Spotlight on sexual abuse in figure skating

Former figure skater Adam Schmidt said in a new ABC documentary that coach Richard Callaghan sexually abused him.
5:00 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on sexual abuse in figure skating
You've heard and a disturbing stories of sexual assault in sports like. Gymnastics and swimming but. A new documentary on Delves into allegations of sexual abuse inside figure skating particularly the story. A former competitive figure skater who is just. Filed a lawsuit claiming he was sexually abused. By the once celebrated Olympic coach Richard Callahan so. I was able to sit down with two of the producers to discuss the film on. An ABC's chief of investigative projects Cindy galleys to take a look. A number of people reached out to us. Former figure skaters. With their own stories about their their time sport. When one of them was it was a young men and Adam Schmidt. Who. Train under our Richard Callahan in the in the ninety's in the early two thousands. Adam says. Or Adam told us that he was also abused. By Richard Callahan in the years after the US figure skating federation dismissed. Craze allegations against. Adam has since filed a lawsuit. Against US figure skating Richard Callahan in the rink where the allege mr. What's at the time. In in 1989 when he first made goes. Allegations he actually did quite negative media he was on Good Morning America Diane Sawyer. Back in then. But as he then told. Last year he felt like he was just kind of shouting into the wind him that I'm even going on national TV and end in talking about his. His allegations. Of abuse he just didn't feel like you is he was being hurt while. So just before we continue the conversation I want people to see a clip of the documentary so you guys can. And take a look here. I feel like I told the world but in reality. Nothing. Really changed. This figures came just went back to what it always did what can. When I found out that. She had reported this abuse how did this how he at this. YE YE. Twenty years ago. Did every one know. And do nothing. Because if he would have done something then. I never would be sitting here. And this never would have happened to. So I watched the documentary it ends one of powerful moment. For me it was wind you guys take. Adam back to the skating rink. And he sort of remembering. The pain that he felt and he says it's it's deeply disturbing it's unsettling. So I just wanna know what that was like to be there with him corrective. I've spent a fair Paramount's Simon out of the last over the last couple weeks and months I think it's. You know on it and I think it's clear that. That what. That what he says happened that he's been haunted. For the number via split his time with with Richard Callas. Yes anatomy is now suing not only Richard Callahan but also US figure skating as well as that rink that you saw on the documentary. Saying again you know this this is twenty years ago when you guys knew. And yet know when said anything and so he alleges you know hide you. And you said something's I would be sitting here today. Telling you found my my my grief. So what has been the response from all of these organizations about these allegations. US figure sitting says that they handled Craig's initial complaint against Richard Callahan. Appropriately and in accordance with their bylaws of the time. But they've acknowledged found that after Craig's. Report that they made wholesale changes to the way that they handle. Sexual misconduct allegations they've instituted a zero tolerance policy. A mandatory and mandatory reporting policy. They've listed the names of offending. Coaches and individuals on their web site US center for safe sport. As. Also taken over sort of exclusive jurisdiction of these. Allegations. Within the US Olympic movement. I'm so a lot has changed and I'm and US figure skating is this quick to point that out in the. It's in for his part Richard Callahan. Denied. Craig's allegations back in 1999 when he first made them. And through his attorney now with Adams allegations he has said that these are 100% false. There's counseling a truth to him. Trip to Saddam. And then the rink where Adams says that he was let coached and end by Callahan where a lot of the abuse he says. Happened they said you know Callahan was actually never employee he had just rented. Tying at on the ice there. And they say that had they known about any of these allegations either back when Craig had made them or. And when Adam had made them that they would put a stop to it that they would have investigated it.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Former figure skater Adam Schmidt said in a new ABC documentary that coach Richard Callaghan sexually abused him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64951250","title":"Spotlight on sexual abuse in figure skating","url":"/US/video/spotlight-sexual-abuse-figure-skating-64951250"}