Teen Sought in Mother, Brother Stabbings Arrested

Adrian Navarro-Canales, 16, was taken into custody at a Las Vegas mall.
1:15 | 09/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Sought in Mother, Brother Stabbings Arrested
Sixteen year old -- three Navarro -- -- is now in custody more than a week after police believe he killed his mother Elvira canal as Gomez. And nine year old Brothers Cesar Navarro. Leaving their bodies inside the Phillies Henderson apartment the people who -- in the apartment complex say they feel a sense of early knowing that Adrian has now been caught. I mean you've read about this -- in books and papers but. To hit so close at home -- is very scary. Neighbor Carl -- Daniels walks by that apartment every day on her way to work after hearing news of the teens capture she feels safer. We don't let peace to kill you but if he was he did -- was my -- And little brother why I don't know so they didn't do that to them because he didn't mean. Wednesday morning police can't be accused killer at the showcase mall food court after a tip came in that he was spotted there the night before. They located the suspect sitting there at one of the tables they walked over to him and took him into custody without incident. Authorities think the teen murder and a two on Tuesday and then continued living in the apartment with the bodies until Wednesday. When he reportedly took off walking all the way to the strip. An arrest affidavit released this week reveals he may have had a history of being anti social and -- violent.

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{"id":20385271,"title":"Teen Sought in Mother, Brother Stabbings Arrested","duration":"1:15","description":"Adrian Navarro-Canales, 16, was taken into custody at a Las Vegas mall.","url":"/US/video/teen-sought-mother-brother-stabbings-arrested-20385271","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}