Stormy weather causes holiday travel madness

The winter weather is causing flight cancellations for millions of travelers flying for the Thanksgiving holiday.
2:13 | 11/27/19

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Transcript for Stormy weather causes holiday travel madness
Of course and we're talking about terrible weather. That no doubt means travel nightmare situations with frustration traffic delays and cancellations as we've said. Let's take a look at the math on the flight aware map planes headed in and out of places like LaGuardia Airport where we find our Trevor alt. Trevor LaGuardia on a normal day. Is a bit packed and frustrating so what kind of like a right now. What Kimberly I'm happy to say that at least so far this morning and into the early afternoon it hasn't been so bad we've been here about an hour and a half and it's definitely noticeably more busy than what was. When we first arrived here you can see the lines are. Pretty small right now nothing too bad but it is absolutely going to pick up across the country we're talking about three million American travelers are so just today. I want to take a look at the American Airlines flight we're gonna notice right now in New York City the weather's pretty mild so far so. This is about on time top to bottom but that's not the case every flight if you're flying to Minneapolis where Alex Phares as we know the whether there is bad. There's a lot of delays happening into Minneapolis the same is true for San Francisco went so. You have to consider the ripple effect what we're seeing so many travelers itself. What we're talking about is specifically places like Atlanta places like Minneapolis Chicago O'Hare is known for its delays too so. Across the country need a plan on arriving early because. These delays right now there on time. That is certainly not going to last throughout they can. Yes and are there any recommendations on just how early people should arrive because normally they say about two hours but I feel like it should maybe be a little bit more. Right yes so well according to a flight experts that did the typical time when you write for domestic flights about ninety minutes before they see today you should do it's about two hours early know what we're seeing right now with Gordy you can probably get away with an hour and a half pretty easily but. If you're planning on this afternoon of the busiest times of the start to pick up around one. If you're flying from three to seven absolutely get here two hours early it can. He's you don't wanna get stuck here if you're flying internationally should give an extra hours three hours for international flights popularly. Aren't all I gotta say it's everyone and good luck with Chevron thank you so much for the update we've read it because they DO.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"The winter weather is causing flight cancellations for millions of travelers flying for the Thanksgiving holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67350743","title":"Stormy weather causes holiday travel madness","url":"/US/video/stormy-weather-holiday-travel-madness-67350743"}