Slow-moving Hurricane Florence expected to dump rain for about 36 hours

Hurricane Florence is sitting over the Carolinas, bringing sustained wind and rain.
22:51 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Slow-moving Hurricane Florence expected to dump rain for about 36 hours
I aerial rash at that ABC news headquarters in New York thanks for joining ABC news light continued coverage of hurricane Florence as it bears down. On the Carolina as we know Florence is now inland near Cape Fear North Carolina it made landfall as a category one storm with sustained winds of 85. Miles per hour we're now gonna go to the national hurricane center for the very latest. Welcome back to the National Hurricane Center setting up operations. It is a noon on our official clockers Americans are specialists still tracking. Everything to do with hurricane force here still some big impacts that's look at the latest on the radar. The center was pretty stationary over the last couple hours but starting to Cecil west for movement various lowly with time. Center located right around here so Wilmington was put in. I wall for quite a long period of time so still live there expansive amount of rainfall but also the one actually that's real important. The slower the senate removes the slower these rainfall. Areas move that rain bands and why is that important the madrassa lines and it looks like from a distance. It looks like these to all these storms and that's heavy rainfall looks like it's moving as is rotating around the system but if you look at it it's channeled in the same areas moving at the same speed as the senator so as a result he sourcing a real pileup. Of some of the rainfall and actually we got a reading a little bit ago it's hard to see some areas add up and we dignity gates looks like about eighteen inches and workout we still got a long way to go with this in the slow movement has been a story. The entire time still forecasts on track to moves woolly. Inland into South Carolina with time remaining a hurricane the rest of the day but that with time tomorrow morning becoming yeah us form and eventually even eating AM on Sunday still in portions of South Carolina so we're not moving very fast at all awaiting an assistant to the north. To finally. Kick the rest of Florence out but in the meantime a lot of water a lot of flooding and long lasting effects with this situation so let's look at some of those affects one of them has been of course we've been talking about this this storm search for a long time. A lot of it already. On inland as well and looked like four to six feet or so South Carolina and I and I do elements in this because it's important some places South Carolina may not have seen. Some of the values yet but as we move inland you start switching this. Flow of wind around to make more on sorts of places like Charleston with time still could see some of that onshore flow and sees some of those water rises in the big amounts set seven to eleven feet and all the way up north. That we get to the Virginia border two to four feet that is a lot of water and we have seen some of yours that we've been talking about half that water. Really diving and a little closer this is a particular interest we've been talking about New Bern. For much of the week and how the water gets channeled in these areas. Remember these rivers usually. Have all the flow of the rainfall going out talk about the noose river talk about the got close to the shore with the hurricane it forces all that water up into these areas where piles up. Really were a comes together piles up and you get some of the large values of about eleven feet we still have to during the reign. We still have high tide coming in so as a result that water to be very slow to train slow movement means a lot of rain and that continues to be a prominent this into the storm surge look at the rainfall we've been consistently talking about these values. Right around the sent her into the right very slow movement point to thirtieth as the rain remember right thoughts about eighteen inches already we're just getting started. Inland Charlotte ten to fifteen even working up way up and to Virginians start to see. Some of those values six to ten inches of rain member this could shift around a little bit depending on the eventual track. Very hilly lots of terrain. These issues not just coastal you start putting this rain on mountainous terrain these are putting this rain on on heels and in these rivers so we're soft talking about flash flooding very dangerous flash flooding well certainly don't have to be just on the coast beacon office also happened in humans so. That was the latest update on the hurricane from the hurricane center right out here in the operations there is bank Ingraham. You're listening to Ken Graham of the National Hurricane Center updating. How hurricane Florence has been making its way across the Carolinas right now in north Carolina at west dirt westward movement. That storm must slow creep along with the glacial pace for this it's hungry and wreaking Havoc. In some areas we know that I can mention that that eye of the storm hovered over Wilmington, North Carolina for quite some time dumping huge amounts of rain and that's where we find anchors David you're an Amy wrote Iraq. Good morning again you can see it we're still feeling the effects of the rain the winds here in Wilmington you know the high of this storm. Making a lab mall shortly after 7 AM eastern about 7:30. This morning eastern time. As rob the air here in the west now you're seeing the effects of the backside of the hurricane. Though the northern wall brings really destructive winds and rain with a but does look what the facts of the hurricane continues to bring and that's the real concern. About the sheer size and scope of this hurricane it is no wide and slow moving five to six miles per hour. That it's going to be bringing destructive winds and rain for several hours throughout the day today and right into tomorrow we. And you divide the eye of the hurricane course the center of the hurricane. We're gonna have hurricane force winds that extend out eighty miles on each side. That's a that's a windshield of a 160 miles across of hurricane force winds that you've got tropical storm force winds which are. Very destructive it up themselves 200 miles out from the I 400 miles across it's really hard to wrap your head around. Just that the size of this hurricane. At a get what would have made landfall to category one but don't be fooled by the fact that it was a one and and state not a two or three. Because they they measured a wind gust of a 105 miles per hour not far from here the Wilmington international airport. That is the biggest wind gust that they have recorded since 1958. Hurricane Helene. So this is destructive it is slow moving and it is not over yet I wanna check it with my colleagues AB robot not far from here in new what do you see. That gave it it it can get that's right it is far from over here Edgar Phillip Craig think those hurricane force wind gust. That have been whipping up all morning long we have been out and about about 5:30 this morning East Coast time. And we have seen the affect that I hurt people aren't in every way to strong wind then the law called the green bands that have come through here at time. Three inches of our. With the across president need to win that remain erosion at this hour. Out about which is certainly not invited at all in his victory right now it is still very dangerous fact. He brought it parking garage and a group of parking garage or covered your fate. But we actually can be. Right there on me agreement on it ward and really is not a Smart move here for the most part of people are hunkered down around here and all eyes. Our pond became clear river which is behind me which is really at the heart of this historic. Sitting here in North Carolina and that we are looking defeat it it will present with all of his rainfall that the affected over the next definitely not talking about hours. Every thought we are talking about gains of rainfall is that so many people from the code here in North Carolina and Wilmington particularly all the way in Lynn. Are keeping their eye on the guy. And making sure that they are hitting deep. Place and we certainly haven't talked to people who sandbag. Who have taken precautions they can and are simply putting their faith in god that they will make it through this time to get a lot of heat pump. Went through this just two years ago with hurricane Matthew and suffered catastrophic result of them come on back to their homes open this has been an area that have been hard hit over the past several years. And if they are certainly feeling the effects of Lawrence right now. And you can see those bridge conditions hammering Amy hammering David and of course the residents who remain and that area when I go now to ABC's David currently at team headquarters for us. And David we heard earlier this morning from that panoply so to speak up all of those agencies. Now kind of coming together to try to. Come up with some kind of response to this and what kind of effort three seeing behind you what are they furiously working on. Low what you heard in that briefing from the National Hurricane Center. Is what's very interesting here at the national response coordination center this is FEMA centers you can see. And you'll see military folks from the Coast Guard. Andy National Guard as well as most federal agencies here but what you just heard. Was about just because that these storm has moved onshore. And it may be downgraded at some point from a category 12 tropical storm. But it's still dropping a lot of rain and the other factor are the tides and high tide is coming. That's pushing water source both here. Are worried not only about all that rain and potential flooding just the rain can cause but also storm surge which is still possible as the tide comes up and pushes the ocean water. On to the shore so they are still waiting. Four requests for assistance here the way this works we talked about this before. Is that the local first responders those are the local police the county police are the ones responsible for dealing with the the emergency. Of what they're having to deal with then comes the state. And the state of North Carolina and we are told by the folks here team are well prepared for this if the state needs more help that's when this agency. And all the folks that are working here kicks in to bring additional help now females RD put a lot of meals a lot of water a lot of supplies including. Parks and other materials in the south. To deal with anything that comes up. But it's kind of as we wait for the storm to to kind of fit nation or more water on to that area. These folks are actually waiting to see where's the need how can we help. And David we're watching images right now of New Bern wet which was hit so hard already by this storm that we see people helping each other trying to get out some of the elderly residents who may not have been able to evacuate. David Curley monitoring the developments from theme out we appreciate it. We now want to check in with our crews who are in Wilmington and also I believe there in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina dangers he Archie meteorologist has been tracking this throughout the morning and dealing with some really treacherous conditions herself. And you've been standing in tropical storm force or hurricane force winds for afford to eight hours you definitely don't care what category it is called at you definitely see the streets here filled with debris. In Wilmington alone and guess what we think how big this storm ends and how there are tornado threats now we have a report of a tornado and it's a 170 miles. To my north and east. Yes so in Mary hill. North Carolina which is kind of close to Elizabeth City they see that tornado warning on the map. That is one of the outer most fans so that's a 170 miles away they're still see that had been damaged my producer Carlos was just asking me witness think what are they gonna panic calm down and said. We've got these bands that I couldn't come through it we could still see gusts. Easily sixty plus that you go toward Myrtle Beach and you gonna see what we've already seen look at some of those peak gusts we know that 105 let's hear in Wilmington Cape Fear 100. 105 fort Macon 100 at six. Cape lookout and I have to tell you that the bill as not just the wind matters. And and we talked about the categories that that be confusing it really ends up being about the water. And not only do these of those tornado warnings on the map but flash flood emergencies and flash flood warnings that surround this sealed. That is Florence this thing as having such a tough time wanting to make its way on land it's moving. Just crawling west southwest at three miles per hour but it is crawling. Toward Myrtle Beach and that is where we fight our time comments you are about to get into those we're here in the outer band top. But that that I wall once that gets close to you that's when it's gonna get real. No definite sort of good right now hurricane Florence coveted ginger we are under a hurricane warning until 430 tonight I gotta tell you what that's going slowly down that likely will be longer if the storm stays currently. I didn't get mild to 85 per mile winds. The school is coming from the northeast right now I didn't look down the street light here you can see them all the problems we've waited as. As they come and we just lost power on this stretch of Myrtle Beach and ocean boulevard didn't take a look at it is the iconic stretch of Myrtle Beach here. You got some construction crews coming in but nobody's out here right now. About 30000 people right now without power across this state that's only gonna grow. How stacking and our local meteorologists different ABC fifteen if you trust me he just forecasted. 36 hours of endless rain right now it's low tide but that high tides gonna start at 3 o'clock along with that storm surge and all that rain. That's what the really worried about now they're not warn about the hurricane force winds even though they are dangerous they're really worried about all those hours of endless rain the low lying areas here along the grand strand at sixteen miles of pristine beach might work eighteen million visitors come. Every single year there worry about all that water and words exactly gonna go so far we made a big deal about this is this guy real. I hear Myrtle Beach is iconic image they took all the bottles off. I am not seeing that sucker move it all it is stayed strong right now it's both to withstand those hurricane force winds so right now we're just getting a taste of hurricane Florence not to back. As of now but things are picking up and we're getting those hurricane force wind gusts as they pushed through. We know things are just starting to heat up there in South Carolina work fortunate to be joined now by Amy freeze meteorologist for WABC thanks so much for being with us. Very busy time we know we also heard from the North Carolina governor that nineteen states have offered up some assistance including I believe we have footage of the FDNY just arriving in North Carolina EC here and you just telling me any you know somebody's got yeah this is their response team coming here out of New York city's guys have gone to many different emergencies. And tropical storms hurricanes being one of them many of them very well versed not just from sandy and and this is where it originated from these response teams. Following 9/11 they started to reach out but they really formalized in sandy his response teams that would then go out and help people so they know exactly what to expect. I'm in the situations of storms and with safety precautions which there's so many think. When you're going into a rescue it's not just about getting the people out in and and rescue miss them think about all the storm conditions that are created. Flooding to rein next electric electricity it is so many things in these guys are really prepared for that's. And they're going in as a relationship that really dates all the way back to nine elevenths is pretty special experience for them. And the people need the help I I have heard that throughout the morning as we talked to residents there in New Bern which has been so badly damaged and her hurt so far by the storm we have some images I believe out of New Bern. People helping with rescues and we are also seen one of our affiliates. Was actually inundated by flood waters there there master control completely flooded out that we have that aired its. So out you know we are not onion in the news business that nor those poor residents who are still. In uber and other areas like it's any one of the questions we be getting a lot of is. What is the difference between just pure accumulation of rainfall and storm surge. Mr. question we think about storms like this are really three major things to do with water one storm surge and if you think about being at the beach where the water meets the sand and you go and stand in that place. The storm surge is how far the water would come up to your height they're perhaps surpass here. So storm surges the amount of war coming out of the ocean at you so. That's one of the best ways to understand that it's the waves it's the ocean being turned up by the energy of the storm. And the waves pushing out water and land he talked about the rainfall that's coming out of the sky. From the storm and misdemeanor in tents were already looking at the water being measured in feet not 24 inches so pretty incredible amounts of rainfall. And this goes down in the history books are ready as the wettest tropical cyclone that. Carolinas and the Carolinas has ever seen both north or South Carolina so. Really incredible storm with rainfall I think the impact here that's really going to be far reaching has very little to do with the characteristics. A hurricane itself instead it's going to be a mass of river flooding. And so when rainfall that have to drain somewhere around to follow the draining of that rain and unfortunately back at happen between now and all the way into the middle of next week we're talking about places and river basins. Through parts of South Carolina that will be under sunny skies but the rivers could crest at flood stage perhaps five to ten feet above their flood stage. We're talking about record flooding in some of these river areas. But the forecasts are now. I'm predicting that we've never seen before so just the beginning of this kind of powerful storm an understanding. Me December the last 24 hours we we predicted that we would see 48 hours of intense hurricane force winds. More rainfall than we've ever seen in tropical system but also the doubling in size of the storm. Was just incredible and said the massive amount of people that are being affected is is just beginning to unfold. 500000 without power at this time we're and see all of these numbers increasing and unfortunately people who don't think. That they're going to be affected or maybe they feel relieved that they didn't feel the impact of the hurricane making landfall along right have them the absolute. Lee and at one of the things that's been through strikingly sepia images from Mars our correspondent out in the field without getting battered around any conditions and you imagine not it's not just our correspondent its. First responders that are now on the ground having to try to deal with those rescued that we talked about you and I were just talking four off camera I was at the US open like Serena williams' serve and was a 114 mile an hour serve and you think about the wind gusts. Amy robot David Muir reporting at a 105 miles per hour. It feels like you're essentially getting knocked by a professional tennis player ever over at apple is difficult to stand up right I mean all we're not seen in this what you would consider the sat at where Amy standing. She's actually in an enclosure. And those winds are being able to come and and really. A factor in an area where she still got some protection. So she's exposed to elements even within the safety zone act as I would describe it is. Being protected someone being exposed to the elements and and there are intense they're very intently her -- touch on it just for a moment included ever producer wondering how long this is gonna last but I think a lot of residents there on the ground are also wondering the same you know one can expect a reprieve from. These really treacherous conditions. Unfortunately this is the long duration storm we talked about slow movement over and over again Wentworth that when we say slow movement you could walk alongside the storm. So if you were walking. Out of the ocean. Finland's you could walk along side of the storm and so we're talking about. Hours and hours and days so maybe 36 hours of continuous rainfall spots house flow it's moving what I guess is maybe the bright spot here is that. It has been able to avoid the steering winds that it will no longer be able to avoid when tickets and when it's gonna start to interact with other atmospheric systems what you'll start to pick up the speed. Very gradually it's gonna take some accident happened right that would be good news. It'll take a long time though for that's happening I think we're looking until late tonight or early tomorrow or we start to see some of that that's what we'll see it turning of the wind. By then. We're looking at leftovers and there are still so much water is so much rain to come out of the storm. System that I think that the speed already have done the damage if you well for coming so float in land and being such a long duration storm right and it seems you know you're not as familiar with with hurricanes again this kind of coming in in this coverage it seems like it's cat you know counter intuitive. That when a storm moves slowly it's a bad thing. But it is bad because weeks we've seen it say it over these areas that have been so inundated already it is not to let. Your art anyway knowing it and again it's that concept of how big was the storm what was the category we should prepare for category three year war. But when you're dealing with weather and elements and has very little to do with the size of the statistics of the store and sense the impact of that storm. What impact to Nancy power lots. For a day but for weeks in some cases. And we're also going to see a lot of damage from the wins this is all wide area where all the way from Cape Fear at cape lookout. At a hundred mile an hour winds that's just an incredible amount of space to get such high intensity went. Then we're looking at days and days of rainfall so where does 24 inches of rainfall out. That's what's been happening at the coastlines and right where the storm has come in or gonna continue to see heavy rainfall. And consider best over the summer we've had places like Maryland the Virginia's have their wettest Summers ever. Now you're pretty more rain on top of that. Record rainfall on top of that and the Waterman drained a certain places and what we do with forecasters as. We turn to take those numbers and put them in took longer term gauges and the hydraulic forecast the water forecast for rivers creeks and streams. Are massively. Warning large areas I think it's called the black creek in South Carolina it's a very far in Linn creek. Forecasting right now not just to record flood stage but ten feet above a record flood stage when you have a situation like that. People who live in that area have never experienced. The waters at that level. They don't know what to prepare for well and it is care finally heard from the National Hurricane Center that it it's not just the storm surge coming from from the C it's also. That was the runoff coming from the mountainous areas the terrain we're seeing in parts of the areas wind and rain at dumping now flash flooding is possible you mention. And when he gets out water coming against the mountain rainfall. It does exaggerate the rainfall so. This water coming out of Florence well. Have an opportunity to create its own weather Microsystems a few well and that's going to exaggerate the amounts of rainfall that we get places like the appellation. We look historically at stores and particularly Mathieu which happened North Carolina. When Matthew came inland it was very powerful storm. But the deadly nature Matthew was the flooding the Finland funny where I think that the twenty people died from drownings and flash flood situations. And so. As the days continue we see where does the water wind up. That's where we can potentially find the highs and packs from the storm not just with. The devastating effects on the shoreline and beautiful properties and destruction of that nature but property. One thing life loss from. Flooding is a real problem forceful argument with her and we have we have heard. Throughout the morning from meteorologist from experts like yourself this is a life threatening storm Huntley definitely at the potential to re really catastrophic damage we appreciate your insights.

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