Snow blankets Chicago in near-whiteout conditions

ABC News' Alex Perez reports from the banks of Lake Michigan and Lakeshore Drive, where traffic is moving despite the heavy snowfall.
3:00 | 02/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snow blankets Chicago in near-whiteout conditions
Pay it does president ABC news then we are in Chicago where as you can see this know is if Wally piglet. Behind me there that big big white of billions over there that's actually Lake Michigan and you can't really. See it right now this are really taking over this city and the entire midwives. As you can see nothing but a blanket of snow everywhere you look. Its value overnight we've gotten about five inches of now. And this is just the beginning it's not over just yet we're expecting even more snow it's gonna keep Wally. But it next few hours when it all said and done the Chicago area could be anywhere from. Ten to fourteen inches of snow depending on where exactly you are. That would make it the biggest storm they've seen here in Chicago. This steep instant last year like that's at Chicago's iconic Bayer's lake shore drive right there. And it looks like traffic is moving right now. But a couple of things that can thinner. Saw him part of have been working through the night to make sure. Those roads salted and block and number two it's Friday officials have been warning people. The stay off of the roads don't go out unless you absolutely. Have to sit there might not be as many people try to get around today but nonetheless it's in the topic is moving right now but that does not mean he. It's a good idea to get out there they are expecting this now. Ball this weather this storm to continue to impact trying to make. Here in Chicago and Cleveland and Milwaukee Detroit the entire. Midwest the huge swath admit it's going to be impacted by the storm. Really throughout the day and then it's not O Hooper just yet here in Chicago that spending another. Storm this weekend it's gonna dump a few more inches of snow we're gonna coping with a lot of things here. In the Chicago area and officials here really are just tying everyone. Youth in common sense. If you're inside it might be better to stay inside don't go outside because digging around in this kind of weather right now. It's going to be. Huge pain at the airport. Already more than a thousand flights have been canceled so this is all far from over I'm God's breath in Chicago for ABC news.

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{"id":52967488,"title":"Snow blankets Chicago in near-whiteout conditions","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez reports from the banks of Lake Michigan and Lakeshore Drive, where traffic is moving despite the heavy snowfall.","url":"/US/video/snow-blankets-chicago-whiteout-conditions-52967488","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}