SpaceX Launch for Space Station Resupply Mission

NASA is testing a new reusable rocket that could save the space program millions.
13:22 | 04/18/14

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Transcript for SpaceX Launch for Space Station Resupply Mission
This is a special room. -- and oxygen and if you wanted to use virtual reported. They think professional wrestler and ready to head to the International Space Station with a one of the computers on board the ISS has stopped working the rocket. Carried a lot of supplies for the six astronauts on board the International Space Station and this this historic mission not because of what is going up but what could -- -- -- The SpaceX testing a new reusable rocket systems that could potentially. Save the entire program billions of dollars that is whether for 60% favorable lets us in the countdown. One. Can lift off of the falcon nine rocket and dragon. SpaceX three is under way. And American commercial spacecraft launching from US soil makes special delivery of new science and technology to the International Space Station. -- in this profession coming. -- -- 45 seconds into the. -- -- -- One -- at thirteen seconds after liftoff. -- -- -- It's often very disproportionate nominal. There's just -- substitution like double digits and. Falcon nine passing through the area of maximum dynamic pressure from. One minute. 45 seconds after liftoff. Because -- and -- -- altitude 2.4 kilometers. Speed -- side meters perspective beverage that standard actual killing him. Vehicles slowing down the -- Main engine cut off expected -- two minutes 41 seconds. Two minutes fifteen seconds into flight now. People arrested this 32. Vehicle hundred. There's collection vehicle 63 -- altitude. Speed one point eight -- per second average distance 55 kilometers. State separation confirmed. And we at -- one. Main engine cut off in separation of the first stage of the current. And -- recognition. -- plus three minutes. Get caught up to 203 kilometers speed to corrupt. Cop two kilometers -- second devers distance 103 kilometers. To be -- about a seven minute burn that will bring dragon into low earth orbit. Three minutes thirty seconds into flight. -- -- -- The contentious and sound. -- -- -- -- Just four minutes 45 seconds. -- particular five kilometers. Speed it 2.4 kilometers -- -- damage distanced 385 kilometers. Everything going well is. Falcon nine and dragon make their way toward -- previously showed up about what trajectory. Five minutes thirty seconds into flight. -- -- -- A contentious and -- comparable -- -- Campbell's status. -- Twelve seconds into flight. The crew aboard the International Space Station watching launch of falcon today. As the rocket and dragon capsule make their way. Toward a and Easter Sunday morning delivery. -- -- six minutes forty seconds trajectory status. 384. Kilometers altitude speed three point six kilometers per second average distance 600 kilometers. -- -- -- -- -- -- Seven minutes 21 seconds into the flight of falcon. About two minutes away from second stage engine cut off. This -- proportionate nominal. -- -- eight minutes fifteen seconds and altitude 320 kilometers speed five point three published perspective veterans distance that -- eighty kilometers. Excellent video the first stage. Having performed its -- -- An excellent video from there forcing -- Turkey station on second stage. Vehicle continues to -- them a -- Jordan has -- -- plus nine minutes fifteen seconds. Bitter internal guidance. December project of FTS -- And -- you go on. -- Falcon -- and second stage engine cut off. On time. Space X three is in orbit. -- can -- confirmed. And dragon has been deployed successfully from the falcon nine rocket. And so it appears to be successful launch of the SpaceX dragon. Now bringing up two and a half tons of cargo to the International Space Station where are eagerly awaiting. For -- ten minutes -- five's needed supplies and it's a replacement space -- of course remember. It had been not that long ago that astronauts up there at the -- were experiencing some problems with some space -- filling up with water. So on board this ship -- -- replacement space suits and in return. -- we re back some of the waste from -- space station as well the interesting thing about this particular launch is that there are components of this rocket they'll be returning to earth that. It is hoped will be able to be re used at this point each of those rockets cost about 54 million dollars in fuel alone. Is 200000 dollars to launch and so the idea is that if in fact some of the components the main components of those rockets can be used -- be huge amount of -- -- obviously from space exploration program coming on the heels of the space shuttle program and it. Not that long ago. The likelihood of there being successful return for that rocket that was launched -- season victories there brown inside the command center. About a 40% likelihood that the that the rocket the propulsion unit that sent that SpaceX. SpaceX dragon -- the national space station. Will be returning to earth. This -- the third commercial resupply mission SpaceX a combination between government and private. Efforts coming together. Essentially the only way to send supplies up and bringing waist down -- from the -- after the shuttle program and and and of course. You can keep up with the latest on this story as it will be developing and updating as it will soon be making its way to the International Space Station downloading ABC news out and starring in this story. You'll get updates on the go. For now though Dan Cutler -- New York with this special report. And the solar rays are being way way. An American commercial spacecraft generating power to the dragon.

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{"duration":"13:22","description":"NASA is testing a new reusable rocket that could save the space program millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23387502","title":"SpaceX Launch for Space Station Resupply Mission","url":"/US/video/spacex-launch-space-station-resupply-mission-23387502"}