Survivor of Waukegan police shooting speaks out

An officer fired multiple times into a car Williams was driving.
4:47 | 10/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Survivor of Waukegan police shooting speaks out
Name of Orleans. In October its one point weren't. Milwaukee. Police the army opened fire army and Marsalis and neck while we had our hands raised in the air. From Oregon may boyfriend that they. I I wrote on my rights. In the back there. I'm not send in my own son. Here's don't we think I have left from our salaries. Next Tuesday. I just put my babies to gay. And was sitting outside in and drivers he would mark Karr. Smoke outside the house. Our families with an amendment. And are a rag employed. You know I'm my car car. If light. Some. Yeah the police car so I wrote them out windows and turned off all the lights inside the car soap opera secret C. I had no where. And how wasn't doing any being illegal. Com are sounds bad knee and the meat. Was so our. I told me I was Marcella is big not. Do you start your rent it marked. A new car within the heat and colleague. Aren't selling. I don't know you change. It stops your way it worked recently. And if we were under. Hot pursuit took a few steps away. He got it one. I don't go away very slowly because I was here to get added that car. I don't know I want to hear me OK and turned onto it. The prison was not following me the police lights. We're not in. Not hang on in the OK. It seemed like there was another officer. They are waiting for and it's. Creag and I don't. I wish you mad I. Ended up splendid so yeah oh. Yeah screaming don't don't I. They. Eat out meaning get out of our. I can't I couldn't move. And this act. Do you why don't. Wow hey if you wish to. Marsalis kept. Shaking. More authors just Cain who are pouring in American hands and not below with cash in out. Not behind the officers aren't yet utterly. According to at and amp M and who read out aren't. Room. When I'm old. Let you know coroner. Adam my body on the floor and a card. And there. AMR is still breathing. Welcome please don't show. Any. We have a baby. A lot of I. Exactly what. The yeah he had surgery. And still don't Abu. They ignored me. They aren't good common ground and covered you know went up. Well. I'm not it would heal the and they don't let me. I don't let. Oh. Agreed. We. Let me go away and they haven't millennia. And how can I handle it has been bullied out on the ground. Unions. I.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"An officer fired multiple times into a car Williams was driving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73859333","title":"Survivor of Waukegan police shooting speaks out","url":"/US/video/survivor-waukegan-police-shooting-speaks-73859333"}