Statue of Liberty closed due to shutdown

The closure of the landmark on Saturday was noticed by tourists.
1:38 | 01/20/18

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Transcript for Statue of Liberty closed due to shutdown
You find out that I. Lou coming home last night after being the thing it's and just sort on the news that the the government was cutting funding in and shutting down and we know what that meant and the first thing we fan adds is that is that certain. Facilities such as the Ellis Island here of a place down. Making a him all the way here from dean Elaine. And something like Ellis Island sat down. Yeah it's a shame I mean I would we'd like to get a public place and actually set foot on the island see how lowly the original immigrants came means see the governor's. Allison and it's so be taken away from us like in this showing above is it. That is too bad. What what do you do when you think went you first heard that I mean of the year you see your disappointment over the thought when your mind. I am. I guess when he was his play but I was more confused about. With the news of the government closing down a little and Livingston and money in the coffers the people on the payroll what does that mean for the country's hope I still on the stand and I'm not quite sure what's happening and this is the only and hopefully the first in that impacts us. I'm going to do everything that visiting from England. It by the US government. Let's not so in I think we've thought that the US government was shut that I can happen that's just crazy. And I do you find yourself actually impacted by. Yeah it's I mean for us it's just an inconvenience. The American public I guess it's it's fun faulty but concern. Large full of them. Recent came down. There and yet we're gonna see if we can hope on the south island ferry associate a little bit closer up so that's because some. I think.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"The closure of the landmark on Saturday was noticed by tourists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52487857","title":"Statue of Liberty closed due to shutdown","url":"/US/video/statue-liberty-closed-due-federal-government-shutdown-52487857"}