Texas Dad to Sue Son's Youth Football League

Victor Garza claims his 12-year-old son was unfairly sidelines by league officials.
1:27 | 11/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Dad to Sue Son's Youth Football League
-- horrible horrible horrible Victor Garza has plenty of bragging rights he's won two Super Bowl championship with a new territory nights. And MVP trophy and a spot -- magazine as the twelfth ranked player under twelve years old in Texas. -- -- -- -- let out a total falls somewhere else silent watching this week Garza was suspended from his team and we'll follow Carl. After his father says the fort -- youth football league accused the star quarterback of practicing with another team. A violation -- the rule -- how do you consider a practice would no pats. With 67 and eighth graders to -- -- Garza says his son was actually trying out for team in a different leak for next season but just unbelievable that. What an adult or several bolts. You know will go through to suspend a -- So Garza is now firing back the new territory knight's attorneys sent this letter to the league's executive director. Asking for -- it to be reinstated. Claiming the leak has unfair practices lacked due process and caused irreversible harm. Among other things we hear -- from by the kits aboard the kids you know. But it seems like in this -- -- about the adults Garza says among those on the board of directors has -- his son to be suspended both coaches from rival teams. Explain this to. I -- Every night we asked why why.

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{"id":20890283,"title":"Texas Dad to Sue Son's Youth Football League","duration":"1:27","description":"Victor Garza claims his 12-year-old son was unfairly sidelines by league officials.","url":"/US/video/texas-dad-sue-sons-youth-football-league-20890283","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}