'Street Walker Strangler': A Serial Killer in St. Louis

St. Louis police investigate the multiple deaths of prostitutes.
7:10 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for 'Street Walker Strangler': A Serial Killer in St. Louis
For almost fifteen months something terrible -- happening in the streets of Saint Louis. Someone was taking women and forcing. Motorists again. He doesn't know it yet but this woman is now part of that man's home -- A psychopath who takes women prisoners. Then grind them down into -- -- tortured change yeah show. The city. Almost all of -- it's too horrifying to watch. It's bad enough just to listen to the sounds of senator -- and -- It's a scene straight out of silence of the -- Keep -- we. And when he finally tires of tormenting them he killed mrs. -- Bruce -- This first -- -- Skills match here. The first killed but he had plans for many more. A serial killer in the making. Who was certain he could outsmart believes -- Illinois State trooper Jimmie walker found the first body was they had deceased black female. Partially clad. Laying on her back by many of 2001. There were four more victims across two states but -- new one every six to eight weeks. Police came to believe these were the terrible lacks -- the single madman. We were sure that we have serial killer and when -- -- a call a -- -- body around here Jimmy what -- you realize that. Yet more likely it was sane person. It done it again yes. And the killer kept killing. By the end of August 8 women were to -- -- the same vicious pattern. All prostitutes -- had their legs and arms -- -- tortured and strangled or suffocated. And -- finally dumped near the side of Iraq. When you proposal together it's to pieces that you don't know that keep you from -- solvent. Saint Louis police chief Joseph -- what was caught up in this deadly game of cat and mouse and there were no solid leads. So homicide investigators from Illinois Missouri and the FBI -- formed a joint task force. Could try to catch the killer before he struck again number. What -- you make of the fact that the killer was leaving the bodies. Where they could be found so -- is that he was confident he was area. That he wanted to do people in those days when being killed in. They usually the little clues do you feel that he was taunting the police. I think he was making a statement he's pretty -- and he's not been caught. As -- started to put the murderers to gather they discovered that several women had ties to this strip of Broadway just north of Saint Louis. It's an area where crack houses are easy to -- and women turn to prostitution. To pay for their -- its. These skills give prostitution bad name really. We -- when you see on HBO they get the short skirts in the face this fact is there Harold -- -- like that around here. Bill morrow owns a bicycle shop right on Broadway. Which gives him a front row seat to the sordid world they'll have the same clothes on for three days -- -- will be very. It's just about. Getting a hold of cocaine. That's apparently what drove Brenda Beasley a 33 year old mother of -- who walked these streets of mind waiting for men to pull up in their car. Easy prey for a killer really easy -- yes. In October of 2001. Brenda Beasley is body showed up here and -- Saint Louis she was victim number nine. By now more than ten investigators were charting connections among the murders and they had several theories. The most common profile for a serial killer is a young white male loner. Because many victims were left near a major highway. Some thought the killer might be a truck driver whom people didn't notice. But they also -- something new and urban predators who works in inner cities like a killing field. The police gave the -- street walker strangler to this person. The street walkers trying to. O'Brien has been a top police reporter in Saint Louis for 25 years. You can often find him behind the locked doors of the homicides -- It was Brian who broke the story that a serial killer was on the -- what kind of person. Did police believe they were looking for. They had no clue they have no idea they just thought it was a person -- would like to pick up prostitutes but that's all they knew he was getting away with. And -- and in late 2001. The task force went almost four months without finding any new bodies. Authorities wondered what happened to the killer. Then early last year three more victims showed up. Only stole a police still had nothing to double and reached out to the crime lab for -- that's a start at least finding out who your victims. Sargent -- see from an of the Illinois state police uses art work to turn bones and skulls back into human faces. A forensic anthropologist. Examines the skeleton. Telling -- -- -- that this skull comes from an African American woman 25 to forty years old about five feet tall. Superman then charged 32 different landmarks on the skull with a racers. Each representing the standard facial tissue for a woman -- -- Tonight you've got his erasers pasted to the skull now that I world. Create an overlay. Drawing on top of the small town like doing a tracing. Getting the good shape overall shape of the face. It's a remarkable blend of art and forensic science. Using those measurements to sketch the eyes nose and mouth. And -- transforms each skull pack into a face what do you know what don't you know when you make this. The exact shape of the highs in the nose it's it's hard to exactly recreated -- it's my interpretation. Mean frankly it's guesswork yes it's with Colin and artistic interpretation. And you just -- -- that somebody's gonna say this and say. I -- I think I know that person. And if they know that person perhaps they saw the man who took her. But these -- -- efforts lead to a dead end. No one comes forward -- I. The Bill Smith -- feature reporter at the Saint Louis post dispatch. The murderous felt like not one but two tragedies. A serial killer was -- -- striking whenever deeply as well as victims were being ignored. If it really I guess would it would it would target anybody's heart. To know that I mean it's good to know that these people were dying and and nobody cared Smith saw a story in these women. He never imagined it would lead back to this basement and straight to the -- yeah. -- --

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{"id":24470230,"title":"'Street Walker Strangler': A Serial Killer in St. Louis","duration":"7:10","description":"St. Louis police investigate the multiple deaths of prostitutes.","url":"/US/video/street-walker-strangler-serial-killer-st-louis-24470230","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}