Shouting Match During Robert Durst Court Hearing in New Orleans

Lawyers for real estate heir, trying to get gun and drug charges dropped, accuse prosecutor of "playing hide the ball."
8:49 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Shouting Match During Robert Durst Court Hearing in New Orleans
Sensitive chord it's slightly that China had the ball. We tried everything we could to get the witnesses here we subpoenaed the FBI agent who submitted the state trooper. We've ever seen it just to get the witness. Rapper actor's lawyer frustrated but still on the attack today trying to get its client released from jail. The real estate hair back in New Orleans court placing gun and drug charges. Hello I'm Pacman and is in New York durst was arrested march 14. Before the last episode the HBO docking theories that jinx here in it. There's spoke about some of the unsolved crimes he's been linked to rest last month with and connection to one of them was the murder of Susan Berman an author and dearth friend. Following the story ABC's Matt got many joins us now outside that courthouse in New Orleans map we understand things got little heated today in the courtroom. Extraordinarily heated giant a lot of acrimony in the courthouse for very little. We gold resolution out what was supposed to happen today with something like a mini trial it's called a preliminary hearing in which the defense durst he was going to say hey. Actual evidence is there from the arrest warrant from Los Angeles to prove that Robert durst short have been arrested here in New Orleans just down the street from us at the JW Marriott hotel now. Theoretically the defense should have presented some of its addicts but what it did. Is just present be a reservoir which everybody has already seen now. They started the beginning of the acrimony because then went to the Garrett who is this lead defense attorney for Robert durst said OK let me call some of the witnesses up that the Stan. None of his witnesses showed up they were to FBI agents and the state trooper both of them allegedly ignoring. That court subpoena now. The defense that beat the prosecutor coming back it's at well you have no witnesses call witnesses let's get this on. This went back and forth alternately. That assistant district attorney saying. For the seventh time sixth time my calling you to call your witnesses continually. Challenging and even pestering to be cared who. Didn't really take the bait out one very interesting thing it happened to I is that. Dick to Gary Hughes the prosecution of playing hide the ball now. What he's saying he's trying to invalidate the entirety of the proceedings here saying. The arrest warrant from Los Angeles. Here in New Orleans is invalid because it's based on scant evidence yet. Jurors a rest at that New Orleans hotel for possession of a firearm and that pretty copious amount of marijuana five ounces or. Is also invalid because the FBI agents who were subpoenaed adage lop. Didn't actually search his apartment at a haze hotel room. After they answer toward but the fort they called it an inventory. The attorneys for Robert durst coal and legal search so this went back and forth and back and forth and ultimately the judge decided cited. With the defense saying illicit. These FBI agents and the states did not show a lot as they were supposed to as it beat it. I am going to call a hearing next Thursday and it could be a possible contempt of court hearing for those spent so. A lot of fireworks a lot of anger. The assistant district attorney's voice wavering at times he's pointing acting scared and it dearest and saying. They don't have what they were supposed to bring today. Actually shouting at them in open court. But very very little resolution still have to wait another week to really see what happens in this case but at this point tie it is possible that. The attorneys for Robert durst who would get all of this kicked out all the evidence against Robert durst tossed out because of that possibly illegal search. Are so much going on here legally Robert durst react when all that's going down. Still Robert durst as a reacted very much at all in the multiple times that we've seen him in court today was wearing. A yellow instead of Orange jump suit as always shackled and in a chair as always looking. Very very frail now when the reporter's first walked into the room. It looked to me like he was leaving his eyes were closes Sheehan was content to its chest he seemed to perk up once the proceedings began. And seem to be able to follow what was going on remember. The sheriff's office put him in a psychiatric ward about an hour outside of town. He was on suicide watch for a number of days we think he's now no longer on suicide watch but. Clearly his health is frail. Although his attorneys say that he's not mentally ill he has Asperger's syndrome. And just makes him a little makes him seem a little bit off he is not mentally ill tell. It's gonna be back in his courthouse many many times before the proceedings Europe grew tight. And that there's flurries made a request to speak with former district attorney and television personality Jay need hero what was that about. So oh lack earlier this week that to Garrett told me that he is going to subpoena. Judy hero television personality and former Westchester County DA now. She was the one who allegedly which starting or re starting this investigation against Robert Robert durst. Board the suspected disappearance of his first wife Kathleen. It was believed that the time or at least Judy peiris said. That she thinks he killed or. And it was suspect also that she had called Susan Berman that was the woman who durst is accused by the Los Angeles that the police department of executing in. In her home his best friend is confidant. Apparently Piero and Berman had spoken or had been interviewed and it. Piero was allegedly going to speak or call in durst that her case was progressing. That guarantee to guarantee your security all along has been saying that was never going to happen that investigation never progressed. Because there was no evidence sell what happens is that he believes that. Judy there are sorry for the ambulance there he believes that Geneen Piero. As concocted a lot of us who wanted to call over to the stand to tell everybody in court including the judge that she never fact that any evidence against the Karen. She didn't show up she's probably not. In Louisiana today because she does not want to be subpoenaed. She does not want to go in for on the court and testify because that means she can actually be present as a journalist in court so. That is another cell plot to this story that has so many subplots. And so many of them very legally. Complicated to I had an and between all of these court dates we have masses amounts. After the mounds of paperwork yours lawyers have filed a motion also for surveillance camera tapes. Of the hotel durst was staying out why is that important. There is a significant amount of paperwork out. All those are important because the attorney for Robert or stick to Garin says that he can prove that. His client was spoken to was interviewed by the prosecutor legally. Apparently to care durst had a conversation with one of his attorneys. Just after he was arrested in which it is heard on the audiotapes that that jailhouse recorded that. Durst was in fact being represented by an attorney the attorney likely said. Do not talk to anybody without our presence there durst probably said. I agree I won't do that and and somehow. I DA from Los Angeles and local prosecutors managed to get an interview with him that lasted for three hours so we don't know. What durst told them. But up one can imagine that there is what a significant amount of conversation if that lasted for three hours of course to Guerin durst attorney wants all of that tossed out. I OK and presumably next week back in court for that preliminary hearing and left that somehow directed during the course of the week. Now we think that that's probably going to stay as it is the judge seems adamant to start moving this forward this is I think the third delay. I think he wants to get this process moving remember Todd. Robert durst hasn't even yet been arraigned so he hasn't entered a plea we don't know if he's gonna plead guilty. Or not to the charges of up possession of a weapon by a felon in possession of weapon. Along with controlled substance that's that. Five ounces of marijuana so this is still a case very much in its infancy even though so much change in so many words have been. Using court about it. All right he's not Evan thanks so much much following this case. And he can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring the story for exclusive updates on the untie Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"Lawyers for real estate heir, trying to get gun and drug charges dropped, accuse prosecutor of \"playing hide the ball.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"30068954","title":"Shouting Match During Robert Durst Court Hearing in New Orleans","url":"/US/video/shouting-match-robert-durst-court-hearing-orleans-30068954"}