Teen Killer Smiles at Victims' Families in Court

T.J. Lane, 18, killed three classmates at Ohio's Chardon High School in February 2012.
2:20 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Teen Killer Smiles at Victims' Families in Court
-- will never -- our son Demetris. On days that mark Becker. You put my shoes. And -- for me. He would come home from school. And you -- something to eat before his father came home to cook -- -- It was always there for me. And for him. Ole miss Demetrius. And I have enough memories to last me a lifetime. That -- stole my baby's life. And he should never be able to do this to anyone ever thank. You're really lucky there so many police in this room right now. He could smile -- want. My family will look -- Not you. You have -- your life. Not to mention Adams. Even -- -- right -- even keep Iraq from school he was thinking about inviting you expect that table. If he felt sorry for you. I feel sorry for you. Think I was looking forward to I'll ever get to see. And -- brother graduate high school. Go to college. Graduate college get married can't children's. I will never be an -- and -- don't -- know their uncle. I could go on and on about how many things the shooters take it away from us but the most important. It's -- you. But the most important things that you took away a life of not only my only brother but parents on my son but the lives of 200 words as well. Yes he took the lives of three young men who were doing what they were supposed to do. Go to school after two. -- -- -- We don't speak his name and we never will. -- it will be forgotten. And he rots in prison -- I will be glad knowing his existence every day every minute. Every breath is controlled by rules. And he is away from society -- the opening he'd. Like the animal he is.

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{"id":18763885,"title":"Teen Killer Smiles at Victims' Families in Court","duration":"2:20","description":"T.J. Lane, 18, killed three classmates at Ohio's Chardon High School in February 2012.","url":"/US/video/teen-killer-smiles-at-victims-families-in-court-18763885","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}