. Correct this -- and apprehended at this time correct. And no longer is it an act of shootings that with the -- -- Yes we have reports and yet understand there's thousands of people in this small. And so as this started to develop there are many people -- that they heard a lot of things we have detectives are interviewing. Multiple people right now trying to determine. Exactly what the scenario once. -- like all we can confirm right now as we found one shell casing. Which I believe was from a long long rifle that's that's all I -- -- -- and we're going we are going through video right now yes sir. There any truth to some of the security a security camera -- shot -- I'm not aware that that is that was actually that actually happen no but we deal with this mall is equipped with the most sophisticated. I'm technology in regards to identification people identification and and that's what we're going through it frame by frame. And that we we are reviewing that right now let's make it clear for anybody who's at home and who is worried right now anybody -- no injury no injury that's what we want to -- any family members that are home. Who was family member friend etc. could be at the mall this evening I want to assure all of them that there has been zero injuries at this -- this evening. And -- as you look. Should -- because there's anything -- -- mom and I can't comment on next. Com I would say that that they -- there is enough police presence in in this area to make sure that people are safe. So I wouldn't think I wouldn't believe that that that should be at that should be an issue for people. We'll let live in the area -- -- the one shot you know what the -- was eating -- shooting -- We -- I and now I cannot comment on and ultimately others. -- argue and yeah. All we have found right now you have to understand that we still have. Thousands of people inside this -- that we're trying to handle. And that's our primary concern make sure everybody saying -- so once that happens we will then take care of the rest of us again. There's over two million square feet of Walt on the roof and we're gonna go -- -- two officials in Bergen -- the mayor of Paramus that a deputy. Director of the office of emergency preparedness and management. They're confirming a couple things first are going through security video they have. Gotten at least one shell -- -- they have found even though we've we've talked to witnesses who say they heard many. Many pops and the firecracker like shots go -- they have one casing comes from a long rifle the -- still on the loose. Fortunately no one's been hurt. No it's been injured hospitals have been on the ready but. They have not received anybody because the good news is no one's been hurt and one of the things are trying to do now is to go through the -- to make sure this shooter. Acted alone -- Lucy Yang is also at the scene for us she is where the gunman reportedly entered the mall -- But that's at -- Sandra of the anchor stores behind me our lord and taylors and JC Penney's. Numerous people out here to hold as they saw the gun man walks through -- JC Penney and -- walk. Not run but walk in a very distinct and chilling dressed -- -- -- assault rifles slung over his shoulder. Joining me live now is Joseph and -- he is a worker. And -- am Joe's American grill on the other side of the mall but when you came to this -- where the gunman reportedly injured. You talked to the witnesses who saw him and. Three guys out there -- -- from moving company. And I told them to get away from the entrance because there was a gunman inside in this that they know because he walked right past. And I ask them you know what do you mean you walk right past you in this that he was in full body armor get a huge rifle and helmet on. And he said to them I'm not here to hurt you guys and walked -- -- that entrance of the mall. I -- right to the other side where I work and that's where he started shooting at all the way across the mall on the other side. By. Where unit -- is and where my job -- and paparazzi is another restaurant that's there. And I was actually inside the restaurant when the shots -- then everybody started running outside including myself and most of the people that weren't in that area of Joe's -- Didn't really know what was going on -- -- around the whole mall because MacArthur works -- site -- H and amp. So I ran all the way around the mall to come to this -- does this -- pick her up. And that's where all the movers -- -- them you know what happened that's and they told me about the gunman and that's when I tried to block the escalator there in the swat team told us to go outside that good when they release people from inside that she would be coming out that -- -- -- as I've been standing here ever since -- -- turn. We have not seen anyone escorted down my -- -- arrived shortly before 11 o'clock this evening news choppers above. Now I don't I want you to clarify something -- -- officials announced they found only one. Shell casing but we're hearing from numerous workers and that you heard more than one. -- -- to -- I heard two shots are heard once more shots like a fireworks. -- it was almost it sounded fake and and I at first I was like what you know what was going on and then I saw people running. And that's when I certainly heard the second shot -- very distinct very loud. And very scary that's when I decide to run out of my job and that's when -- ran across the whole mall that's I heard two shots. -- just the workers heard more than two shot some -- -- outside she heard four shots. She was Nordstrom's and actually works at north divisions right by -- -- that stores right by unit clothes and and on that side of them over the shooting happened. I didn't hear four shots maybe I didn't stick around for the other shots as when I've heard those first two that's when me and most of the people in my job just ran outside enough for you. Describe this scene for us as everyone's leaving when I was leaving -- a lot of people -- really didn't know what was going on and I yelled the most that people -- to -- -- -- to -- and vegetables under running -- as I was running across the -- I was -- to -- the -- -- worried about my girlfriend. Most people are just standing around didn't really know what was going on to people at -- movie theater that relieving that it was like a fire drill that. And -- right things -- and as you heard the officials speak they are trained. For these kinds of emergencies Britain where helping people out of situations like this that is the very latest on this side of them -- -- with channel seven. Eyewitness News. What -- saint -- can just imagine mostly week we've seen tonight there. Our young people and they're going through this with a gunman on the loose in the last thing you expect to steer gunshot absolutely in the starting all shouting or work. We have a team of reporters there as we said that Eyewitness News reporter -- -- lead also at the mall she spoke with some employees who were told to rush. Out of there she's near Macy's Carolina. -- 200 you can imagine a lot of those employees really shaken by what they saw your what they experience a -- than hearing it on their heads said. I've been told. Get out. Get the customers out get out of the mall a lot of those. Employees very young in their their early twenties and media a shot of the senior were outside unit -- by the mall entrance and -- -- the area where we could see. Really an incredible amount of police officers of police president. As well as some of the customers and workers here running out of the building with their hands -- really -- invite of course what they saw. We just wrapped up a press conference on this side of the mall there we learned. From the mayor as well as emergency management team that. That -- this is not again this is not an active scene -- But that they are still looking for the shooter and still looking for that -- we are told they found one shell casing inside the mall. They are right now -- -- security cameras inside. -- sitting in the Apple Store and now we started hearing shooting. -- don't love them all and just all good guy walking very calmly pain and -- it's. Having some some kind of they expected when Payne looked like he had to read to. Guess the noose on him on his back and he was having a right fooling batting helmets. Walking with a very dark and excludes. 545. Feet. Called something like this. And he was walking very -- and just shooting and people running all around and I just basically we went to the -- -- mark you're describing -- to a record countless. Her age and it's not here to look like he's very well equipped when he -- very -- it was very bizarre because he was just -- -- I think it was that he was shooting up the the cameras of the -- Our guys are about that audio issue but let me show -- is going on right now you see people walking out of the mall builder customers as a staff members -- finally being led. Out of the mall imagine just how -- it was to be locked down inside there again. We are learning from officials here just outside of the mall that these people were locked down and -- in areas on the mall that they were completely stayed. Because police officers were in there locking down certain blocks of the -- as it continued to look for the shooter but again. They are telling us is not an act -- shooting but that right now they're still looking for the shooter. And still looking for that weapon as well as reviewing security. Cameras here at the mall. Back to you bill and shot and our standards are. Okay Carolyn thank you stay at the scene keep reporting for -- it does seem to be the -- shifting -- little -- Monica back to Josh tiger he's the front of Nordstrom's where. A lot of -- we -- talk to someone who was at the men's shoes. Department. And they had been locked down there was some other customers Josh we saw some people on -- early this shot where they were leaving and -- an hour ago we first saw you there. We saw swat team members rushing into the storm that's not like that right now. Well -- actually -- I'll tell you what has happened here we'll zoom all the way and it may be a little hard to see against the blackness of the door but there is -- some sort of -- robot that they pulled out of a swat vehicle. And it's actually moving around now. It's not clear exactly what that -- the gates are down inside. Today and we also have heard of course said that press conference they just had that they no longer view this as an active shooter situation. Not -- from this vantage point though it doesn't seem like there's any less. Have a sense of urgency though on the part of the officers who have arrived here Bill -- you know it's a little bit unclear. Not exactly what it is that they are looking at from their perspective we haven't seen any customers coming out of the store. At least from this. Perspective as gates are down so clearly they're clean they're they're clearing the small. Coming from the other direction where all the shops are in the mall outside of the Nordstrom -- that's what we see at this point but we have heard. Do you -- pretty pretty scary. Reports from people who heard the shots -- what they report to be shots. Some discrepancies of course. Meanwhile we're hearing as is usually the case to situations like this and as we learn more from this side of course we will bring it back to you -- for now we'll send it back to you in the city. Okay.

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{"duration":"15:38","description":"The Garden State Plaza Mall went into lockdown after authorities say a shot was fired.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"20784782","title":"Shooting at a New Jersey Shopping Mall","url":"/US/video/shooting-jersey-shopping-mall-20784782"}