Spotlight on #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday CEO Asha Curran discusses the movement dedicated to paying it forward to your community and why it’s important to give now more than ever.
5:02 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for Spotlight on #GivingTuesday
Hopefully between Black Friday small business Saturday and Cyber Monday it doesn't shopping deals this season actually today is giving Tuesday a day and we can pay it. March it's a generosity movement that has people around the world helping one another's 2012. And this morning I'm joined by -- current CEO of giving Tuesday to discuss the importance of giving now. More than ever show welcome it's so great to happier here. Right knee during this how did giving Tuesday star and why is generosity so needed right now. And in. Pretty simple and you. Sitting in. A meaning. In. Nine years later it is global you're a movement with this news in the day celebration. I entity in. Street and on us. All over the world. I think he always important and and always show you these number one everywhere and it is especially important right now. I'm hearing. Are being. You are aware that the responsibility tunes here those you meet each year since I'm organizations and their neighbors and not brightened beginning and it wasn't even aides. Started out. Steel there's. Something really staying in May go steal. And two or Ayers and solidarity. It's it's so it's a weighted people. In. And uncertainty. So. Big reasons. That means that the equation. Those who are struggling are themselves but still won again they still want to do their part to help. We are. Stephanie is seen no matter how bullish struggling and steel and does not always need money to. She's not only in. Giving you what Broadway is what are ratio spray and so there are so anyways. She'd be generous without. She'd still are teaming. He was just reading a story from leaders in Malaysia a local artist and Roche is. Recently quitting his own routines in around the city. In were and gets so are leading us. Unity in my city I'm. In something as simple as you have been eager. To bringing some aren't ringing some companies. Basically it. Was a world all is. Well. And and what can we all do to help not only today forgiving Tuesday but as you say I really just about this one day so harsh in general what are some out of the box ways people can help that might not so obvious and a it's. One of them adjusting things and since that endemic is be a mutually works. Which are designed in whatever action and there isn't it exists greet idea star. And you know is utilized existing. O. Warms to enable people were in the eat at Hsu or Webb Simpson and your burdens but what an inch or need assistance because there's certain is cents. We'll be able assistance and we'll need. And child care and some. Of ways in parts. Even the biggest one wonders what they. Seeing how communities is little screens in our communities CE socially distance waste you know. And she was. Or you know a little stand. You retreat we eat we need is where people would at least sometimes are rating your. Thanks you know urged responders and essential workers. And all don't all new and are really meetings are. John it sure sounds like Kevin and you call that a mutual aid society on Google if they're here they're easily double and buried in all areas. Or was it insists is. Meats and dairy is an immediate eats. It don't care about. The organizations that are. Organizations. Or organizations that are bringing. You know beauty and art music. And apps reach your. So many ways to give even if you can't write a big fat check your current it's so great to have you thanks for those ideas we appreciate it we appreciate your work. A.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Giving Tuesday CEO Asha Curran discusses the movement dedicated to paying it forward to your community and why it’s important to give now more than ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74483410","title":"Spotlight on #GivingTuesday","url":"/US/video/spotlight-givingtuesday-74483410"}