Taste Testing Food Available at the U.S. Open

ABC News' Charli James gives us a preview of the food available at the U.S. Open.
18:41 | 08/25/16

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Transcript for Taste Testing Food Available at the U.S. Open
Everyone's really came. Here I'm happy Billie Jean King tennis center in New York the US open this is starting on. Good evening from a number of the amazing checks. Park here it's showing off their new. Just. Favorites from here is Brian. Here in New York happy it's open eyes that is almost as important as the Tennessee. It put together a preview. The media here killings take a look at some additions try them. I love my remote town right here behind me. There are getting ready to serve his fish. So. First. Seaman apprentice. There he would have you noticed. That injured I don't look too good beer right around here yeah selling all. And I am. Eli. It intends the standard and I don't live there are no. Big in France. A brand new day. It's good. Sure we're. We don't see anything into letting him help clinic. Time now lives in London and new bill. It's never good news in new. You get rid of its been on the menus very. Oh yeah. Again lying. Isn't the most popular yeah this has been on the menu very. Years and how long did you send me your Annie yeah. So this is concerned potatoes apparently didn't chili peppers and then we claim that with news that's. Mediterranean and then some lemon. I'm sorry not even. Thanks very good. I don't know. You're getting off. Okay. Okay M. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I can't say thank. When they're. As right. They're gonna think. At any rate yeah right I'm right here at me. Guys right now you're. And added I'm. Serves as saying. 400. I think. Everywhere you. Okay. Okay. I was at that let them. And I'm funny. If anything I can you tell us little band now. It is completely classes nomination somehow. Bacon chicken and a red dress and panel earlier this morning. Driven residents. At 1030 yeah. I think so much that you. With the magic and the damage to an announcement company. Companies for a long time saloon with leading. No joke. Enters a sports icons and people I love John McEnroe is at the very top it's one I had some Barton. Trying essentially to Johnny Mac. It was just like a perfect storm of alignments to just. Inside my one of my favorite combination of my favorite player that is likely. And even today you again. It's like. They. A rare comics. Meaning if I'm. I look around us. It's funny yeah me. I'm. Next thing you. It's. What tips. Thank you make any and every. Over time and place right now. Wright said. Yeah. I didn't I want. I had no idea that I'm. Yeah. A Reuters. Okay places. Everything to give me. I look forward. I'm honored for. My divinity. Yeah somethings in the name. It was mainly my. Wow. And nobody. Telling you it's. What they did I simply. One hand it's become a hot. Let them he'd have to be friends to properly make them. Everywhere I. Better. Eyewitness. They really didn't. And I want out. I don't like yeah. Good time and it's. Be great here. Okay. In her home yeah. Yeah. Dorian. Yeah. And think yeah. Bob yeah. I'm yeah a lot of people in New York vegetarian he. Yeah yeah. Three okay. So at this. Median hair. Getting ready to start. I'm gonna go ahead and I thank them well but apparently opened it here you can find all. And I don't live my I hear it starts. Ten National Tennis Center in. Thanks for joining me turn. This weekend.

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{"duration":"18:41","description":"ABC News' Charli James gives us a preview of the food available at the U.S. Open.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41650908","title":"Taste Testing Food Available at the U.S. Open ","url":"/US/video/taste-testing-food-us-open-41650908"}