'Street Walker Strangler': A Break in the Case

Bill Smith's reporting for the St. Louis Dispatch gets the attention of a serial killer sought by police.
7:23 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for 'Street Walker Strangler': A Break in the Case
Through the early months of last year the street walkers strangler kept taking unsuspecting women to the hell the -- -- And nothing police did slow them down. Because as victims were old prostitute strung out on -- chances are they would've been forgotten. If it hadn't been for Saint Louis post dispatch reporter Bill Smith. These were women who -- for want of a better term seem to be throw away people. They seem to be done to me maybe no more then. Just stick of furniture that had been discarded. Did you think maybe the killer was banking on that that these were as you say throw away people and nobody would care. I think that's exactly what the -- was thinking about. Smith decided to try to make people care by telling the story of one victim. He chose to -- -- Wilson whose body was dumped along a highway so decomposed police couldn't -- -- she'd been killed. Smith spent three weeks walking Broadway he learned Teresa Wilson lived her whole life in the neighborhood. She grew up in this house at seventeen she was a mother she named her daughter -- She was extremely close. To her daughter and very very loving. And her daughter was the be all and end all in in -- to slice. Until crack cocaine -- Teresa started working the streets for home base this fast and -- and -- her body for money to buy more growth. -- would pick her up and she -- asked yesterday to stay and wait for her but to be telling her little girl weighed here on -- -- while -- blog alternates. She she would do that again. Police believe it was here on Broadway with a killer picked up to -- She was 36 years old when they buried -- just a few feet from that street. Five days after Bill Smith story ran he found this letter in his mailbox. It was written on a computer printed in -- And if true the message was terrifying. -- bill. -- sob story about Teresa Wilson. Tell you where many others -- to prove I'm -- Here's directions to number seventeen and searching a fifteen yard radius from the tax and. Included with the letter was a small -- Smith told the police task force and gave them directions to -- spot. Our search -- started in this direction right here and as we worked her way into this area. Right at this location right here as human skull was discovered it was bleached white you could that -- -- -- are detective Jana Walters a member of the police towns poorest. Had already discovered two of the killers other victims nearby as the dumping ground for -- -- kinds of debris. To me in that sense is it almost. A form of discussed doesn't answer yes it's this I believe he's proven a point this is tracks this is an area where trash is dumped. There's no regard for this person I remember just. Almost freezing and thinking. This has got to be the killer we knew then we get -- biggest lead and break at this entire case. The killer may have taken is talking to a new level but he still wouldn't make it easy to catch him. There were no fingerprints on the letter and he didn't like the stands -- no DNA sample. And the -- and even clipped the -- is off that computer map to make it harder to Trace. But he hadn't planned for Sargent Bob -- a cyber investigator who tracks down criminals on the Internet. We start looking at different Internet sites that -- had these map drawing programs to try to figure out which one was used to draw that particular map. There it is. Sargent muffler went to one popular site called map quest watch as he zooms in on west Alton Missouri. The area. This is the intersection of saint Charles street and -- 67. And right away you can pretty much tell it doesn't look like that map that was sent to the newspaper. Take a look here on map quest the roads have -- and the icon for highway 67 is a different shape that on the killers map. The cyber cops went to other sites here on Yahoo! again -- the icon for highway 67 looks different. The -- Yahoo! after four days of searching investigators tried Expedia dot com. One thing right away I -- -- the icon was extremely close to the intersection. And it looks like it's the same shape. Close but still not an exact match. Now it's not quite on the intersection there is it that's right when you go -- to print the map. That's where tickets real close real fast and now you got almost an identical. Replica of what the killer had sent to the -- think that's correct. So police believe the letter writer used Expedia. But now they had to -- how many people clicked on that intersection. During the five -- is from when the story ran to when the letter arrived. The answer. Just want. And what was that person's name mark Travis. -- Travis a 35 year old hotel waiter who had lived with his fiancee. In this suburban home. A few miles outside of Saint Louis what kind of boyfriend was. A boyfriend and I grew to -- and wanted to marry and have his children. Felicia Rainey was a drug -- Travis and spend time in prison for armed robbery but she thought they were putting the bad times behind them. She says Travis whom she called Toby was determined to get her off drugs. Even in -- her in nursing school. -- a very beautiful person. He was a supportive and he he help -- build myself -- pack up. People that work also like to -- -- it used to pick up her boyfriend who worked with -- is a hotel waiter. I never felt uncomfortable around him I mean. I was actually -- like glad to see him because he would talk to me keep -- company. The one thing stood -- promise was fascinated by a series of mysterious murder. -- was working that summer of the local TV station for. And travels wanted her to do -- story. He said that. A lot of prostitutes had been found and that please link to together and realize that there's a serial killer out there killing -- Even before the killing spree started. Offices girlfriend says she began to sense something troubling. When they fought about her drug problem he could suddenly turn threatening. He told me literally had me -- you don't know me when he said you don't know me. Did you think maybe I don't know. I know to get the -- -- -- there. In march of 2001 -- moved out of the house and that was the -- bodies of dead women started showing up around Saint Louis. Which brings us up to last -- the killer is cold weather and -- Which led police not only to another body. But also the -- travels run through.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"Bill Smith's reporting for the St. Louis Dispatch gets the attention of a serial killer sought by police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24470384","title":"'Street Walker Strangler': A Break in the Case","url":"/US/video/street-walker-strangler-break-in-case-24470384"}