State of Emergency Declared in Toledo, Ohio

A "do not drink" warning has been issued due to contaminants in the city's water supply.
3:38 | 08/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for State of Emergency Declared in Toledo, Ohio
Hello I'm Ron Claiborn misses an ABC. Special report Digital's best performer following a major health threat this morning this is happening in Toledo Ohio. Where everyone in that city has been told not to drink the water there's a mad dash to stock up on supplies while health officials. Try to fix that problem and ABC's Lindsay -- is in Toledo. With the mayor there Michael calls just given a press conference on the situation -- what is the latest there. Good morning riding into that mad dash leading to empty shelves at this grocery store where I am in Toledo. But you're right the mayor Michael Collins just giving a press conference in the last twenty minutes. And saying that he is expecting to get more test results. Of the water back. Within the next few hours test results samples were sent to various labs -- -- the state those samples. Now being tested the hope is that they'll come back showing that the problem has been solved. But he says they just don't have enough samples yet to go on he did say though that everything is trending in a positive direction. When asked by a reporter whether businesses would be able to reopen their doors at some time today he said yes I hope. To get into that by the end of this today he also talked about the problem and how it -- resurface again. Once we clear this problem mob once we get our systems into this position -- the water's safe again. That is not good illuminate the algae problem in the western basin of -- hearing. That is not going to eliminate the agricultural runoff that is not gonna look that he -- -- -- That is not -- eliminate all those issues. So as of right now what that advisory do not drink that do not boil water still goes for the 400000. Affected residents in the Toledo area. They're told they can they -- in the water -- -- canned anyway but this morning changing some of that guidance saying not to brush your teeth. With the waters the situation very serious here on some very severe restrictions are ever interrupt you there -- -- The mayor columns there alluded to the algae. In that water would what is causing the algae in the water. Malfunctioning septic systems so that is in the water had any way and the algae blooms happen around this time a year because of the weather conditions. And then there are these kind of toxic. Parts of that algae bloom and that's what has gotten into the water system. Microsystems. Is what they found at a level to a half times what is acceptable. Those toxins can cause liver damage nervous system damage and the symptoms range from vomiting to nausea and numbness so far. A few people going to hospitals yesterday morning some of them finding out about that advisory notice a little bit late having their cups of coffee going in. With upset stomachs but no major illnesses nobody falling seriously ill so fox. OK and Lindsay Janice reporting from -- thank you for that and again 400000. People affected by that those restrictions on water in the Toledo area to be sure to join us stay tuned to Throughout the day for all the latest updates on this story and this evening on world news. Thanks for watching this ABC news a digital special report on Ron Claiborn. Enjoy today.

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{"id":24825077,"title":"State of Emergency Declared in Toledo, Ohio","duration":"3:38","description":"A \"do not drink\" warning has been issued due to contaminants in the city's water supply.","url":"/US/video/state-emergency-declared-toledo-ohio-24825077","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}