Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick Blasts President Obama for Response to Police Killings

He told Obama to be careful of being "too quick to condemn the police."
7:12 | 07/15/16

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Transcript for Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick Blasts President Obama for Response to Police Killings
First of all of us president. As lieutenant governor taxes. Like you I have some people are really like me and some people that really don't. But the police officers and taxes no without question regardless of their political party that. They have my support and I have their back. I'm concerned the police officers across the country. They know you support law enforcement of course. But do they really in their heart feel like you're doing everything you can to protect their lives. Yesterday. You had meetings at the White House then afterwards you said detention but between the police. And between. Black America. Is like I get worse. Words matter your words matter much more than mine. Everything you say matters and I would -- to consider being careful. When there is an incident. Not being too quick to condemn the police without due process and until the facts are known and let's not your intention but again words have meanings. Live now like to say tonight considered when you go home to the White House to put on the blue lights. To plea Sebastien to do that you don't look for other groups who would send a strong message. Third person also very. That. I have been unequivocal. In condemning any. Rhetoric directed at police officers so I think. Military ordered you'd have to find. Any message that. Did not include. A very strong. Support for law enforcement. In all my utterances dating back to. Fergus. Because. I relied on law enforcement to protect me and my Fam disorder reveals us. So I appreciate the sentiment others are had been expressed but. All be have been a cemetery in case you missed. Mr. President I know you have I just want them to note in their heart they're they're the look lumber lumber respond to reports you've read. The second point. Is. That. I've also insisted throughout all these processors that. Law enforcement. Is deserving of due process goes like every else. So no matter how powerful. And videos maybe or what's been said. Everybody deserves. To be treated fairly but the justices. And I have them show as police officers. And our family. And we know what a tough job they have. And we want to make sure that when incidents happen. However they loved. That. We have to take a breath and see what exactly has occurred. Now. Who turned over what I have said. Is that the data. And this is not just. Stuff I make up. I'm aware of the mired my words mattered deeply to. The data shows that there are disparities. In terms of how. Persons of color. And whites are treated. In the aggregate doesn't mean in any. Individual. Case. There's discrimination it just means that across. A lot of different situations. There are. Discrepancies. And that those aren't good for building trust or making people feel. As if they are being treated. Fairly. And that's not good for policing. And what I've said is we have to address that. We have to address that honestly. But I think that though the one thing that. All of us need to do you and me. Is to make sure that. We don't. For ten and as if there are potential problems. In how. Police and certain communities in Iraq and that one we raise those issues or. People raise those issues that the perception is somehow that that's anti police. That's I think what I tried to express. And I completely agree Revere the protesters have to be peace. It's counterproductive. If you're not. And if we also acknowledge. The fear that communities feel. If a parent sends their kid out to the store and they're not sure whether they're gonna have. A bad interaction the results and a tragic death if if we can just. Acknowledge this is no matter of us vs them but it's matter of all of us. Together as Americans. Working to solve this problem then I think we will solve its gonna take awhile. It's get to the point where we want to be. But. Nobody is more hopeful than me. I'm I'm I'm mr. hope. When it comes through fissures men. I've said from the start. That we are not as divided as we sit and I think we're gonna solve it. But we have to understand that in the country 300 million people where the police interact millions of times with individuals black and white and Hispanic and Asian and Middle Eastern. So they're going to be. They're going to be some problems. And we shouldn't shy away from that but I am absolutely hopeful the woman assault but but I just want make this point. Particularly for young people. Things are much better than they used to be. The much better than they used to make you know it if you think about for example. Crime rates. And in my presence there. Violent crime rates have dropped precipitously. We have some of the lowest. Murder rates today. Than anytime since the 1960s. Much less violent generally. In our communities that it was ten years ago or twenty years ago. That's a sign of hope and some of that is because of some excellent policing that's been done and commuters there working with police. So we can make progress is just we have to be steady about. And make sure that all of us take responsibility rather than worrying about. OK I want to make sure that I blame somebody else for the problem. That way I don't have responsibility for the solution.

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{"duration":"7:12","description":"He told Obama to be careful of being \"too quick to condemn the police.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40595050","title":"Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick Blasts President Obama for Response to Police Killings","url":"/US/video/texas-lt-gov-dan-patrick-blasts-president-obama-40595050"}