Tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman

The U.S. Navy is assisting the targeted vessels amid rising tensions with Iran.
4:01 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for Tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman
Are moving on to another scary incident in the Middle East down to oil tankers attacked early this morning in the gulf of Oman. With one actually on five year this comes during heighten tensions between the US and Iran. And remember not long ago the US blamed Iran for a similar incident in the region so. I want to bring in our mock our Martha Raddatz. With more mark do we have any indication of who is responsible for this route. At no one is claiming responsibility. That's for shore. That no one is blaming Iran or Ronnie and proxies at this point that they are also not ruling it out. Those ships those oil tankers and were. I happened several dozen miles off the coast of Iran. Between Iran and Oman they were in international waters. They were attacked about 45 minutes to an hour apart the US navy at a bar rain. The fifth fleet got distress calls. Very early in the morning there and believe is about 6:10. AM and then the other about 45 minutes later. And the US has rendered aid. I agree they rushed the USS Bainbridge which is a guided missile destroyer which happen to be in the area they rush that to the aid. Of those mariners and they did have to evacuate. Both of those ships so at I think this was appeared to be far more serious. Then what happened last month with those four oil tankers they were hit. Just below or just above the water line in the back of the ship. This appears to be some sort of explosion at it in the side of the ship. Which who would make it a more serious situation and obviously that fire. Looks like a more serious situation and then the evacuation. Of the Mariners who were on board. In a fire definitely looks serious some how worried should we be about this situation escalating. When you know it is an incredibly tense time any way with Iran. So this will will raise tensions considerably. And especially. If they at it if there is evidence that Iran or its proxies are involved. But it but it's really rather mysterious at this point you have the prime minister of Japan meeting in Tehran with the Ayatollah. And this happened right when he was meeting so. What someone trying to sabotage that meeting with someone time trying to make it look like was it was Iran or its proxies. Or would someone with in Iran and there are several dozen factions within Iran and Iran and some of them in power bases within Iran was somebody. Trying to send a message or blame someone else or or being generally mess up what's going on over there now. And you're just in Iran when you're on the ground there do you get a sense of the tensions. That would that are going on to can you feel it. Well yeah you definitely get the tensions and and you're looking there at the foreign ministers are reef. Who we talked to and they denied they had anything to do with the sabotage of those four ships. Last month I also ask him about reports that. The runny and small boats were spotted with cruise missiles. Aboard them he did not deny that's a reef did not deny that. He basically said look we have a right to put our cruise missiles anywhere we want you saw me talking to some of the people there. Yes there is tension about what's going on. But they seemed far more concerned. At that point about the sanctions because it is really having. It pretty profound effect on the economy and there and that's what most of the people I talked to seemed more concerned about. Of course today with tensions rising again and all eyes on Iran again and who did this and why. Detention is probably there for them as well. Martha Raddatz NRDC bureau thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"The U.S. Navy is assisting the targeted vessels amid rising tensions with Iran.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63690938","title":"Tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman","url":"/US/video/tankers-attacked-gulf-oman-63690938"}