Texas chemical fire now contained

After days of burning, officials are now saying the fire at a petrochemicals storage facility in Deer Park, Texas, has been extinguished.
1:53 | 03/20/19

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Transcript for Texas chemical fire now contained
So now to that chemical fire in Tex is that was burning for days but according to authorities. All of the fires at the plant are out so want to go to Martha Gonzales in Deer Park with more. Either can't really this is such a welcome sight for people in this area look it's clear skies. Since Sunday there has been a massive plume of smoke right in this area that you're looking out is going 4000 feet into the air. But now overnight that fire was put out firefighters are still out here though using water and foam trying to keep all of these big pain. Cooled off tried to make sure this fire doesn't reignite. The fire started on Sunday in these tanks that hold components that make up gasoline and again that. Plume of smoke that we saw here just that over the area for days and it Rick a lot of concerns from people here. About what the impact would be on their health. Through these huge chunks of debris that's falling in people's yards. We've been talking to people who say they've already been experiencing some health is Houston. Disney is reading itchy eyes all kinds of little problems here and Aaron still of people are worried about the long term effects. Officials here have been monitoring the air quality in all of this started and they say it's safe levels are still keeping an eye on the air quality though because. They stayed there is a chance that this could reignite which is why the firefighters are still out here you can see crews. Still lined up here outside of the chemical plant. School. Reopened yesterday. But a lot of students didn't show up because people here are so concerned and so the schools are closed again today. As a precaution as officials here continue. Keeping an eye on the situation here the company that owns this plant issued an apology they've also set up a hotline for people to call. If they've been impacted by the fire that burned here for several days. Kimberly. Thank you Marcy those images will remain unbelievable.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"After days of burning, officials are now saying the fire at a petrochemicals storage facility in Deer Park, Texas, has been extinguished.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61815320","title":"Texas chemical fire now contained","url":"/US/video/texas-chemical-fire-now-contained-61815320"}