Suspected Shooter of 2 Cops in NH Arrested and Charged

Police were on a manhunt for the suspect this morning after he allegedly fled.
2:22 | 05/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspected Shooter of 2 Cops in NH Arrested and Charged
One of the officers has been released from the hospital in his home recovering. The other officer has been transported to the Boston hospital and remains in stable condition. This remains an active investigation. Being led by the office the attorney general. Day in cooperation with the Mir just a police department. Have apprehended the subject. And he remains in police custody. At approximately 5 AM as the police were searching the area for the description we put out earlier. A man long hair white in the trench coat. The police off somebody fitting that description. They make contact with an individual by the name of Ian McPherson. Age 32. He was arrested at that time for resisting detention. Through the course of the day the police have followed up on leads have followed up on evidence and at this time we can tell you that we have secured. It's arrest warrants for mr. McPherson. For two counts of attempted capital murder for shooting at both of the officers who are fully uniformed at the time that they were shot injured. On these officers acted courageously. Last night I saw a members of the mentions the police department Hampshire state police and other local law enforcement and federal agencies come together. On to do an incredibly courageous thing. Even in spite of an officer being down. They continued to run after the subject they continue to pursue even after a second officer was down they continued. At their own Cairo to pursue the subject who shot two offices. The incidents today. Occurred rude officer Ryan. Hardy age 27. He's been a member with a man just the police department since 2015. Prior to joining the Meche has the police department he was an outstanding police police officer for the Derry New Hampshire police department for two years. He was the first officer who was shot. The second officer who was shot his officer Matthew O'Connor H twenty. He's been with the mentions the police department since April of 2014. He served on the Havoc of police department for seven years prior to joining the Mitch has the police department. He is a veteran of the United States national god who also served in combat in Afghanistan. In 2010.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Police were on a manhunt for the suspect this morning after he allegedly fled.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39105048","title":"Suspected Shooter of 2 Cops in NH Arrested and Charged","url":"/US/video/suspected-shooter-cops-nh-arrested-charged-39105048"}