Teens who survived the school shooting speak at gun-control rally

The rally in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday afternoon drew a passionate, sign-waving crowd of hundreds.
9:26 | 02/17/18

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Transcript for Teens who survived the school shooting speak at gun-control rally
A house. All. We make sure he can easily. Be an important theme park where they. He knew where you. Handle it will not be forgotten we would not be silence you're going it's. Maybe I'll beat you. Thank you. So you know and introduced. And I. I know this looks like a lot. Either my HP got him. They haven't already had a moment of silence of the House of Representatives. So I would like to have another month. Me. Today all these people and yet home breathing. But instead we are up here getting together. Honor government and president can do it then I'm prayer that it's not perfect that even change that we need to see. Okay. Okay. Founding fathers and added a Second Amendment of the constitution I have developed at a rate that we needed me. They and the lot have not. We certainly do not understand why the united make him back on weekends and is an automatic and semi automatic weapon. Yeah. I have gotten not important not eating I think once you why you can not eat breakfast here you can eat it permit Gary Akins you know grateful not. You can buy many he won at one time. I read something very dark needs saying it was from the point of view of the teacher. And I when adults tell me I have the right to own a gun on heightened here. My right to own a gun outweighed her students rapidly it all happened here is mine mine mine mine. I. How are they. We have to be heading aren't making our arguments based on politics and political. Blotter. This isn't this book and having a debate on guns and what aren't pirate Y eighty. Three made it here. Some discussing the on the subject even occurred during disputing my students are hiding in the month. The people involved right now though three there has posting them. Leading doing interviews and talking to people are being lit is super what you might be very different time about the topic. That perk up over 1000 times in the past four years well. I found out today that Elizabeth thank god feuding tracker dot com. Nothing that I don't think I didn't explicitly acting acting do you think feuding the F. Because I really am I want getting in 1999 Port Arthur massacre configure and safety and. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. At. Well and yeah yeah yeah with the site dedicated to report it tragedies that they be formulated this thing. At your convenience. I interviewed this morning. He's what you think you're happy you're obviously you. And I are not. Yeah. I. Not happy about their parents who tutored when I think that the government and make it all the time being it is what it is. But learn anything it's that if you don't that's evil male and hit if you could be nothing he looked completely and got back. You read about the fact that. Not because we are going to be another think about speeding in America because justice David that we are going to be a mass shooting. Even going to be haggling between the line. That's going to be Margaret Donnelly the lead in fact look. And it's humbling to be eaten the pilot comfortable we'll let the faculty members and the hundred most importantly it. Or. This didn't bring out suffering from it yet he. This do you. Actor individual because that helicopter crew would leave us alone. Won't want our congress today. And one week I would like well. Because there. Tell her that and I think they. I think not me you keep that they problem must always report. And we day time and time again fifty with the middle school Clinton note I want. But here. We not meet victims birth something that was marathon. Do. Look. The power play. Oh yeah. Angela and everything new that he ran. I don't need. Not be happy I. Am. I'm not. Really might be thought it was terrible tragedy and how he'd never been and then name me I'm not. Nothing is going to be on about. Half and how much money even yeah. And I think I'm you. Okay. Let this happen. I. Your breath eat. I think. If you think you can. Will you. I'm not liking. In February. And anti. One ear and but don't repeal Obama care regulation that would have made it easier to not feel IR. Yeah. Aren't getting any and I currently no. I don't really know he was mentally ill about this before her but the meaning that he's at midnight knows. I don't eat like college yet and I don't need to be acknowledged you know European regulation was indeed don't yet.

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{"duration":"9:26","description":"The rally in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday afternoon drew a passionate, sign-waving crowd of hundreds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53169393","title":"Teens who survived the school shooting speak at gun-control rally","url":"/US/video/teens-survived-school-shooting-massacre-florida-spoke-gun-53169393"}