Spotlight on ICE raids, debate over gun control and sustainability in food industries

The biggest ICE raid of the decade, discussion of gun control and how to improve climate change is discussed.
28:03 | 08/09/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on ICE raids, debate over gun control and sustainability in food industries
Yeah. Everybody welcome to the briefing her money ABC's Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Thursday a lot of news to get to today we'll be talking. About those ice raids that have struck in Mississippi and hit instill fear in good part of the Latino community also a shocking. New United Nations report on the climb that's why they think all of us should be vegetarians. And cutting back on our meat seriously. Will get to that coming up but first we our country on edge this week after those two massacres in Ohio in in Texas. The images of the past 24 hours tell the story from Times Square and those panicked tourists. Fleeing the scene at the sound of a motorcycle backfiring to the USA today bill lean being evacuated here Washington just 24 hours ago people. Fleeing the scene and just moments ago in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania a man with a knife on a stabbing spree there a bus stop. I sending people fleeing shock everywhere. None. Of the communities in this country has been hit harder than the Hispanic community know in the week. Of that racist attack in El Paso. So our group here at ABC news caught up with Hispanic advocates in all different parts of the country from Arkansas Texas to New Mexico. To see just how that community is feeling today four days later. I feels. The Latin community Pat Toomey beauty and he's on. No one actually seen beauty Anchorage. The Latin individual today I feel like here utterances and spending items names and appearance I think that. There's old men's coming on resolving. Hopefully winning hands on us. Constance. Not all of these need you know basically shelved and its long. We are better and it does the united trying to put accidents I'm constantly Dina. And I'll go live better than the struggles of east. I feel let me tell us. The only kind you the issue and I am very happy that the seventeen east. And I think person in this country do they have healing grace to you going to keep move forward. Everything that is happening does not have to scare us we had to keep moving forward or keep showing that we can do something we can make a difference. The United States of America. Pass to come to terms. With slavery with the racism and with white supremacy. In order for us to heal. And finally transform. Our country when. Some voices from the Hispanic community around the United States or thinks. To them for sharing their those voices are want to bring in their doctor Jane Delgado should the president and CEO of the national alliance for Hispanic health. Here in Washington DC great to have you doctor also want to bring in mayor were Chanda. Harper peach am from Pella hacked she Mississippi were those ice raids overnight. Have spooked many in the community there mayor thanks for join us wanna get with you and second. That Dr. Lois are with you we've heard so much conversation this week on social media here in our newsroom and across the country but the impact. That this El Paso. Massacre has had on the mental health. Of Latinos so much fear right now and effective builds upon. These numbers that we've seen just in the past couple of years so many Bettina is right now not feeling. Comfortable in this country not feeling they have a place here you see the numbers have risen from 41% said they were concerned. Back two years ago now and top since it much higher right now. How. People coping. I think that they felt coping as best they can but this is a very difficult time and I think it's important to realize. Not just for people who may be undocumented are Seeking Asylum but for those of us who were born here opinion for generations. We all feel very threatened right now. And the idea is what I was gonna do about an important thing is to keep moving full order understand that. There are bad people who do bad things out there and we have to maintain our own strength. And move in no way which is full art and respects a fact that is one of six people in the United States we have a lot to contribute to it does. Indeed does an incident like Jason El Paso which certainly has had a gut wrenching impact on people living there. And we've seen it in the pictures heard it in the testimonies. But what sort of impact does that have if you if you live in or in Oregon and you're a member of the Hispanic community mean it do you see those ripple effects don't. Ultimately you know we have. We have been contacting other members who are all over the country. And they've been telling telling us they all feel it did feel it sort of you know at one time it was thought well you know this'll just passed. But the feeling in the nation is one which is so hostile. And people are so angry. And what they're doing this whatever hostility our anger they have their directing it at Hispanics. This morning you know a friend of mine who has an uncle who's an engineer. Lives in El Paso says. That when he went to get yes he was concerned he was worried he looked around to make sure that he be okay. That's no way for anywhere to live anywhere to live and that creates stress. It creates. The kind of environment that we as Americans. Should not. Encouraged analysts thought the American women absolutely necessary released an act sorted out it's not just. Undocumented people in this country it's all Hispanics although the undocumented and their families many of them which are mixed. I mixed status families has certainly been given a jolt the timing of this. The largest ice raid in a single State's history in this country took place overnight in Mississippi you wanna go bring in now mayor Chanda Beecham. Who is there impala hatch in Mississippi. Were shot at thank you so much for coming in this is what's quite a raid 600. An eighty people arrested 600 agents. A lot of them men being taken from their workplace. And were seen so many children that were left behind now because their parents were simply taken away K hearing reports of kids at schools that didn't have anybody to pick them up. It's very hurt Schwarzenegger. And Matt and in some virus around us now. Name. Orton and car it's not so he Agassi. Come out here that the next we're and an eight game however at a neighboring town CDs where. And were you given any sort of a heads up mayor was there any. Sort of coordination between federal officials. State local officials in terms of news just for caring for these children them they must've known. I we're gonna be left behind. Doubtless know it it there is shocking lack well at any. And no it is not alarmed. And an eight K can you speak a little bit about your community there are Mississippi's many people know it is there is a red state and a big picture nationally. Do people support operations like this senior community enforcement of the law or is there are real sense of shock about what tech would happen. Well you know you know is not good museum's Omnimax around and how are. We they don't look back east anybody that's worm eaten. Definitely was important points an alarm. There are ways to win it out. In its own brand eye. I think you know cars being a minister who worked these legal. And who is not the court at this rate in the everything. Yeah and a lot of questions being Castronovo why this took place in the Mets are so many other priorities 600 agents used. Here wearing you hear the president talking about gangs and drug violence and other things of that nature we were struck by some of the sound some of the voices of the children. Who have been speaking out today with with several of our affiliates I want to share with with our viewers an eleven year old not delay in a Gomez Gregorio in Morton. Mississippi to town next to mirror rich on this town. Here's worked eleven year old month Alina had to say about what happened to her overnight. Meant is still not been. Better leave me you would be ready Ellis believed to be able to tell is lit right now hasn't been anything. Doctor of government just pulls in the heart strings to see these children from what kind of impact does this have on them what are you. When you know from your practice hers account psychologist. Obviously not from either practice of professional bridge as human being. This is not something we do we should be ashamed as a country. It is awful you know it's it's shocking to so many people mayor Beecham. He had you had to take any steps these past 24 hours to two to support those in your community were affected by this what what's the state of play today. Is being heartbreaking expense here this half hour. Yes client out but it can't see notes at disturbing. In Schwarzenegger. While allegedly air teens yeah club to hear Morton. That the how how we enter now and CE. He and his band together. And now it is just six. Members China harper beach emerald -- hatching Mississippi thank you so much man for joining us appreciate your time and a doctor Delgado thank you so much for coming in screened to see you OK how about ES as well. For a little bit more now on the raids why they happened what the administration's policy years when it comes to enforcing. God immigration laws here in the United States want to bring in our air racial reporter Serena Marshall she's here. Straight you've been covering this for years. You know that during the Obama administration we saw so many raids like this at workplaces this is one of the largest if not do you largest. About remind people why this is happening why does ice do this. Well done in this administration particularly loves to say how tough they are on immigration me after for the timing of this for coming up on the next election cycle and the president current president has deported. Far less than his predecessor during the same position in his administration. As Obama and it was just a couple of weeks ago that the president on Twitter. Promised deportation raids that would sweep up millions and deport millions of individuals. That film very short I believe the total number was 35. Now we're seeing administered the administration take on these mass raids like this sweeping up hundreds. And these rays and Nortel and allow them to say we are being tough on immigration and it was just a couple of weeks ago DeVon. That the administration's. Introduced a new peace. Of Aaron. Why essentially they they it's an administrative rule that allows them to deport individuals. Quickly without going through the court system if they've cannot prove they've been in the country for less than two weeks now couple weeks later seeing these kind. Deportation hearing we should say just a few minutes ago the trump administration now Department of Homeland Security held a briefing for reporters on the incident. The operation rather in Mississippi this at all those 600 plus. Immigrants have been processed more than 270 of them. Have been released they said it is believed an interest in work and is believed that all children. There were part of these families were with parents last night. But that's a tricky thing here Serena saved they they don't know way of tracking this as the mayor said local authorities weren't given any sort of heads up. Now heads up alive these children are American citizens born in the United States so if their parents were part of those quick deportation proper procedures. That could effectively mean a that you are. Creating orphans American mark Wenzel and up in the system if they do move forward on his could deportations. Now I should also point out that these kind of mass deportation raids were very hot very. Often use under the Bush Administration the Obama administration. Preferred it to not do these kinds of rays especially at workplaces or safe spaces instead they focus on targeted enforcement that focused on criminals and recent arrivals. All right creek context thank you for that certain shifting gears a little bit as we talk what immigration the gun debate is heating up today in the wake of those massacres. More calls for action taking place and there's a group of moms that you have been. Tracking today who had been taking a caravan from Ohio the scene that. A massacre on Sunday morning all the way down to Kentucky. The home state of national cop. Yes and they are part of the group moms and an action and they are hoping to take their message on the road they are in fact taking their message on the road to mention a tunnels front door and saying that we will be heard on this issue and here's as yet does that. I live in Cincinnati and the city's downtown Cincinnati over my shoulder. That red crescent river that's Kentucky. I can see Kentucky from my house. Which is that recently meet strong federal background check plots that we need a lot that covers the entire country. And that's why we're headed down to legal today. Here's a look at the trunk of my car up some water that's some. Materials for any signs and have my trusty mom's bag but while my pins weed people were headed out. Have you been impacted personally by some sort of gun violence. I eight connection got by art is per brought I have hate my best friend high school who blitz. In the cheap way to get it hurts what shot you know got pilots. It doesn't only affect the people who die or the people who are dirt or eat dirt and yet he's got expects. I have a necklace that I Wear always. It is in memory of Christina Taylor Green who was the nine year old killed in the Tucson shooting. And Christian lieutenant 1009 year old just trying to see her congresswoman Pat Day. And she was murdered. So I where there's always. You think urine and caravan this movement we'll actually be heard. By the senate majority leader. This this look at adult going one direction or not quitting and we're not going back though. He's gonna hear them. And here is eventually sir in those those moms traveling with the presidential candidate congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio is part of this. Stays undoing and his capacity as a presidential candidate as their congressman to spur of the majority leader to take action on those gun bills that the house already passed and it is sitting in the senate since February he's been mostly silent in on the site known of this Mitch McConnell the Republican leader is scene is. The gatekeeper to any action on gun violence he did put out a statement on Monday no. Aftermath. Of those massacre saying this he said senate Republicans are prepared to do our part. Today I spoke with chairman Graham of the senate judiciary committee chair wicker of the senate commerce many German Alexander in the senate help committee. Asking them to move ahead. On this issue of gun violence. He raised their jurisdictions asked them to look in bipartisan I have some bipartisan discussions rather about possible solutions to help protect our communities with out. Infringing on americans' constitutional rights that is significant Serena because the leader. Did move may be a millimeters thinner and asked for some compromise legislation due to be put together by our bodies has been no commitment to act in anything with. Any urgency no commitment to act on any urgency you do have a couple of senators trying to do this on their own DeVon you have senator Twomey and as senator me and senate Democrat and a Republican Republican and a Democrat coming together on a bill that they actually drafted in 2012 after the steamy hook massacre. Now they're hoping that this could actually get some track. Action and here's what this would do we do have some legislation on the table in the senate. In fact president trump spoke with Joseph mansion the Democrat of West Virginia about this yesterday sources tell us that the White House. It would expand those background checks to gun shows and online sales is right now are exempt from any checks it would also. Take some steps to get more names. Of people were banned from buying guns into the background check system. And their legislation would also create a commission to study mass shootings and there's something Serena. Yes and I cannot do it does not it does both still allow interstate travel in firearms it exams temporary and the only gun transfers from those manager Torre checks and that the departure from that house bill DeVon that house bill would make sure everything every gun cell was part of a background check. They see this as a kind of a middle ground by saying if you buying panther accompanied their gun show through an official business you have to go through that background check but if you're buying a from a friend nor is a family member is giving it to you than you do not and they think. Because of that middle ground in my Gilligan Republicans. On board a lot of Democrats are saying this isn't going far enough we have increases hearing he had taken a step further but it's likely gonna have to be that middle ground if they are going to see. We'll see Pat Toomey as a Republican Pennsylvania a key state to the president West Virginia and the same. I in Ohio of course front and center in every presidential race and we're joined now on the phone by congressman Tim Ryan who's running for president also leading the charge on this caravan congressman breaks talk to you. Us what's the message you hope to deliver to Mitch McConnell later today in his cell Homestake. There's two bills sitting on its debt that he could bring up for a vote. In the United States senate on universal background checks and on clothes and the Charleston poll which what did it. Death book but so many people on the South Carolina it mother Manuel AMD and South Carolina so were word asking him that do his job. In what conversations EU having aside from. Putting up the pressure on Mitch McConnell RU. Working with some of your other Republican colleagues reaching out to any other senators across the aisle about what happened in your state. We are at conversation as you may know. Governor Republican governor Mike DeWine the series of proposals. But they are to go around. Gun reform. Congressman Republican congressman Mike Turner for Dayton. He heat that is. Changed his position not let a bit someplace pity what the background check and armed the assault weapons ban but it did not need these weapons of war. So people are starting the loop starting to have these conversations. Ultimately the public meet that demand action and it's not a Republican or Democrat issue that two bills sitting. In the senate right now have almost 80% or order the American people. Over 70% of the support from from partners and sportsmen so that the bump and that we should easily be able to get done. But congressmen they did only have at least one of them only eight Republicans cross over in the house to vote for them did that senator Toomey is now senator mansion which they see is more middle ground is something that. Democrats in the house could get behind. What will happen. See you have to see I think he's had a bill that are sitting at that these have already passed the house so let the you know what we can do we we've got to do something mean. Ole country its. It many appear out listeners and viewers have seen. That. Motorcycle. Backfiring it and Times Square and hundreds of the people running. Because they think it's a gunshot that was indicative of what every American is feeling right now everybody thought edged higher level of anxiety. The need to get started so. Let's do what's right there. Let's take some steps in the right direction again that has put affordable 80% of the American people so we'll see what immune mention apple offer by. You know we've got to get up about. Can congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio leading the caravan of Mitch McConnell doorstep today with a message on guns thank you so much sir for calling and from the road to Kentucky want to bring in our way to support torn Phelps now. For final thought here Jordan because the NRA which has been silent in all of this did engage overnight you're learning and have some reporting. Hop on a conversation that the NRA president had with Donald Trump they don't like any of this talk on background checks. Yet haven't we heard the president yesterday morning say they he's very serious about breaking something big on gun control in terms of background checks. And we learned that after that wind up here the head of the NRA talks to president from on the found. That washing post has reporting. On what they said he he has me able to independently confirm that. What was said on the call but you're basically made the case of the president that this putting the popular among his base. Now DeVon one interesting bit of reporting the president sent that he would be interested to bring back congress. If he could get at close to a bail during August recess. But Devin and administration disliked Hercules not optimistic about that happening any time soon sell the political reality is is. It definitely still top seven. Margarine tubs of White House thank you so much our thinks you Serena for your reporting on this today and guns and immigration. I'm moving out to Iowa now that 120 campaign trail those democratic candidates are right in the thick of air right now it is Iowa state fair season. You see it there a lot of food on the sticks. Movie by there are had a lot of talk of guns as well out there in the state of Iowa are Adam Kelsey. Is out there right now he's keeping a close eye on that to Moines register soapbox surrounded by those hay bales. Were number of the candidates have just gotten got done speaking out and we heard from Steve bullet today the governor of Montana kicked things off and then Joseph Biden. Making his seasonal debut at the fair. He had DeVon a relatively quiet day on this the first day of the Iowa state fair just Steve Bullock and Joseph Biden today and for the most part they kept things are relatively normal up on that soap box from Steve Bullock what we heard is the appeal that he's made two. Swing state voters before that he is the only candidate in this race. Who won a statewide a state that was won by president trump back in 2016 obviously his home state of Montana also making a personal peel. I telling I will voters here in two point that his family settled in Iowa generations ago and at his mother was born. I nearby at home what's so obviously going for them I'm the the Iowa side of things but from Joseph Biden what we saw was basically his stump speech didn't treat this event as if it was really any different than any other campaign event but the nearest me by Joseph Biden came afterwards in his conversation which reporters just around the corner any news gaggle. One reporter asked him if he was the best person in this race I'd to take on the issue of gun control as you guys have been talking about all show long. He said he pointing to his time in the White House is vice president that he's the only person with experience. Trying to enact national legislative Adam alongside former vice president Brock. Obama he also jumped around a question he also would jump in on this question. Whether or not the president is a white supremacists which is one that seems to be taking fire on the campaign trail today our Mary Bruce just caught up with them but through that of an of that. I believe everything the president says he's gone encourages likes premise and I'm not sure there's much acoustic. As a matter of fact it may be even worse. In fact they're out there trying to in fact curry the favor. White supremacist groups and factions anathema to everything we believe. So whether he is or not a white supremacists he encourages them everything he does he speaks and then he's afraid to take them on. Of course Elizabeth Warren that'll work out right calling the president not just a white nationalist but a white supremacist. Something that and you'll be following out of we'll have you on all week long from the Iowa State report let you go out and best thing you've beaten so far. Hallway its top I had a bacon wrapped barbecued spare him the honey stick you didn't mistakes part of the most important so but all of you know throughout the weekend there's an act did not keep us posted follow out of Kelsey on Twitter you can get all of the food glorious. The food borne as we like to say from Iowa. Right there Adam thank you so much moving on now. Speaking of food to start new warning about possible food shortages. Around the world if the global climate crisis continues. On its current trajectory the United Nations is out with a new report today with some stunning conclusions are environmental reporter. Stephanie ads is here's Stephanie you've been taken a look at this in so many reports we talk about it someplace. So many clarion calls to action from the United Nations in particular but this report is different. It's basically calling for people to be vegetarians tell us about it. A little bit it's definitely not Iowa state fair diet apparently aren't Adam. Sit inning the UN is very specific they duck they're not trying to tell people what to eat but this report focused on land and how the way that we used land specifically agriculture and cutting down. Forests to develop makes up more than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions and so their point is you know. The conversation about fossil fuels this great all these different avenues of action are are helpful but we've got to focus on lands and that the part about diet is that you know. The way that we produce meat in this in this world and in this country is not very efficient so they find that a diet that's more plant go get healthy greens. A lot of the stuff your doctor probably tell me anyway is also who are not only healthier for you but it's healthier for the. And help reduce its greenhouse gases and and I kid but it is a very serious report a hundred experts from 52 different countries put this together and actually warned about. Real life literal food deserts yeah cropping up in places we talk about cities has been through does is that actual food desert because people can't grow food anymore. What every now somebody who may be able to also weigh offer different perspective on this idea of eating less meat. Eating sustainable foods Amanda Shapiro is the editor of health the issue which is Bonn entities wellness site Amanda great to see you. Is so so what's you're forty take on the idea of eating in such a way to watching how the climate. I think you so much for having me I am so I don't I've really think that. Climate crisis is something we asked you're diets. But it get something done a lot of people are kind of naturally you how obvious is. You know edit out food and while and a lot of our readers' the last few years back. Asking her Maher vegetarian friendly. Recipe is and we really been delivering that and we also in the third at. Ship toward a more moderate its product and it seems your diet Mark Bradley so. That means you know you don't have to cut out in the entirely you can hide your hamburger or cheeseburger what do we want them on. But in your dignity cooking how can you mockery that knee and the humanitarian. Pieces that. You're consuming and so out of our recipes are kind of tailor made for. And and you call that a climate conscious diet. Yes that's right so you want to minimize meet as they sat in about dairy and really focus on. Things like hold green all of those delicious snack the labor bulk grains like boats and spoke and bear. All needy men and that's clothes in great leg US. Hands a forest fruits and vegetables. The police out. Much more sustainable also a reminder to be conscious about food waste as well from the UN today thank you so much from time manage Shapiro. Which helps the healthiest appreciate you Stephanie thanks for your reporting as well thanks for watching us here on this Thursday in a briefing room. We're here every day at 3:30 eastern time you can download the ABC news after follow us there also And of course on Hulu roku faced up to watch for there is brought to an end. I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington hoped to see you next time.

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