Teen Orphan's 'View' on Family: 'Anybody Who Will Love Me'

More than 10,000 families have responded to 15-year-old Davion Only's plea for adoption.
6:18 | 10/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Orphan's 'View' on Family: 'Anybody Who Will Love Me'
Yeah. Year old -- who spent his entire life in Foster care made headlines last week for standing up in a Florida church. Asking for someone. -- one to adopt him. Now that Lee has ignited at unprecedented worldwide movement. -- spreading so quickly it's being called the date you know fact. Please welcome in -- and only and is case worker Connie. We don't -- -- all adopted -- college optimist so touching. I'm gonna say what you sad when you stood in front of the church I'll take anyone old or young dad and her mom black or white I don't care. Honestly it's news what would it what it -- you to have a family of your own. Alone make me feel a really good -- -- -- -- I'd be more successful and have more opportunities if out of him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In all I think -- going to be successful I help you get the family. I think you're going to be successful no matter what it. Yeah. And loan back up senseless but -- -- China go to college -- -- the government said. A video -- college tuition and -- debt to get a bachelor's and another. Impartial and not have had been. -- -- how many how legitimate content but we can't have you do have known -- -- since she was -- six. African. Yeah and it's like I am -- -- its adoption specialist and he has had over. 101001. Wow respond and allow other estimates have already have their studies done and we're gonna be reviewing that at least 101000 back and take -- -- Can you you know when you think it might really be possible -- are being looked right now out of that 101000. Some of them already have their adoptive homes things we need to have an adoptive homes -- in order to make it masks. And so on to -- adoptive homes that. I'm starting daddy do that everybody -- -- -- that everyone has their screenings and they go through the process. And then the other families were referring them to classes so what's happening -- their classes to adopt there's a process but they are looking at all our other children that are available. And we have a 120 just where we're from an over a 100000 in the United States so every -- -- -- -- children who may be eligible. Who are eligible -- waiting for homes and -- came Suffolk. It's a huge a -- accident we're so excited because they're coming from California and Wyoming and Nevada and we're like they never even knew that these children were available but -- wanna -- limit. Back into your Bagram because you've been in the Foster system. For very long time -- -- that you went to try to find your biological mother and you found out that she was in prison and had died. A few -- a few. Weeks before and you've said that that actually motivated you. To even. You know kind of family did that motivated. Yes -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- hasn't always alone Alice her you know said. Here you know when you come out of an act EU gets you started getting straight -- in school you start to really study in the verdicts from. There aren't did less -- -- -- I'll genuinely do good lesson for the current focus of -- -- Google is okay. -- just he's like you need right now. Do you -- with a group of teenagers say yeah -- feel. If it -- it is they're safe and comfortable life in Boise that way. You attend in -- that vacant head this pat put their capacity meaning that sends. I think -- -- end zone in mustn't think any privacy with all of the boy is -- to live with that is this enough classy. This money and money I don't go look businesses they have cameras for safety. -- -- -- And is different -- who didn't kiss at least one hand -- safe OK you know you have doing I'm getting a lot of authors write sent hasn't looks like. You may very well be adopted guests before it's too too long -- outdated -- out we'll have a if you can have. For -- the perfect -- what would you like. And a little above me those things. Okay. -- more. Lot of people who love you -- very lovable you're already left. When you do the home study and you find eligible parents how much does Avian -- -- take it can I have this family or do you guys kind of sent it that's going to be extremely involved because he -- mean he's a teenager he knows what he wants we can connect to. Com because he's so open -- I don't think it's going to be incredibly difficult but we need strong families who understand teenagers. And teenagers are challenging not easy and then you -- absolutely not -- say that older means less time in a sense but you know. Hasn't adopted baby you have so many years in front of viewing your -- -- teen you have so many years that you're starting later. -- had to catch up. -- -- actually -- -- creative parenting -- things that you can -- together and even -- an amazing -- Canada's if you thought jokes folks that you like to say something to so why you have this moment. -- -- This thinking all right good -- -- group wounds in Boston -- ahead in the past then Clinton took care of me. And -- one of -- none of also owns and went out little accident a mini budget team. And does not -- -- -- us have -- to take care of me will it. -- -- so -- want to apologize to them in the performance well. -- without. -- said the data in -- fact it's real comeback William and tell us your good news thinking he's all right getting it debuted only.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"More than 10,000 families have responded to 15-year-old Davion Only's plea for adoption.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"20635306","title":"Teen Orphan's 'View' on Family: 'Anybody Who Will Love Me'","url":"/US/video/teen-orphans-view-family-love-20635306"}