Swallowed $5,000 Diamond a Caratastrophe

A Florida woman, 80, accidentally swallowed the gem served to her in a flute of champagne.
1:29 | 04/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Swallowed $5,000 Diamond a Caratastrophe
Point -- -- odds of this happening they say diamonds are forever. And this one carat diamond is giving an eighty year old Tampa woman of forever story she just not ready to -- her face to. And the story begins with the -- -- bubbly now something whole lot of attention at the fund raiser -- was attending a local jeweler placed fake diamonds in every champagne flute. But at the bottom of one flew there was no real diamonds worth 5000. Dollars. A diamond the looking glass holder would get to take home with a -- except I had taken -- -- -- embarrassed Miriam kept -- I just felt certainly know they'll find the winner now won't -- have telling about it. Then came -- testing time on the -- 400 glasses of champagne we have to us we finally get to the end and -- on the diamond showed up. Gosh now I have to tell them so she did a half ago. Now there's no well. Miriam had a date with her doctor the next day for what was to be a routine colonoscopy. Just with some very specific instructions for the doctor and just be on the lookout boring -- sure enough her doctor found the elusive diamond we still. Had to determine if indeed that was the winning nominee she came back with a diamond and that in about it in medical -- -- -- -- -- I'm in the -- is not a -- and -- Miriam waited while the jeweler washed -- and then tested the diamonds. And it was the real deal touched down.

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{"id":19041975,"title":"Swallowed $5,000 Diamond a Caratastrophe","duration":"1:29","description":"A Florida woman, 80, accidentally swallowed the gem served to her in a flute of champagne.","url":"/US/video/swallowed-5000-diamond-caratastrophe-19041975","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}