3 Soldiers Arrested in Fellow Soldier's Stabbing Death

Autopsy shows that Tevin Geike was stabbed in the heart while walking away from a confrontation.
1:44 | 10/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3 Soldiers Arrested in Fellow Soldier's Stabbing Death
In Washington State three soldiers facing charges in the stabbing death of fellow soldier friends say this all started with a racially charged confrontation that seem to be calming down but then reignited. And some deadly results ABC's -- Fujita has details. -- Poured out in court as three soldiers stood before a judge accused of murdering one of their own. Specialist Jeremiah -- suspected of stabbing tending -- he showed little remorse. -- -- Terry and Johnson wiped away tears as he and others from joint base Lewis McCord pled not guilty. His mother breaking down as she asked the judge to release first time. Vietnam unfortunately. Everything -- -- of those people or is not car that -- guys they're the same treatment they all deserve -- go to eleventh of our friends say guy he was out celebrating his last days in uniform Saturday night when a group of five men drove flying -- a racially charged term. Prompting -- to respond police say the men backed off after learning Nike and his friends who were fellow soldiers but one of the suspects he'll return. Police say that 23 year old bear -- Nike and pushed into the ground he'll reportedly admitted to the standing to a fellow soldier after he sought help for a cut hands he told the person that the soldier -- phrase you know enthusiasts -- what happened your -- Allied static kill the -- -- weekend investigators say all five men fled the scene they threw the knife out of the caller to cover up the crime. Investigators are searching for a motive but Nancy Grace was not a factor. Police say an autopsy determined guy he was stabbed in the heart as he was walking away from the confrontation. Johnson is accused of throwing out the knife was released by the judge on his own recognizance.

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{"id":20514809,"title":"3 Soldiers Arrested in Fellow Soldier's Stabbing Death","duration":"1:44","description":"Autopsy shows that Tevin Geike was stabbed in the heart while walking away from a confrontation.","url":"/US/video/soldiers-arrested-fellow-soldiers-stabbing-death-20514809","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}