Steubenville Rape Case: 4 Adults Indicted

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine addresses accountability in latest grand jury charges.
3:42 | 11/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steubenville Rape Case: 4 Adults Indicted
It is up to the adults. It is up to the adults. To intervene. -- the adults to change things. It's up to the adults to -- boundaries. It's up to adults to teach the kids right for. From wrong. The message from this grand jury. Citizens of this -- count. Is this. This community. Is rectifying the problems this -- me -- is taking charge. This committee. Is fixing things. This community. Is holding people accountable. That's what the -- injury did. And that is the message from the stranger. Several investigators who played a prominent role in this case. The right here in Jefferson County. The -- itself is of course comprised of citizens of Jefferson County. No one knows more about this -- Then this grand jury. They heard the average day after day after day after day. They heard. The witnesses. People made bad choices. And the grand jury -- there are. Repercussions. There are consequences. And this grand jury -- there has to be -- bill. This community has suffered a great deal. This community has suffered so much. I personally feel. Well the good citizens of this community. For what -- and there are. And I know they desperately need -- be able to put this matter behind them. What we must take away from these instances is this. All bush all of us. No matter where we -- Owe it to each other. To be better neighbors. Better classmates. That are friends. -- parents. -- -- We must treat rape. And sexual assault as a serious crime of violence that -- years. And when it is investigated. Or -- any other crimes investigator. Everyone. Has an obligation to help find the truth. Not hide the truth. Not hamper what the truth. Not obstruct the truth. And not destroy the true. I've always known. This community to be a great community. It is -- resilient community. And -- our investigation uncovered some very bad things. That investigation is also reaffirmed. Some very good things. About this community. But the people about the kids. In about their determination. To move forward. It's time to -- stupid bill move on.

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{"id":21006987,"title":"Steubenville Rape Case: 4 Adults Indicted","duration":"3:42","description":"Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine addresses accountability in latest grand jury charges.","url":"/US/video/steubenville-rape-case-adults-indicted-21006987","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}