SPECIAL REPORT: Santa Fe High School shooting

There are multiple fatalities from a shooting at Santa Fe High School near Galveston, Texas, Friday morning.
4:49 | 05/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Santa Fe High School shooting
This is an ABC news. Good morning I'm Dan Harris coming to you from ABC news headquarters in New York for breaking into regular programming because there is breaking news this morning and it is sad news. There has been another school shooting in America this one in Santa Fe Texas outside of Houston. ABC news has confirmed that according to local law enforcement officials there are multiple fatalities. The president is already tweeting. About the news he is saying quote the school shooting in Texas early reports not looking good god bless all that from the president of the United States of America. At the local sheriff's department the Harris county sheriff's department also tweeting one suspect in custody a second one detained. And injured police officers being treated the extent of his injuries unknown we've also heard this morning from a doctor at a local hospital a trauma center. He says they have received three patients two of them adults one of them under eighteen all with a gunshot wounds. He refers to the situation as quote unquote heartbreaking were also hear from local law enforcement. That there may have been an explosive device left behind inside the school. So to recap. We're talking this morning about the breaking news out of Santa Fe Texas outside of Houston. Where ABC news has learned there are multiple. Casualties. After a school shooting yet another school shield shooting in here we are again. On another morning in America where we're seeing these distressing we familiar scenes. Outside of a school. Brad Garrett RO. ABC news. For criminal consultant is with us from our Washington bureau bragged give us a sense as we look at the pictures here of first responders. Of what's going on at the scene in a moment like this well. It appears Dan that they haven't contained they're saying they had the the shooter in custody but the real. Clue in key here is the movement and activities of law enforcement. And bomb attacks apparently ATF and other bomb techs are at the scene because reportedly of may be some devices in the school so. The issue is this is a fairly good so I schools are you gonna have to clear despite the fact you think you only have one shooter. That they apparently have in custody will -- hat do you have explosives that he put up devices that. That we traps that law enforcement or civilians could walk into so. This is going to take a period of time before they clear this school. The other thing they have to do witches. Cruelly ironic as they often have to take a hard look at all the students who have just lived through this traumatic experience and are evacuating that the look. Search among the students to see if shooter is escaping win the tide of students leaving the school. Exactly like Nicholas Cruz in Parkland Florida he Nixon look the crowd so you're exactly right. You're gonna have to pat down kids your probably even searching some vehicles in the parking lot in particular the shooters but maybe other people's. Property just to make sure they have this contained. We also have with us on the phone this morning Pierre Thomas ABC news correspondent Pierre Thomas their chief law and justice correspondent. Here what are you hearing from your senate sources inside the federal government. Again weird. Getting reports of multiple. Injuries Dan. Again the federal authorities the ATF has responded the FBI is responses that the seeking to support. Local law enforcement just so horrific situation. Law enforcement officials have been concerned the FBI had just recently came out of the report shortly at these current or active shooter instance have been on the rise. Just this week we saw an attempted event at a school in Illinois so this is becoming. What many law enforcement officials are calling a chronic problem. Particularly at schools. Which you know our most precious commodities are at. Another is that we're someone when it to a school with a weapon and he gets our. You use the right word horrifying and you've described it as a chronic problem. Of my understanding is we're look this is the 22. School shooting this year alone ABC's Pierre Thomas and also Brad Garrett with our thanks to both of you. Just to recap again we're looking at another school shooting this one in Santa Fe Texas outside of Houston an ABC news has confirmed. There are multiple fatalities we hear ABC news will continue to cover this story will break rack back into programming if necessary we'll also be covering it. On abcnews.com. And ABC news radio. Thank you again for watching. Season. This has been a special report from BP's.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"There are multiple fatalities from a shooting at Santa Fe High School near Galveston, Texas, Friday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55262934","title":"SPECIAL REPORT: Santa Fe High School shooting","url":"/US/video/special-report-santa-fe-high-school-shooting-55262934"}