Sneaker Memorial Honors Runner Killed by Drunk Driver

Boston resident Kel Kelly organized a special tribute for Meg Menzies at the Boston Marathon.
1:47 | 04/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sneaker Memorial Honors Runner Killed by Drunk Driver
It started online with a hash tag in this story that touched -- Kelly in a way that she knew she had to do something. Kelly never met and that but -- the running community she learned about -- smiles. An effort that started after -- Menzies death and then just took off. Humanity rises and an amazing way -- tragic. I think that's what's happened there on -- marathon and I think -- -- people around the world to just surrounded her with love an elevated. You know elevated her entire story. They did it like today it's contributing she used to -- brainchild called -- souls of love. Over -- the Boston resident tells me 700 plus pairs of come in from as far away as Australia. And they -- actually wrote little messages out of -- or their location on the shoes to -- -- -- the most cares. Absolutely unequivocally handouts Lubbock came from Virginia was incredible. -- and all prominently displayed on the structure. Next -- would love stands tall along the course right at the one mile mark in Hopkinton Massachusetts. Next to the well known spirit of the marathon statue. Every runner who passes night will see it radiates loud wail like perks and pork and the love will continue even after the marathon is over. Every pair of shoes will go to the 26 point two foundation. To donate to a charity in bags on -- On my forearm is actually -- tattoo that says be kind. And it -- -- and it's just how I go through life and I can't imagine lots that makes husband and her children and her -- are feeling. And I think if you have an opportunity to create a little kindness and happy she she take it.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"Boston resident Kel Kelly organized a special tribute for Meg Menzies at the Boston Marathon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23388807","title":"Sneaker Memorial Honors Runner Killed by Drunk Driver","url":"/US/video/sneaker-memorial-honors-runner-killed-drunk-driver-23388807"}