Team USA Heartbroken as Last-Minute Portugal Goal Ties Game

Seconds away from World Cup glory, Portugal snatches victory from Team USA.
13:30 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Team USA Heartbroken as Last-Minute Portugal Goal Ties Game
The sun is out in Rio today as we begin at third and for some teams -- Final round of games this 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Everyone I'm down Cutler in New York the stakes getting hired -- games even more intense. Here's a look -- wild weekend. In your world up six. -- -- -- There is Cristiano -- What a weekend indeed so we go to EA BC news at ESPN headquarters in -- now where our Paula -- spent enjoying the weather. Doing a little bit of work the same time Paula I would feel -- today. And hello Jennifer embryo we are still recovery our hearts that -- -- get a last night against Portugal with fed to rock which -- was the latest World Cup regulation goal. Ever scored. -- a week after stealing our hearts with that to really win over got up. Team USA broke our hearts you -- what happened just thirty seconds remaining Portugal scores the equalizing people. An assist from none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. We knew the conditions would be a factor and they certainly weren't the -- -- the World Cup's first ever water break. Now teen USA is back in Sao Palo and their training base where they prepare for Germany and that -- between America and Germany. -- -- -- Head coach yergin Klinsmann born and Germany and wanna World Cup in 1994. In his native land and it led the Germans to the semifinals -- 2006. The Americans can advance to the round of sixteen with a -- or a tie against Germany on Thursday in received -- But asked about that game head coaching -- Klinsmann said. We're not blame the Germans to tie. -- -- -- Berenson -- some time down there in Rio so as we heard there. The US air is still a way forward a win or tie with Germany on Thursday putting them into the knockout stage if the US lose it's a bit more complicated. A one nothing loss and -- nothing's gonna win does the trick if Portugal -- Ghana that too. Likely gets. The US through. So we're -- obvious Skype for our -- fray by former US better and -- -- questioning on -- -- -- Wednesday appreciate it. A threat so Yoram announced last night he sought allfirst had tell -- what the conditions there meet your take away -- Well I was the state -- months and American outlaws are big supporters -- because the press box is that much fun. Amongst that bands and it's hot just standing there is hot but only met with the players were dealing with on the fields but both teams up the plane -- cancer has one advantage over another. However like to think Americans are -- you. Different climates have ended in Dallas for instance on the East Coast during the -- -- I thought we showed ourselves up pretty well I know -- heartbroken about all but. We showed the character back from being down a goal and -- pretty -- -- better chances are heading to Germany. Will Jimmy you're a stranger to tough World Cup games you're one of nine players left in the field by the end of the US Italy game 2006 and -- just how hard is it -- -- legs moving all the way to the end. Well you know that everybody's watching at home and he's against everybody remembers so that pretty -- motivated -- -- tired and tough moment. And make sure that where judges representing yourself or -- your teammates and in -- country to big auditor played a World Cup in and I know the guys are pushing through. We its huge lapse in concentration. Early in the game late game it -- -- but it's up and we can build -- of them. And like I said -- -- Germany's vulnerable to global for the taking and I really like -- Let's talk but the head games because from yesterday that -- really tough night for US to better Geoff Cameron afloat clearance -- -- the first Portugal gold then he was beat. Of the tying goal how does it come back from this mentally. Well I wouldn't say it's him in the press -- keep a low profile and -- do what you do best place simple organized the guys and make sure that people -- you know you have confidence in anybody -- we seniority vulnerability. And other team like Germany -- lemon Thursday it will take advantage of that he's come out -- game nothing about what happened in the past. And moved Florida didn't leased data UV about seven -- but but that's really as a portrait. Well -- you will pick and choose from this election he gave a threat -- you let me ask you think is he said -- with the American outlaws fan group last night there. You're talking about -- weather conditions on their how -- the group actually fare less than a stifling heat and and how did they do on the journey down. From what I understand everything was good I mean -- the -- -- everybody's in good spirits and happy and and doing their thing -- -- and outlaws sex in is the only way to watch a game when you're watching US men's national team play. They're chanting the all time you do -- an adult beverages -- on your team scores. Which you know depending on who you are you might enjoy that end it's just a great experience over on I really feel like things are -- the -- in the states about oddities that. -- -- One last chance to get out an -- -- you may have held up for us their ballot which on the spot does the US after last -- heartbreak. Get through the knockout stage. -- -- We love drama you know we want yesterday regarding atop the group and everything would have been buying want to sit at the last minute we like miracle on ice another rocky movies -- -- we're gonna do it. Against Germany probably dramatic fashion and Munich but -- and everybody's -- to be happy in Iraq around. Sixteenth we'll be looking forward of that as well it Jimmy Conrad former American national team better an analyst -- you can see him. I'd kick TV and U2 as he's traveling Brazil Jimmy thank -- so much appreciate that. Thank -- well as if yesterday's drama wasn't enough we are right back at a today with or game. July 1 up at new -- for the right to not play Brazil at first knockout round undefeated -- Colin -- -- the -- consolation game laminated Spain and Australia that at 4 o'clock eastern Brazil tries to lock up. A group with a win over struggling Camarillo and kicking off simultaneously Croatia and Mexico Croatia. Needs a win to advance Mexico. Just -- draw require. Joining me now for some more hand wringing over US and a look at that. State youth soccer that its senior editor George racially George that's me with appreciate it I know a lot of heart break down there but -- start with the Americans tell us please. What is wrong with midfielder Michael Bradley. Michael Bradley has had a two tough games I think look through I think -- -- it left -- -- on this show he's playing a lot higher up in the field and he's used to he's playing. More advanced -- already had the strikers. Michael -- that is best coming from do you commit to making runs out of there and and we have to mutual respect -- Jermaine Jones and and how Beckham and who -- taking that spot. Doing a very good job and so we're asking Michael Bradley to play a different position in Houston looks looks the same stone middle of the field but he's it's a very different position -- -- -- -- so. I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt he did not have a great game last night and you know toward the end when we really needed to keep control the ball. The last few minutes of the game he he really. And Finland's -- -- that he he's he's a very good player he's one of our best players and I think you'll come back. I wanna talk international ties for a minute -- US managing your -- of course a German World Cup here you think this relationship that with that he has any effect. On this Thursday's game. -- Back in 1982 Germany needed -- one or two nothing win to advance from the group and this is back before they played their last group game simultaneously. And they are playing Austria with -- they had a very close relationship and they they've played the most boring game in World Cup history and and both teams got through. I don't think that'll happen again this year you're going Clinton had a great quote saying that if you know. If US played that way in Mexico wouldn't be in the World Cup this year which is totally true Mexico has only in because the US came back in. Meaningless game and scored two goals against Panama so I don't think it'll it'll have any bearing on the game on when is it the next game contest -- -- Thursday. -- county right. I -- think we've met over and even if we haven't done to all over the ugly bits of last night's game ought to talk about the good stuff public Jermaine Johnson how good -- -- So good he got a yellow card and I had two thoughts one was found no we're gonna miss in the next game and this -- his second yellow card it wasn't his second you know card. But that was wrong because the it you know. It was his first yellow card in twelve games I believe and that's a record for his career. And so that was surprising the second surprising thing was that I had that thought it all because you know I've been a pretty critical of Jermaine Jones. And my gut feeling was we're gonna miss him in the next games and he's really turned it on these last two games played extremely well I would say maybe man of the match in bookings for the US. And and so you know my gut reactions told me that that I needed to recalibrate the way I think about Jermaine Jones in my head. The Americans second goal scored by Clint Dempsey. But we're watching it now wanna settle this winter -- debate you know where -- -- that's -- -- -- part of Clint Dempsey scored this goal. I don't think that I have. That the knowledge of -- anatomy to really make that call. That's a pretty intimate knowledge -- -- say that. Clinch the kind of player who's gonna find a way to school with any part of his body that he that he needs to you. And if it whether it was his his hip or some something else. I would take -- duties ball I believe it was it was if you -- the ball and it was excellent and and really. You know clinch -- guys just gonna score those goals he's he's he's really scrappy really just use anything he can to get the ball in the net. Regardless of the anatomy result overwhelming favorites to win today and lock up group any chance in your mind that they might lose and get eliminated before the knockout round. Based on the waiting for the last game you know that that game could have a lot more goals with with Mexico. That said -- really self destructive toward the end of. Their game against Croatia. You know he had one teammate head butting another teammate it was not pretty they're they're gone and so I think that I think Brazil go through. And I don't think it'll be as much of the problem is -- -- Mexico that was just an incredible -- next -- -- -- great -- and -- -- it's not -- to meet Brazil in Brazil. Have been very rarely. In the last forty years and so. I think Brazil go through now the next round could be could be an issue. Speaking of -- -- the other big matched later today Mexico Croatia Mexico. Need to win or -- -- a show a creature rather a -- to go through so -- you've got perfect. I mean -- -- Mexico. CONCACAF has been surprisingly strong in this tournament and you know they played incredibly do well against Brazil I think that could -- -- could've gone either way be Brazil was unlucky not to score and then -- -- Mexico. An and I think that. Mexican does look great you know -- you have a team is strong enough to keep clearly she treated on the bench. Super -- he can't count the team like that out and I think they'll they'll win against Croatia. And then we've got Holland and chilly winter winds group B -- likely avoids Brazil so. Was drawn the short straw not match -- that game just just kicked off and to be honest I'd like both of these teams so much they they really. They -- Spain and if I were Brazil I would be very worried about. Both runners. I don't think that you have an easy game in either case truly. -- is definitely -- of course looks incredibly strong. And of course you know the Netherlands made the finals last -- and and you know they have world class players so I think you know either way. -- in for a fight in the next round. And so we -- -- to see how that will play out fusion senior editor and founder of -- magazine George appreciate George thanks so much appreciated. -- -- This has been ABC news coverage of the World Cup and Brazilian keep -- -- the games and real time by downloading ABC news happens starting this story for exclusive updates ago. For now I'm Dan Butler in new York and we leave you with another live look -- -- -- Holland which you can watch right now on ESPN. And on mobile. On the watch ESPN. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":24266173,"title":"Team USA Heartbroken as Last-Minute Portugal Goal Ties Game","duration":"13:30","description":"Seconds away from World Cup glory, Portugal snatches victory from Team USA.","url":"/US/video/team-usa-heartbroken-minute-portugal-goal-ties-game-24266173","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}