New Technology Tracks When Guns Are Fired

As calls intensify for greater police accountability, one company aims to monitor a cop's most controversial tool.
5:11 | 12/18/14

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Transcript for New Technology Tracks When Guns Are Fired
This problem it's simply a focused and we'll sir this is a problem. President Obama's words on November 24. Crypt a country torn apart after a grand jury decided to not indicting one of Ferguson Missouri's finest. Officer Darren Wilson. On August 9 Wilson shot and killed eighteen year old Michael Brown. Brown was unarmed and his death sparked a nationwide outcry that live side. Demanding more police accountability. What is absolutely clear is that the police have handled everything seems then terribly. I'm the tone deafness began with the. Asked how many times brown was shot Saint Louis county police chief John Del Mar said. It was more than just a couple but I don't think it was. Many more than that but there may be a new weapon in the struggle to keep police honest. Yard art technologies. A leader in firearms safety technology for law enforcement we've developed an advanced to. It gives a law enforcement organizations firearms the ability to talk to commanders and tells a true story of any engagement as it happens. For us it's really about. Locking down an understanding with the the actual facts are the data. Hello my name is Jim shot dead on the vice president of marketing for your signals our technology is actually a censor its electronics. It's been in the magazine the censor the fire and connect wirelessly or Smartphone. From their reasons folks that have come to our servers and then it communicates downed U dispatcher commander other officers. And here's what the information looks like when it comes and the sensors and environment is connected to my Smartphone and that Smartphone is sending the information our servers. And then we're sending it to this browser window that has a map those animals to the guns. He had an uncle's resident Susan Carlo until we get a shot fired for. It's his best napkins and supporter Arlen officer who's nearby and other than officer needs help. York I'm technologies didn't always target law enforcement agency. They aimed for the consumer market first initially the sensor which set off an alarm on the gun owners southbound when the weapon moved. I just wait the owner could hit a button to disable the wedding but monitoring personal times proved to be in this fire. We definitely had. Respect for. A number of different new consumers whose clothes. The industry itself. Here at the heart of it yard with a company that needs to deal to generate revenue make money to be successful. And for that we had to really adapt to the market meaning that we could successfully deliver a product of its. And the prospect didn't only come from the consumer market. Aren't faced obstacles and law enforcement cheered. Places they've concern you have for a new technologies being. Proposed for for fire and that's the concern of being able to track from the concerns of putting something electronic between. The mechanical operation the fire police officers in Santa Cruz California our our red. Testing out the censor us it's actually more tool that helps solve anything men's Dan Robbins and detonated sank the sheriff's office we are excited to see kind of put this technology would do. How forest action ago. Are you concerned at all about your privacy as an officer now known as the same thing is how himself on the mean AT&T could. Truck myself. How are police unions responding to this kind of technology. And. Was user obviously something that you want to be careful with the picture that they understand the technology and what we're doing that we've actually spoke with the number had to. Police unions. Especially here California. That a positive response. We contacted the attorney for the police unions. But he never got back to us that we need to create accountability everywhere that we can. None of them are going to be a silver bullet. Gonna make biased go away they're not going to retrain police officers but technology can be a part of the solution. The idea that tech is part of the solution isn't just a sentiment shared by the ACLU. The Obama administration. Is calling for 263. Million dollars to fund police body cameras to record officers and free movement. Whether or not your arms technology doesn't well but still up for debate. But at least there's a tool being deployed double watch when officers decide to pull the trigger. Do you think that there's a greater need for technology like this given what we've seen which save on Martin and what's happening Ferguson. For us it's really about. Walking down an understanding with the actual facts as the data. And then the legal people who don't argue about interpretations suspect. I Mitchell Williams and this is schemes now.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"As calls intensify for greater police accountability, one company aims to monitor a cop's most controversial tool.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27698096","title":"New Technology Tracks When Guns Are Fired","url":"/US/video/technology-tracks-guns-fired-27698096"}