Teenager shot outside California high school in stable condition

The suspected shooter was arrested as police continue to search for the gun.
3:45 | 10/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teenager shot outside California high school in stable condition
This morning at approximately 856 the Santa Rosa police department received 911 calls reporting shooting on the campus of Ridgeway high school. Officers arrived on the scene within minutes we had a school resource officer on the Santa Rosa high school which is decent and Ridgeway high school campus who immediately respond to this team. As officers arrived on the scene they located multiple witnesses that report it altercation between two students which occurred. On the edge of the Ridgeway high school campus at the intersection width Morgan street. Moments later seventeen year old victim. Showed up at a local promise that are with two gunshot wounds and reported to the officers that he's been shot there on the Ridgeway high school campus. As the investigation continues officers learned that shooter had. Handed the gun to another individual and that individual left the school campus with a firearm. The shooter actually return to a classroom. There on the Ridgeway high school campus and was identified by officers who worked in close coordination with the school officials and the school resource officer and seen. And safely took the shooter in the custody there and classroom. At this point information we have is that the victim is in stable condition he has two gunshot wounds to his upper body and it's expected to survive that incidents. It also appears that this was an isolated act of violence between those two individuals. The evidence shows that admirable altercation there in the street. Running the school and the suspect produced a handgun fired multiple rounds through those rounds struck. Victim in that area. At this point there are no other students better suspected as being involved in this incidence. Evidence is very clear that the one shooter was involved and there's no evidence to show that there was a threat to the other students on the campus. There is no evidence that suggests that terrorists. Plans for any further acts of violence this appeared to be an impromptu incident that followed a verbal altercation frightening school. Right dollars one it cuts the a second juvenile was briefly detained. It determined he had no acts and was not involved in the sense and has been released at this time one suspect in custody. That's the only person that we believe was involved in this act of violence we're still actively working for someone who fled the scene with a backpack which contained. The firearm. We have. No understand his point that he understood what was in that back factories have evidence to believe that. And vehicle left that area with a backpack containing the fire. Detectives are still actively working this investigation. Are working to a unified that we asking students are witnesses who witnesses says that the caller violent crimes team and you can call them at 707. 5433590. We would appreciate any videos of students had of this incident report that their actors. This we know with a very unnerving traumatic incident for our students for the teachers park community but this is the time that best era to police department. Work closely with our allies law enforcement agencies with the California Highway Patrol with Sonoma county sheriff's department. With the Sarazen junior college police are able to quickly locked down those scenes in a very called wave gala. Checked school campuses and sure there were no further threat. We will be doing a thorough investigation to determine if there was anything nexus to this at that's point. It's too early investigation into that any gain involvement what we can see if it appeared to be isolated incident between two students. We confirm both the victim and the suspects are students at Ridgeway high school. It's a juvenile so we cannot release his name and he'll be arrested for attempted murder in their may be other charges that Thomas still too early in the investigation.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The suspected shooter was arrested as police continue to search for the gun.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66452297","title":"Teenager shot outside California high school in stable condition","url":"/US/video/teenager-shot-california-high-school-stable-condition-66452297"}