Suspect identified in 1993 cold case sexual assault, murder of 9-year-old girl

A former member of the Air Force has been linked by DNA to the murder of Angie Housman, prosecutors announced Wednesday.
6:12 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Suspect identified in 1993 cold case sexual assault, murder of 9-year-old girl
Back in November 18 1993 it was a Thursday afternoon. A 4 PM the school lasted just left. It was a last time edgy house was seen alive. She didn't hurt she did not return home from school bus at the normal time. She wasn't seen early in the evening. Was seen later in the evening it was a few hours into that that we realize that we had via a crime scene in her hands. Several days pass as they just reference he the community was in panic. Law enforcement personnel. Dozens upon dozens if not hundreds. Mobilize along with community volunteers. Scoured the area Coleman area talked to every possible. Witness they can talk to. To no avail. Sadly on November 27 1993. Which is about nine days later to buy 1045 in the mornings to Saturday morning. If he's body was found by hunters. In the August A Busch wildlife area of south ID four here at saint Charles county. It she's nude body was found partially covered with snow. Her head was wrapped in duct tape except for notes. Her hands were hit up behind her back. At her left arm was about to tree. There were deep lacerations to both from left in her right wrist. At all since we're right thigh. The duct tape around her wrist. Appeared to have been put there so as to slow the bleeding. Crime scene evidence revealed that Angie it's suffered. From a significant. Violent sexual assault. Crime scene evidence further indicated. The days he was alive. As she was bound and left in the woods. And that she struggled extensively. To free yourself for she ultimately perished. Overnight. Just hours before body was discovered. Temperatures were below freezing. Among many other things found at the crime scene. Under the tape covering issues mouth was a torn piece of her underpants. Was used as a gag in her mouth. Near her body. In a dollar general store back. Police found two additional toward pieces. Of the same underwear. He's under where we're distinctive because heading Barbie logo. An autopsy to form a doctor Mary case. Just a day after its whose body was discovered. Concluded that edge even violently sexually assaulted in addition to the above described injuries. She was found to be malnourished. Dehydrated. And appeared to have been tortured. The official cause of death was a Kirk was determined to be hypothermia. After years and years of investigation. After hundreds if not thousands of leads that many of these people up here had to track down each and every one of them. Sometimes coming. Hundreds. At a time. Finally on February 27 of this year. Brian crimes the senior forensic scientist with the saint Charles county crime I would Bryant's up here. Price right there great work by the way Brian. Right notified the lead detective Ed Copeland that he had analyzed the pick trip. On two of the torn pieces of the victims underpants. There were found at the crime scene. Near the spot where one of the pieces have been torn. Bryant found DNA consistent with a mixture of two individuals. The victim NG house and an individual by the name Earl Webster Cox. Cox was initially identified. Through coat is. It is DNA was then collected. With his consent and it was retested. Cox was the major contributor of DNA at the location tested. For the portion consistent with Cox's DNA. Only one in 58 point one trillion unrelated individuals selected at random. Could be expected to have the same profile. The entire population on earth is only seven point 53 billion. So multiple editors population types 8000. And that's a likelihood that we find another individual that matches this DNA profile the same as Earl W Cox. A background investigation broke Cox reveal that in 1975. Cox soliciting the US air force. In 1982. Cox was dishonorably discharge due to multiple sex offenses. Involving four juveniles while on assignment in Germany. As a result of this Cox was court Marshal who was sentenced to eight years which is served. In the leavenworth federal prison. In 1985. Cox was released from federal custody and placed on federal parole. In 1988. Cox transferred his federal parole supervision to Missouri. Where he lived in the 3400 block of wiz were avenue in Breckenridge hills Missouri. It should be noted that this address is approximately a quarter mile from where and she was abducted. In December of 1992. After a series of parole violations. Cox was ultimately released again from leavenworth prison. He moved back to say and Missouri area. From 1983 to 1995. We know that Cox lived on data avenue and Ferguson Missouri. It's also be noted that Cox had failing members. Who lived very near to 2900. Less we're in the 2900 block of less were avenue and Overland Missouri. From 1982. Satellites into the mid 1990s the less we're address the significant. Because it just happens to be three residences to the east of food or elementary school. Which is a school where NG attended at approximately eight point eight miles. From where Angie was last seen. As a result of all of that today my office has charged Earl W Cox with murder in the first degree. Kidnapping the first degree. And sodomy.

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{"duration":"6:12","description":"A former member of the Air Force has been linked by DNA to the murder of Angie Housman, prosecutors announced Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63515783","title":"Suspect identified in 1993 cold case sexual assault, murder of 9-year-old girl","url":"/US/video/suspect-identified-1993-cold-case-sexual-assault-murder-63515783"}