Signs of strength during COVID-19 pandemic

ABC News' James Longman takes a look at a senior home spreading joy, two intergenerational pen pals meeting for the first time and a ballerina who took home a virtual prize.
3:42 | 05/23/20

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Transcript for Signs of strength during COVID-19 pandemic
Some simple reminders to always find time to make new friends and never forget. To dance from James Longman is on the road and has a look at some of them writer spots during this pandemic. Hi everyone welcome to another feel good knees on the road I'm actually in Frankfurt Germany because. Picture on the team back from Greece from the to a few countries now I'm. I'm pleased to report that travel is difficult but to local people aren't climate typing today new reality what need to be increased to come she really feels like it's. Coming to life entirely in the law. Also going to be big economic challenges ahead but it was really brilliant to see a country you can back to life. First felt tonight after the annual Preakness Stakes horse race was just binding Baltimore because of corona virus. This senior living communities in bed and Marion and decided to recreate defense. We put together this opportunity for them it's all get out to meet with each other. Hillary did that vibrancy that we. We haven't been able to do in the interest of keeping everyone stating. Not a cycle of fund annexed up tonight this is a wonderful projects full time by recent ground lower prevalence from Wellesley College it's a project that mix up. Older Ireland's we have more recent graduates and gets them to send Nexus One Ramallah during the corona virus pandemic and thousands of letters have already been sent. And I think that's one of my. Favorite parts of this project fixing the new friendships come out of print newsletters between generations of college who. Otherwise may not have the opportunity to connect with one another. I check this out really that when Carrington O'Brien cost of 2015. Met for the first time by zoom. Married you parity costs of 1945. And they had been exchanging that is. LU and well it really don't think wearing. Where. Yeah why not notable. What distinguishes the wealthy will all eat it well I think you have a sisterhood. That you don't have a some other colleges that you are. May be more willing who. And does things were read them. Maryland and an opt out at a moment of inaction are so important thing in mind. Any help you Il and Kim and Aaron. A light on. An and it didn't being. There ain't that. On Friday in touch for I appreciate. Are getting in touch with me. Well let me you know and. That was super touching and check out this incredible bounce from this young ballerina in Queensland Australia. She won an online don'ts competition dumpster. With a trash can. She took the challenge from the FaceBook group Austria performs. Which aims to provide a creative outlet to young dancers who unable to attend causes. Because of the curve in nineteen pandemic. I was very cool lot of people being very very creative during this current virus crisis that's it from us night stay safe everyone. And bigotry Chela.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"ABC News' James Longman takes a look at a senior home spreading joy, two intergenerational pen pals meeting for the first time and a ballerina who took home a virtual prize.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70845340","title":"Signs of strength during COVID-19 pandemic","url":"/US/video/signs-strength-covid-19-pandemic-70845340"}