Suspect killed, multiple US Marshals injured in Bronx shoot-out

The suspect, Andre Sterling, was shot and killed at the scene, according to law enforcement officials.
3:22 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspect killed, multiple US Marshals injured in Bronx shoot-out
And that breaking news is in the Bronx heavy police presence after multiple US marshals were injured in a shootout with a suspect news copter seven over the scene right now this happened about an hour ago when the Wakefield section we've just learned the suspect. Has died. Eyewitness News reporter Derek Waller is live at the scene Derrick good morning to you. Michelle Campbell just joining us breaking details in the last few minutes Audrey sterling is the name of the deceased and the US marshals were trying to serve a warrant when he was shot early this morning the DC with the scene looks like. Here we're standing on even mauled avenue you can see all of these police officers who were here on the scene of the shooting. Just around the corner on that next block on Ely avenue is where this shooting took place around 5:30 in the morning as you mentioned the of the chopper overhead. We also have some citizen and video showing BC just around when this happened again around 5:30 this morning again US marshals were out here trying to. Execute a warrant this is someone who's considered armed and dangerous. Sterling a wanted in the shooting of daily a trooper in Massachusetts. Bank in November they've been looking for him since then. And apparently they found him this morning. And again armed and dangerous they had a shoot out with this individual. Multiple people were injured and taken to the hospital. And up again we have at least a few. I US marshals who were injured in this and are now being treated at Jacobi medical center right now so again the breaking news we have a shoot out. Here in the Wakefield section of the Bronx has happened on Ely avenue around 5:30 this morning. And again we have a huge police presence here right now again our choppers overhead getting video from a bald. I'll we're gonna see and hear try to get some more information about what's going on here but again the breaking news we have a suspect dead. In a shoot out with US marshals reporting live in the wait till six of the rocks and your wallet channel seven eyewitness. Eyewitness News. And that we have budge on Dell's little local. That's right Derek it will looking get here on the scene as you mentioned this is a large seeing hopefully shot back and say exactly what this looks like as a matter of fact. Let's swing over to our other feed here that the street spotter seventy and you could see where all this activity is now taking place. We are on Ely avenue as he said right off of the Eagles Walt avenue. And that's where this all happened around 5:30 this morning police arrived here on the seed initially they said two officers were shot we're now told that. US marshals were shot. In this exchangeable them with non life threatening injuries. We've been watching this investigation focus. On this house which is about four houses in from eight Waldo avenue that's where NYPD egg US marshals continue the investigation. Traveling through the area of course this morning. You could expect Whittier street closers this investigation. Will be on going all morning long we're live over the Eden Walt section of the Bronx John DelGiorno channel seven. Eyewitness News. Big scene there right now thank you so much John we also want to show you live pictures from Jacobi medical center that is where US marshals and the suspect Andrei sterling. All right now that's sterling as we heard already from from Derek was wanted for shooting a Massachusetts state trooper in Cape Cod. As we get more information we will certainly pass it along.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"The suspect, Andre Sterling, was shot and killed at the scene, according to law enforcement officials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74538210","title":"Suspect killed, multiple US Marshals injured in Bronx shoot-out","url":"/US/video/suspect-killed-multiple-us-marshals-injured-bronx-shoot-74538210"}