Streets of Charleston Empty Out as Hurricane Matthew Approaches

ABC News' Janet Weinstein reports from Charleston, SC.
19:26 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Streets of Charleston Empty Out as Hurricane Matthew Approaches
Hi everyone this is Janet Weiss the ABC did you know I'm here in Charleston, South Carolina where the hurricane Matthews going to be hitting later today. Closer to tonight and it is coming honey give you walk guarantor of the downtown area because this holy knots. Usually a bustling city will now we pretty much you or. This is my favorite. Sport he does. This go in. What jobs and you know he. As you can see it used her long time ago and I just moments. Taking it down. This street my hotel's a little break down this plane as I was walking down two gussy rob Marciano and as much time. Here. He's been shots on morning. Google can go see him I was like how abilities. Gorgeous shops there all boarded up and there's an honest living seen. Do you see if few people kind of walking. This morning taking. Okay. The governor had pled. Pleaded people incident obviously because this area is known locally as the low country that's what they call on all radio stations and so. And it floods really easily. So. Smoke and a few residents and they said that even with. Just a normal hard rain storm. You'll get a little bit street money. But can you imagine a hurricanes have. Come and I hear a lot of people have bad memories of Hurricane Hugo couple years ago. I totally. Flooding this area snow. Now people are a little bit worried about this. Not humane people worried that the agency is. Peoples here. Science here. So this century east bay street and in the mean arteries. They'll line. C a couple cars going in and out and this morning. Good. It's really nothing like it is a normal day. The way you reliably BC did. And here's another. Shuffle board. The Ben do is. Really nice arts hotel. Downtown actually rob Marciano and his team are staying here in the first team. And Italy were able does anyone. And he instantly because management. Act. It's what. A hotel in downtown now this is seconds W generator. There. Had a really to stamp. Out. There's more downtown. They boarded up. I met with a few people. Yesterday in Georgetown which is about an hour north of here. Which also pretty easily with a witness. And neighbors in the county had. Prepared. By thousands impacts. Area. And thousands and actually. The you're planning. Air storm surge. Could really do some. Damaged. Area. So here's another side street. I'm are. What. So eerie and was beaten to one woman yesterday a little girls and acts. I think George Cunningham 100 hear what I was. I was asking why you would she stay here and mean that governor has gotten up its that this could be potentially very deadly storm. And that you reversed all of the their mean. Highways so that the highway can only go out yeah there was no lane that could go and I civil I would Tuesday. And she's so well. My family's here my business is here. My late this year where. If this is gonna happen I want to be here where it. Which. It's. Scary. Had. Though. This book and asked. That water we'll see if there's any. Sort of storm spared. I. AM I am lifesaving for ABC digital. Janet. And it meets him as serious are you Charles. And so why need to sound system. It's. Have an office here and that's mother president of sales more experience of this. Whether there are few years. Four pretty high ground some upward. The water. Concerned about the win. Releases real big. Q4 you know I've heard from college Charleston residents that it kind of floods pretty easily down here have you bet have you been through and sort of lives. Last year. The flood as a news supposed to. That's because. The other people. Waters answers some. Three has all stocked up from preparing them treatment and is anyone else in your building strength. I think one other person. You know because I've seen a couple people kind of walking the streets. You know many other people minutes they never. About a dozen. And is it kind of the same mentality just. The others have been through this before and better for worse. It's. And I will say there. Some reports that indicate that it won't it is. Its future. There's. There's a broad surge. And so. Here am so I'm what are your plans to her during the actual hurricane you puzzles and also up boorda. Books you know batteries. Lights. Look through what other hurricane. Chicago. He was having the lights are headlines. In hopes so. And some things who. We're about your office. This one on the mean streets. And to you but your plans rested. Six at the office and and earlier bruised of the wires go for this story. Is there any areas of Charles and I should bring. Our audience over two that's pretty iconic right now ultimately this town even over alone he's battery. Now running at. You if you. He's yeah well knows. Or children. I. So particularly. Clinton's lead Mercury in last year. That's worry few hours. Wall. Have you seen the waves it. Today when I was gonna missing them down obviously. Or. We'll neighborhood take a look in limited battery partner is a pleasant reading you know. Yeah lock thank you feel it is. Let's this. Or a so we're live streaming on ABC news's web site if you go to the top there's six channels and brown one of them right now. Do it thank you buying. OK so that was just a random Charleston president that we just ran into. And he's saying is what everybody else has been saying or businesses Sierra lake is here. Just gonna ride it out but. He sounds like he was really prepared he had some Bayard he had. Use data prepares office. Hopefully. Flooding doesn't damage it too much. But eats it he's more worried about the wind this storm surge which isn't your thing is I've been hearing. Differently here by no means to their own head and so album just out at sea. We're just gonna go check on the water. Did he meet with some other folks. You they're standing. I'm live straining for ABC news's web site Janet. Eight. Are you guys saying for the storm. And oh out what you tallies thing. You know. You. Yeah I think. I'm going through a shelter. He and a related today so. Have you guys gone through you don't learn and so you guys are packed up with I didn't. I have more. Numbers more. It's. He. The guys weren't tempted to get out of town. But I did not exactly. More. Than our. Parents art. There. Hopefuls to sort. It. Is about. In outward about plodding again and the yeah examined speaking of people is that it's floods pretty easily. Yes I can't imagine eating a lot of what you just. Mark. And indignantly to act. Yeah and a power yeah. How how long do you think apparently or help. Oh. Or. Plotted like that your. Here in terms. Equipment where. Malone problem blame the. We have lots of lines. And it because it getting overtime game for the he attended. Yeah because many people who don't we're actually well and it. Is. I. I. Yeah. He has got to France looters yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. That where they accurately read it. I'm paying well hopefully it doesn't plenty badly. Can get a little bit. Do you guys live nearby yeah. Acts hear. Him Merck. Or. When where and what. Good reason Kirby. Yeah. In a rapid. Highs in the biggest. I'm ever been an elegantly blunt. Beats me here. It flooded its rate for a week straight and how hot how high did make the water again. I mean it was like they're released what it I'm kind I even inland west vastly you know there's. Interior guises homes affected. And I was like I don't industry or live lives. Where. With. Yeah. We can't change nature in the game and yeah Friday. As the pop I love this if ozone. Kate but puppies named. This is probably announces its and I already. She's leavened hard time. Then I parlors. Secrets. East and she's look at at a it's. Aren't part. Yeah. It's. Yeah and you I was gonna bring everyone to the as the water NC. Is any. In any reference yet doesn't look like in a looks like Canada come before the arm as it. Humans that later on. Whether it's here. Now marriage they can hang. It's as images. Saw some mountain west to tell me what hospitality sorry we're we're worker prisoners being behind we've seen a lot of that as well. Our hotel that worse thing that they've got stuck out twelve. I am I think ABC my peeling people. Could flip this upload that is a lot of people that are. Kind of sitting on our hands just waiting it seems like -- management is keeping people around. Just accusers. Afterwards. So here yeah. Won't people who are. Angry Gumball we'll. What does your failure here. Well it's pretty easily. If you in hair will. Support us with it. What. Here you know. First came down here. As well Ruth is on people's lives from. And I think this youthful. Nice scenery is. It's. Definitely an it. Not currently has meant that few people can if the parliament and rob Marciano back. Not the typical day Carlson. I report and please concede it. I think this is all. Cornered. Worship money. I might leave you hear what I gotta get some other work done. But thank you bird bowling. On unemployment for a couple. Hours of work. Humor in the area the storm things it. I'm what. We're what people don't think we'll.

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