Spotlight on violence against transgender people

According to the Human Right Campaign, transgender people are at a higher risk for murder and domestic violence.
4:19 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on violence against transgender people
Now we move to a topic that quite frankly is not discussed enough on domestic violence does not discriminated affects all people. All backgrounds all genders but there's research that transgender people and specifically transgender people of color. Are at a much higher risk for domestic violence and a murder according to the Human Rights Campaign at least sixteen. Transgender people had been murdered this year including most recently 22 year old Tracy Williams from Houston. And these are just the ones that are reported. About half of these cases are from intimate partner violence so I want to bring in at diamond styles. I'm a proud black trans woman and cohost of the podcast marsh just plate podcast. Very good to see you at diamond thanks for being with us you know. I just want to hear from you what do you think accounts for this rise in murders in black trans women of color the discrimination. Both race and sex what are what are what are your thoughts on this. I think that it's our. It's it's a combination Dane is of course the Arctic is dudes. When. Rhetoric that's going on politically. I think AM in culture when you have people are Donald Trump's. Rolling back transgender protections and you have people like Dave Chappelle who are making jokes and doing stand up comedy based born. You don't marginalize people usenet as the premise when you have culture. That. Pushes people who are ready on the fringes. It just makes life even worse for them. So I think people are not being responsible with their arms I think that they are. Not taking the dire Nez and pound seriousness of our life or death situations such. Into account when they make this kind of rhetoric and put out into the world. You know one thing I was listening to a clip on your website end. You were saying that trans visibility is great but that's not. Impacting your survival issues like housing issues and incoming equality issues and health care issues so just when should explain how it's more. Then just being visible on a television screen. Exactly Aaron when I started my Comcast's. The reason why start it is because during the I'm 2016 election. Every time that I'm people were putting them back in front of a trans person they were either white. Or somebody that was a privilege it wasn't somebody who actually is more lines the grass. I love shells like polls. Chills and does Billy. We have to have. These aren't healthy in. Healthy relationship access to there be access to so many scenes that if we don't have jobs if we don't have armed insurance we can't get access to theme these things and it puts it on the street is puts us into sex work clothes into the arms of people who can be dangerous it's just it's just is that just Cox and that can lead just two horrible situations. Yes so before we go what do you want people now in an even to the people who are actual allies of the transgender community what do you want people to know about. What you guys. Just don't sit back arm. Go out and learn and begin this or she can. I'm and engage which is people whom aren't listens to then trust them believe a stage and action the I should is is like a re occurrence he got constantly be an accident in regards to helping these that this particular. And group of people you have to be well in in the field you have to be out doing the work with them in able to didn't dismantle these systems that I'm an applicant's. All right diamond styles of really appreciate he being with us today and like you said on education is necessary first and foremost so. Everyone can listen to marshes plate. Podcast.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"According to the Human Right Campaign, transgender people are at a higher risk for murder and domestic violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65643956","title":"Spotlight on violence against transgender people","url":"/US/video/spotlight-violence-transgender-people-65643956"}